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FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: MiMi Faust Stars In Her Man Nikko & His "Friend" Johnny's "NY 2 LA" Video

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Let the basic games begin.  On last night's episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," we saw MiMi Faust entering the combat zone on the set of her man Nikko's new video "NY 2 LA".  And the battle was among K.Michelle (who was there to supposedly be in the video too), Nikko and Nikko's rap "partner" Johnny...over their alleged down-lowness.


We've got the fight and the actual foolywang material that is the finished video product inside...


Where to begin...

Nikko, MiMi's man we still raise an eyebrow at with wonder & many questions, really went and dropped this video for his and his homie Johnny's song for "NY 2 LA."  We still don't know who these guys are or who they think they are, but the description of the video reads:

NY 2 LA is a Rap pop, soul Smash!!!! Produced by Nikko & Written by Nikko & Johnny this is a Novelty record that will have you singing it & loving it LETS FLY.....


K.Michelle and co-star/friend Ariane really dodged a bullet by not appearing in this video.  Because the basicness is at an all time high.  For some reason, we continue to hold out hope that MiMi will end her reign as Queen of Patheticness (but we REALLY want to like her!) and wake up and smell the GLBT coffee.  But she clearly didn't (and still hasn't since she recently posted a pic of her and Nikko at her charity event saying they're still together).

In the above foolishness, we see Nikko and Johnny acting like pilots while Diddy bop'ing all in the airplane hangar and on the tarmac.  And as we watch, we keep saying under our breath, "Please don't let MiMi actually appear, please say she changed her mind last minute". 

This chick not only appears, but comes out like 'BAM.....I'm the sh*t in this video.'

Deep sigh.  We're not really sure what anyone involved was going for here, but MiMi apparently feels like THAT CHICK for being asked to play the lead in her man Nikko's video.  And by "lead", we mean the chick who shows a sliver of her face while hopping out a car and dancing in the background on the tarmac in front of a (real or not real) private jet.

Peep the video above for yourselves.  But after seeing it, you'll understand why K.Michelle felt the need to pop off on Nikko, Johnny and eventually MiMi on last night's episode about this very shoot:



Last night's fight scene drama: While MiMi got her hair done at a conference room table, K. and Ariane revealed that they know people... who know people...who know that Johnny is indeed gay.  Which means they believe he's on the down low and acting like he likes women...and they're not feeling that.

MiMi cut hard for Johnny saying, "I've only seen hm with bad bishes and he's not gay."  Alrighty then.

The conversation soon turned into a war--with K. accusing Nikko of being gay himself.  She said, “You have a roommate in Atlanta. Rent is not that high boo boo in Atlanta.  You have a roomate for $1000 rent?  This is not New York.  GTFOH.”

Boom.  Peep the above video clip from last night.  Nikko also released a video last week called "I'm Ready Girl" that he dedicated to MiMi.  Peep that at your own risk.





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GGloveMM892's picture

yes, I know Im late but I

yes, I know Im late but I like K. Michelle. I think she gets a bad rap because she says whats on her mind. Knuckas ease dropping like bitches oh well thats what they get. MiMi needs a damn hug. #TEAMJOSELINE
melonge's picture

Mimi did all that arguing on

Mimi did all that arguing on the video shoot for this low budget crap? I could see if she was really dating somebody in the game who has a name for themselves, but she's not. This video will probably only make it to WorldStar smh.
aliciah22's picture

i think mimis part was so not

i think mimis part was so not needed as for the song and video not as bad as you made it seem i seen and heard far worst than that... as for niko and jonny approaching k michelle do i think they were wrong HELL NO whether the were listening in or not she was still talking about the man why shouldnt he say anything k michelle has a big mouth and is really a troublemaker that probably cant even figh ijs
trellbeencakey's picture

Agree with all of the above.

Agree with all of the above. The song wasn't the worst I've ever heard compared to the garbage rap of today. And yes that heffa K Michelle deserved to be checked. Gay or not (that's for Mimi to find out) that's none of her business to be throwing out at folks.
chantayk's picture

This video looks like half

This video looks like half the videos they show on BET's 106 & Park. So.... I guess that means that most rap videos are lame. I really thought K Michelle was gonna be in the wrong but Nikko and Johnny were in the wrong. I hate it when dudes act like BITCHES by arguing back and forth with a female. Like you look just as stupid. And you look guilty b/c clearly what she said got to you. If it wasn't true you'd be upset but not pop off like a drama queen. C'mon son!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

K. Michelle needs therapy.

K. Michelle needs therapy. Mimi is know for going with brothers who are suspect. " Stevie j.? And her BFF Adrianne just needs to be there for her girl. I like K. But her funky ass attitude can get nerve racking SMDH....
Cynthia Cole's picture

Did anybody notice the look

Did anybody notice the look on K Michelle's face when she realized he overheard her? Then when they both confronted her like that I could tell she was scared. These guys are strawberries, but it was the wrong time and place to spill the t. And another thing, what the hell was the purpose of Mimi's character in the damn video anyways? I just don't get why she is standing on the tarp with a beige mink and baseball cap
getyourlife33's picture

Lamest video ever lol

Lamest video ever lol
KandiHears's picture

mimi needs to have several.

mimi needs to have several. k. michelle didn't start the fight & why mimi always ready to fight everybody but ariane? she said she knew johnny was gay also so why not get into it with her?
msarij85's picture

How did she not start the

How did she not start the fight when she's the one throwing around that people are gay (whether they are or not)??
chantayk's picture

Well damn. You had me

Well damn. You had me thinking the video was straight garbage. It's not. The video and song are ok. Not the best, but not the foolywang you made it out to be. The worst part of the video by far is their choice of video hoes. Mimi served no purpose at all. And the flight attendant chick wasn't cute. They should have given Mimi that part.
Bird's picture

cant give the attendant part

cant give the attendant part to mimi... who gonna be the maid??? lol. video was just cheap. everybody looked cheap, and the damn flight attendant was holding red bull and sour patches. no champagne???.....Cheap!

Lol. Exactly!

Lol. Exactly!
chantayk's picture

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PatriciaBau17's picture

Am I the only person that do

Am I the only person that do not think K started that argument with ol boy? They were women who were talking amongst themselves and he walked in like a female after listening at the door, who does that? They should've have confronted her at another time cause they weren't addressing them, they were talking among themselves. MiMi should've been mad at them queers for putting her in a faux fur with a tshirt, hat, and jeans. That shit looked raggedy as hell, while they are in tank tops and shorts, really?
shaneice225's picture

I agree with you. K even

I agree with you. K even tried to remove herself from the argument and let dude know she's not here for that only to support her friend. K was speaking amongst friends like us females do when we kno some shadyness about someone who may be around us. People on this site stay fronting. Down low men can kick rocks!
Jersey here's picture

Mimi looks hot mess in this

Mimi looks hot mess in this video. She actually makes it a little worse and more ratchet
shaneice225's picture

This lady is dumb as a rack

This lady is dumb as a rack of towels.
cutethatsall56's picture

Mimi really is pathetic. Why

Mimi really is pathetic. Why was she so pumped to be in a tired video?! I don't get it! K Michelle is just gross on every level. Her ill proportioned body and that mouth. Ugh I just want someone to punch her in the fking mouth. No domestic violence is not okay but Memphitz I definitely understand!
PacificGirl's picture

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cxxnxcndreru458's picture

And speaking of LHH Atlanta,

And speaking of LHH Atlanta, why do they have that new chicken on the show? I think her name is Tracy or Trina. She keeps embarrasing herself on tv,,,,,,getting upset cuz her ex wants to see other women. Mim i and the new girl are the same person. I wish Mimi would stop acting like she thorough.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Traci Steele- another Bronx

Traci Steele- another Bronx chick at their finest. I was CTFU when he told her 'you know we were together 6 years ago right?'. Get over it and move on!
PacificGirl's picture

Mimi is once aagain playin

Mimi is once aagain playin herself on national tv. Her man Nikko looks like Fat Alberts friend,,,,,,what was his name? mush mouth or somethin?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Did he say "you can't get a

Did he say "you can't get a man because you're knocked kneeded" or "not needed"?¿ When has either stopped Any from getting with a fat a$$ ~ LMFAO!¡! Either way ~ I can't!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

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peekaboo's picture

LMFAO! If K Michelle &

LMFAO! If K Michelle & Arianne (your best friend) telling you the dude is gay then maybe Mimi needs to do sum research on these men. I wonder what Stevie J thinks of all this... Mimi chile u would have came out better with putting up w/ Stevie J. This Nikko dude seems like an opportunist. It wouldn't surprise me if u guys r both using each other for the purposes of the show...
Educateddiva's picture

If Mimi don't sit her 40

If Mimi don't sit her 40 something year old ass down....
Keys's picture

I can't deal with the fact

I can't deal with the fact Nikko got a damn Nike bag.... chile you coulda got a KNOCK OFF Louis bag for the damn video.
Tamika Jenkins's picture

Mimi Faust has

Mimi Faust has "rodentophilia." Even her new boyfriend is rat-faced.

KMichelle looks and acts

KMichelle looks and acts terrible. She needs help and was in the wrong last night. K Michelle is a hater and always stirring up childdish drama. Anyways, that song and video was corny and mimi was in it for like 4 seconds. lol
sexe757's picture

So the song is called NY 2

So the song is called NY 2 LA.....but they taped the entire video at a rural airport outside of Atlanta The song is actually sounds alright...
Naomi's picture

I am too through...for real.

I am too through...for real.
SassyFace11's picture


Keonta's picture

Sista Mimi got a strong face

Sista Mimi got a strong face like a nigguh..... The song aint all that bad, I GUESS CAUSE IVE HEARD WORSE FROM NIGGAS THESE PAST YEARS
LetsGetIt's picture

If they the most cornball

If they the most cornball arse negros. I laughed to hard at all of them. I think K was right. They look like they got sugar in the private jet tanks!!!lol....MiMi you need to grow!!!
Missy's picture

Real BAMMA, Mimi stepped out

Real BAMMA, Mimi stepped out of that 1996 Benz, with the kit, like it was the shit, LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I really want to like Mimi,

I really want to like Mimi, but her naiveness or patheticness is so degrading. Yes Neiko is definitely a Stevie J wannabe, and she only upgraded from a Maid to a Video Girl... We got to do better

I can't believe any decent

I can't believe any decent person or any human actually watch Love and Hip Hop. This show has no relevance unless you are ghetto, rachet and on stamps getting a welfare check. WTF?
lola69's picture

shutup ho.

shutup ho.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Can you describe the person

Can you describe the person who enjoys the history channel, or the discovery channel? Based off your comment they'd be smart, well spoken, and has a decent job etc??? Please explain to me how a person's choice of entertainment somehow reflects them as a individual.- According to all of my college professors, I am very well spoken, extremely intelligent, and on a personal note, I do not and have never received any governmental assistance i.e food stamps, welfare etc. I do, however, tune in to LAHHATL from time to time, SO your comment was extremely ignorant and absolutely BASELESS. Needless to say, I was a tad offended by your comment, and you shouldn't be so quick to judge. Especially with a name like lola69? If I were as ignorant as you- your automatically a whore, or a porn star who enjoys sex, and enjoys the sexually position referred to as "the 69" lmao. #dobetter.
Keonta's picture

Say that!!!!!

Say that!!!!!
Lady D's picture

****"BOY TOYS"****

****"BOY TOYS"**** Did Stebie J produce this????
And There Ya Go's picture

WOW! *blank stare* What are

WOW! *blank stare* What are our people doing?!?!?!
BlackDiva's picture

but K Michelle has a song out

but K Michelle has a song out about Hennessey Love and a video where she comes to the door in her spanx. NOBODY BUT NOBODY is winning here. its an all around fail.
steezo's picture

Ok Mimi def has a type. This

Ok Mimi def has a type. This dude is a much sexier and younger version of Stevie. Song was complete trash though.
KENNEDY78's picture

Once AGAIN Mimi looks a fool.

Once AGAIN Mimi looks a fool. I really want her to come out and say "this is all scripted" cause I refuse to believe there is woman this dumb walking amongst us...smh
Jacquelynmichelle's picture

she looks ridiculous.....

she looks ridiculous.....
kay p's picture

MiMi so wack, both them dudes

MiMi so wack, both them dudes are strawberries. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too
V's picture

Zero Fucks given

Zero Fucks given
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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