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DAMN: Kendu Isaacs' Daughter Tweets She's PREGNANT & HOMELESS...Says Her "Parents" Aren't Helping

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Mary J. Blige's husband Kendu Isaacs may want to go check on his oldest daughter Briana.  Because baby girl is about to have her own baby boy...and she's having a homeless and lonely melt down.


Peep her recent tweets inside...

 photo BHjnBWACIAEulb5jpg_large_zps0650d7f6.jpg

It's no secret that Kendu Isaacs and his oldest daughter, Briana Latrise, have been at odds for years.  Back in '09, Briana blasted him for being a deadbeat dad and tweeted that she needed someone to find her father so she could wish him a Happy Donor's Day.


Fast forward to this week when Briana, who calls herself an artist, is letting the world know that she's struggling in life.  Like really struggling.  But she's also still in school.  She tweeted that she's pregnant with a baby boy (and posted the ultrasound pic), she's homeless because she can't find anywhere to go while she moves, and her parents are no help:


 photo ScreenShot2013-05-30at23937PM_zps492282da.png


Would love to know where her child's father is.  But apparently putting the onus on HIM as well is too much like right.

Other shocking tweets?  She revealed she  feels like killing herself and she also dreamed she would be having a baby alone.

I've never wanted to kill myself so badly in my life. I really don't see any other options at this point.

I don't think I ever really worried about my future before now. 

I once had a dream that I had a baby & no one was there... I gotta start dreaming about successful shit.

Well, between this drama and the drama of MJB facing millions in tax debt and people blaming Kendu since hes her husband AND manager.....ish looks like it's about to hit the fan. 

By the way, it's vintage gossip that Kendu wasn't only married to Briana's mom when he met Mary, but he allegedly swept Mary under his spell while he was married, and became involved with Mary while she was vulnerable after overcoming drug addiction and an abusive relationship.  He's also been accused of firing Mary's whole team when they first got together (including her ride or die sister) and hiring his own family to help manager her career. 





These comments are pretty

These comments are pretty harsh for the young lady but as old folks say....'what's done is done.' The baby is on the way. Yes, it would be nice if the child's father would man up and take care of her and his child; however in lieu of that she should be able to count on her parents. Obviously, there is more to the story that we know (all families are dis-functional to some degree) but even if the relationship is strained to the point where she can't move in with her parents, they should be willing to assist her in getting a studio apartment OR pay for her to stay in a weekly lodging hotel. No grandparent that I know would turn their back on their grandchild - maybe their knucklehead child - but not their grandchild. The grandchild is the innocent party. Hopefully, she will reconcile with her parents before things can get any worse. I know that Mary J. Blige is the step-parent but she is always talking about her relationship with God in every interview. Some people will never seek a spiritual relationship with God, they are looking at the ones who say that they know God to show them who God is through their actions. My last comment is this for the young lady.....perhaps you should humble yourself and ask for help from your family with humility and respect instead of attacking them in the media. You will get more with 'honey' than 'vinegar.' You will get more with 'sugar' than 'salt.' One more thing, stop threatening suicide. NEVER MAKE A PERMANENT DECISION BASED ON A TEMPORARY SITUATION!!!
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She needs some guidance...No

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The only thing I have to say,

The only thing I have to say, is she's VILE for saying she wants to kill herself, WHILE she's Pregnant! FYI Briana, that would be murder for your baby. Get your life together, for your child's sake!

uptil I saw the paycheck

uptil I saw the paycheck which was of $4427, I have faith that...my... neighbours mother was like they say realie erning money in their spare time at there computar.. there dads buddy haz done this less than twenty three months and by now repayed the loans on there appartment and got a gorgeous Alfa Romeo. this is where I went, Bow6.com
JeanieOwen25's picture

She should use the tweeting

She should use the tweeting method to try and find her someplace to stay instead of lashing out and creating a pity party for herself. She created this - so now comes the moment where you cowboy the f--k up and get it together. I mean as low as you can possible go there are always resources out here - it all boils down to making good decisions !
lifeisgood's picture

You a grown ass woman, if you

You a grown ass woman, if you homeless and pregnant THAT'S ON YOU!!!!!!!! Should've gotten with a real brotha THAT WOULD TAKE CARE OF YOU AND HIS SEED, but instead you pulled the typical black woman move and slept with a deadbeat nigguh!!!And instead of getting at him YOU TWEETING ABOUT YOUR PARENT NOT HELPING YOU. YOU A GROWN INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN, YOUR PARENT ARENT SUPPOSE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ASS should've thought about taking care of your damn self before going out jumping on some dirty nigguh dick!!!!!! If i become poor i can't call my momma and say IM POOR GIVE ME SOME MONEY OR IM GOING TWEET ABOUT YOU.GET ON YOUR GRIND , GET SOME ASSISTANCE , GO TWEET ABOUT THAT NIGGUH THAT KNOCKED YOU UPPP. DAMN I MEAN I NEVERRRRRRRRRRR REALLY SEE THIS TYPE OF SHIT GOING ON WITH OTHER RACES, BLACK WOMEN ALWAYS DO THIS SHIT.
LetsGetIt's picture

what an ignorant ass you are,

what an ignorant ass you are, instead of offering or suggesting advice or support you berate her, she made mistakes, but like most mistakes you should learn from them and pass that valuable life experience on to others. Instead, people like your dumb-ass love to say I told you so..for one moment look into your selfish ass soul and say "look girl you made mistakes but don't let that mistake define you, getting past this and finding a good life for you and your baby be your defining moment in life..

Brotha, if you isn't the

Brotha, if you isn't the biggest SIMPS on this muthafucka I DON'T KNOW WHO IS!!!!She made a mistake , thats the problem BLACK WOMEN MAKE TOO MANY MISTAKES and then acts as if someone SUPPOSE TO HELP THEM OUT OF THEIR SITUATION hell naw GET YOUR INDEPEDENT ASS UP go find the daddy or a daddy for those children , get your ass off twitter and facebook, and act like you have some damn since. I DON'T SUGARCOAT A GODDAMN THING!!! Black women are use to hear simps LIKE YOU tell them "Everythangsss gonessss alriteeee sugar" FUCK THAT, tell their asss to clean up they damn act, STOPP SLEEPING WITH ANY THUG THAT LOOK AT YOU ,AND STOP THINKING SOMEBODY OWE U SOMETHING!!Black women need to have the mindset THAT THE MAN THEY SLEEP WITH IS ONE AND THE SAME AS ME, SO IF HE RUNS OUT AND HE'S A DEAD BEAT THEN SO AM I BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO SLEEP WITH THE NIGGA!!! Alrite brotha DON'T REPLY BACK EITHERRRRR, DON'T REPLY BACK, TRYING TO GET CHOOCIE POINTS FROM THESE SILLY ASS WOMEN ... DON'T REPLY BACK BROTHA
LetsGetIt's picture

This isn't typical of black

This isn't typical of black women. Black women are known for picking up the pieces ALONE. This bitch is lazy. My sister was a teen mom and now owns 3 salons. Black women surpass Black men when it comes to owning businesses and holding degrees. So I can't fully agree with that, but you are spot on with her not holding the father of her child accountable. She likely doesn't know who it is. Thats the problem I have with black women they refuse to hold black men accountable for being irresponsible. If I was her father I wouldn't do anything for this grown tramp. Birth control is free, so this whole situation was 100% preventable. I don't feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for that baby...
KENNEDY78's picture

I DISAGREE!!!!!!Black women

I DISAGREE!!!!!!Black women isn't known for picking up a GODDAMN THING on their own, they always had the help of their white daddy/ the government or they family. It's typical for black women to like silly negros and get pregnant , if letsgetit ever have a daughter i'd get mines FARRRRRRRR away from any nigga or black women in sight cause they don't know about balance, they don't know about family structure and they don't know how to pick a real fucking mate!!And that shit seems to rub off on other black females who might have seen what a real family structure looks like. AND THE PROBLEM WITH BLACK WOMEN IS NOT THAT THEY DON'T HOLD THE FATHER OF THEIR CHILDREN ACCOUNTABLE, IT'S THAT THEY DON'T HOLD THEMSELVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ACCOUNTABLE. Black women will get on the father of their children QUICK , say " he aint shit, he a deadbeat, he weak, " but the bitch slept with him. Where is the accountablity on their part. Onlything i hear black women say including women in my family is that they'll say "I was young" lol like gtfoh lmao... But I also have to get at black men because THESE NIGGA BE DATING BLACK WOMEN WITH KIDS AND FUCKING THESE WOMEN , i mean a bitch with kids SHOULDN'T EVEN BE LOOKED AT!!In my opinion they shouldn't especially if it more than 1... like goddamn you fucked up twice, 3 timesss , damnnn a fourthhh!!! Our black women gotta get it together, if the queen bee crazy as shit THE WHOLE HIVEEE GONE BE CRAZY as fuck.. And that's what black women don't get.
LetsGetIt's picture

you still grouping all women

you still grouping all women as one? lol...wow #carryon Isn't this the same chick who punched that rapper dude a few years back? before he went (claiming) crazy?

Ofcourse Big Sexy!!!! I have

Ofcourse Big Sexy!!!! I have to, i judge people AS A COLLECTIVE!!! Just like in the 70's , 80's , and 90's black women judge us ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AS A COLLECTIVE
LetsGetIt's picture

I don't know what happened to

I don't know what happened to you during the 70's on tv because I wasn't born yet but I've been on my own for 14 yrs, and I'm African American with no kids. My own very expensive apt, and vehicle, and I've struggled all alone so I don't know what type of black women you normally interact with but their not everyone sweets.
cutethatsall56's picture

I'm sorry, I know we all make

I'm sorry, I know we all make mistakes but who put who in this situation?? If you're not stable and choose to be careless and get pregnant then who's to blame? She needs to get that $hit together, stop blaming her parents and make better decisions in the future. And suicide is definitely not a good one.
chantayk's picture

I didn't know the homeless

I didn't know the homeless could tweet! Choose your words carefully young lady because there are homeless people really down and out living on the streets with children not in school and they don't have friends of any kind to help out!!!
Money First's picture

I don't really see where

I don't really see where she's slamming her parents. Am I missing something or are the blogs trying to make something out of nothing. Now my bigger question is where is the child's father? What kind of man is he that he allows you to be pregnant with no shelter? Oh, you didn't find out he wasn't shyt until AFTER you got pregnant?
Username's picture

Well I've been pregnant and

Well I've been pregnant and practically homeless with my dead beat donor...I worked, leaned on family and god saw me through...toughen up cookie, you'll make it boo! I'm def praying for that baby too...Lawd knows

You're struggling in life ~

You're struggling in life ~ YET ~ you have time to maintain a Twitter account. [[side eye]] Okaaaaaaaay . . .
GetUrLife's picture

Why don't she just make money

Why don't she just make money doin porn like chippy d (lawrence Fishburne's daughter). Sell blow jobs that's how kim k got put on. I mean she already starting. She should of made that nigga who knocked her up pay for it first. LMFAO! Or maybe she could sell the sex tape and later pretend she had nothing to do with it being leaked.
I Am Anonymous's picture

well this right here is a

well this right here is a good way to get some help from ur parents i bet they looking for u right now......................(rolling eyes) gurl have a maternity seat!!!!!!!!!!!1

there's two side to every

there's two side to every story. She must be a dumb ass brat.
Tren's picture

She needs to stop tweeting

She needs to stop tweeting and go to wherever the social services is in her city and get the help she needs. They've got the resources and information on any help for pregnant homeless women, a lot more than anyone she could be tweeting to. That said, Kendu sounds like a real mess and Mary should never have fired her managing crew; he saw dollar signs and a vulnerable woman and obviously took advantage.
Coffy's picture

I'm shocked by the negative

I'm shocked by the negative comments concerning this woman and her unborn child. Where is the love? the humanity? I've seen people care more about animals than their fellow human being!!! She can stay with me...
claudie's picture

I'm shocked that a pregnant,

I'm shocked that a pregnant, grown, "homeless" woman is placing blame on her father for not helping her. He didn't help her get pregnant! How about the child's father? Where is he? He should be helping her out! She should also help HERSELF! There are millions of people in WORSE situations than she is and they still manage to take care of themselves, instead of looking for handouts! She's homeless and pregnant, yet tweeting negative comments looking for sympathy is important? She should be looking for a JOB! Her priorities are fucked up.
Mrs_B_35's picture

The only one, I mean ONLY one

The only one, I mean ONLY one I feel sorry for is that unborn baby. This woman does not seem fit to become a mother. I fear for that baby. Women like her can be abusive. She sounds so angry and bitter as it is. All that is being transferred to the baby in utero. God help this woman and this innocent baby.
Sunflower Jones's picture

where was she fkin at if she

where was she fkin at if she homeless?????? Bish pls, shoulda had your fast nasty azz in class!

In an alley behind the

In an alley behind the dumpster.
Suga Bear's picture

Messy as hell....she needs

Messy as hell....she needs prayer.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Dead beat child. Seriously

Dead beat child. Seriously she sounds mental and won't get no help after this drama. Kendu was probably not involved in her life and she need help from that Baby Daddy who she screwed to get pregnant. Please.
lola69's picture

I am sure they have tried

I am sure they have tried helping her but she is one of those people who feel entitled! WTF would you get pregnant when u can barely care for yourself? She wants people 2 feel sorry for her. I don't. I feel sorry for that baby.
sexe757's picture

She's in need of some real

She's in need of some real professional help! Mary and Kendu running to help her is not going to cut it, her issue are much deeper. I feel sorry for the baby.
Babyjane's picture

something in the milk aint

something in the milk aint clean because what kind of teenager doesnt have aunties? cousins? besties? welp, better put room and board on your baby shower registry.
steezo's picture

I've been homeless was so for

I've been homeless was so for about 6 months, it's no joke, but I got up. She's gonna have to get up. Look at why she's in this mess and deal with that. This the issue with this generation of kids coming up. They have an expectant attitude like somebody owes them something.
I'mThatDude's picture

This is a young girls seeking

This is a young girls seeking attention all while trying to throw her Dad under the buss. I don't know the dynamics of their relationship, what I do know is she can afford to be able to twitter unless she's doing it from a public Library. Truth of the matter is her Dad didn't get her pregnant. If she's under 18 he should take care of her, but if she's not and older than 18 responsibility falls on her. She should count her blessings because life could be worse.
I'mThatDude's picture

Who got you pregnant? Is he

Who got you pregnant? Is he homeless too? How do you have time to tweet while homeless and broke? Are you at a free computer at a library? Sounds like you slamming the wrong people on twitter you probably should be going viral on the low life fool that's not taking care of the responsibility he made with you. And just a side note threatening to kill yourself on twitter for attention shows you don't have the maturity required to parent a child heffa get it together.
Mouse's picture

Lol. These are all the same

Lol. These are all the same questions I was thinking as I read this article. SMH. I wish more people would hold themselves accountable. I feel very sorry for this generation of youngsters. Do better.
CheyPie's picture

Ive been down and out before

Ive been down and out before but I was so busy hustling and getting myself back up that I didnt have time to tweet, twit, twot or worry about who else was doing what else with their money. fuck dat. if you can tweet then you can work. no excuses. beautiful freckles tho. good luck with all of that lil mama. call the baby's daddy. stay with his ass.
steezo's picture

You know.

You know.
LaFord's picture

Uhhh who is your baby's

Uhhh who is your baby's father?.....apparently he's a broke ass. smh.....and shame on you for getting knocked up and your shit ain't together. DUMBASS!!! She said that he said she could have everything if she finishes school....uhhh according to you, you're still in school. I'm assuming that college is the school she's speaking of so......did he pay for that? Whatever.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Well neither one of your

Well neither one of your parents nor Mary are willing to help you out huh? Well why don't you look at the common denominator in all of this.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Co-sign! But I guess that's

Co-sign! But I guess that's too much like right.
Suga Bear's picture

Sorry, she doesn't seem

Sorry, she doesn't seem emotionally stable nor clear thinking right now and I don't know what to believe. I certainly won't bash Mary and Kendu when there's 2 sides to every story and it seems that this girl may be mentally ill. You're homeless and suicidal but you're tweeting frequently and attending school. Something is off. Prayers going up. #thatsall
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

That's really sad but, how

That's really sad but, how does a homeless person tweet? Ijs....

Unless she is flat-out

Unless she is flat-out stealing from them.....THAT is WRONG!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

She's a dumb ass! Pregnant,

She's a dumb ass! Pregnant, homeless, and has a twitter account? Girl stop! Get the daddy to help since he helped get you pregnant.
Suga Bear's picture

You took the words right out

You took the words right out of my mouth! Why did you get pregnant in today day and age with all the available forms of contraceptives? What were you doing before it got so bad, why didn't you reach out with all these twits then? And why can't you just CALL your folks and stop putting ish on blast, how is that helping anyone? All it's doing is putting your business out there and gaining you NO sympathy. How the hell old is this chick? She doesn't look like no baby. If you can lay down and get up pregnant, you can do a lot more with your life with all the resources available out there, do your research.
Marek's Wifey's picture

There is no way that I would

There is no way that I would be broke if one of my parents married someone with money. I would fake it if I had to.
Suga Bear's picture

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