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Miguel FACING "POSSIBLE" Lawsuit OVER "DROP" Kick + Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots" EARNS OWN'S Highest DEBUT Ratings

 photo MiguelBillboardMusicAwardsMGMGrandGardenMjOOXAxGpmOx.jpg

Singer Miguel might be facing legal action following his "drop kicking" performance mishap at the 2013 Billboard Awards.  Get the deets inside and see how well Tyler Perry's "The Have And Have Nots" did for the OWN network. 


"#Beautiful" crooner Miguel may face some serious legal action following an accident during his performance of "Adorn" at the 2103 Billboard Awards.  Fans will recall that the energetic singer attempted to leap over a mosh pit of audience members but mistakenly landed on the head of Khyati Shah.  Although Khyati said she was "ok" during post show interviews, her lawyer, Vip Bhola, told E! News that she has been experiencing "difficulties" as a result of the incident and may pursue legal recourse.

When ask specifically for a possible timeline for filing the suit, Vip said, "We will determine that after we have feedback from medical providers."  So far, reps for Miguel have not commented on any possible legal action.

In other Miguel news, after tweeting comments about African Americans being very "judgmental",  Miguel used a recent interview with BBC radio to explain what he meant:  

"What is clear is when you put it all in context, I’m saying that we are judgmental of our own. We’re very judgmental of each other. We’re tearing each other down, and that’s why the second tweet about us being preprogrammed and preconditioned to hate each other and hate ourselves is valid. I see more black people tearing down other black people than I see any other culture regardless of what they’re doing, and whether or not you agree with that, that’s okay. I’m just talking about what I see, and how disappointed I am in that. I’m not judging my own people. That’s a fallacy. I’m merely speaking on what I see and making a conversation of it."

Not that he's cleared that up....do you agree that Blacks are highly critical of one another?


Watch the interview here:

And in tv news....

 photo haves-and-have-nots-own.jpg


Banking on Tyler Perry's expertise clearly paid off for Oprah the OWN netowrk as the series debut of "The Haves and the Have Nots" earned  OWN's highest debut ratings with 1.77 million viewers.And the good news kept coming at the ratings increased to over 1.8 million viewers for the second episode at 10 p.m., according to Nielsen.

Congrats to Tyler and Oprah! 


The Randomness:

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This is my problem with

This is my problem with Miguel, I agree with the part about blacks not sticking together but I don't accept it coming from him and here is why. Most men who are of a bi-racial heritage are SELF HATER'S and want to be any race but black! My father is mixed and only he and one other brother married black women the other 4 married white or other. I don't care what the racial mixture is Black & White, Asian & Black (Tiger Woods) black & Hispanic (Miguel) most bi-racial males want to be anything but black so I can't take what Miguel says to heart because most likely it's coming from a SELF-HATING stand point! All of my dads sisters married black men most bi-racial women are not as self-hating as the biracial men are. Before Miguel goes and make random rants and generalizing and entire race. Maybe he should ask himself who bought his album predominately? BLACK WOMEN and black people! I'm sorry but Miguel is not Bruno Mars and has not crossed over, and has not done as well as he has done. Until his song "Adorn" most people never heard of his SPEEDY GONZALEZ LOOKING SELF! Like I said Bruno Mars name was known and Miguel's was not! So he better NOT BITE the HAND THAT FEEDS HIM! The lady he landed his CROTCH ON and ACTUALLY sat for a couple of minutes should SUE THE MESS OUT OF HIM! His 2ft tall sawed off self, should not have tried to do a STUNT like that! He's just MAD & EMBARRASSED that people DRAGGED him and from what I see & hear WHITES talked about him the most. On white blogs and radio morning shows they said TERRIBLE things about him, calling him every name in the book for landing on that lady HEAD! He could have BROKE HER NECK and it looked painful! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE GET AHEAD OF THEMSELVES THEY THINK THE CAN SAY AND DO ANYTHING! This is why I respect Obama and men like my dad, especially with Obama's mostly all white family he was raised and surrounded with he still chose a black smart intelligent women as his wife because he started out like most self-hating mixed boys. He learned early on and was determined not to be a TYPICAL SELF-HATING BIRACIAL MAN! I don't have a problem with people falling in love with different races but when people like self hater's only date or marry other races and refuse to date from within their own race, then and only then is it coming from an very insincere self LOATHING kind of place! I will not support any type of self-hater's and Miguel and DEFINITELY falls in that category!
Shay's picture

Thanks for that very

Thanks for that very informative info, which sounds accurate. Actually I have been wondering about all the hype behind that Adorn song. I have always thought it sucked. Really. I would like to share something about Obama with you that I learned from reading all his books. He has always been self hating with good reason actually. His african father impregnated his mother, left them to fend for themselves when he could have taken them with him when he left Hawaii. Barack grew up very ashamed of his blackness. I'm almost 100% sure he never dated a black girl before michelle obama, and he was a 30 plus year old man when that happened. Harvard PRIMED him to be the first black president, THEY CHOSE michelle who was one of their alumni, because they knew white america would NEVER vote an inter-racial couple into the white house.
cassandra29's picture

You know I always wondered

You know I always wondered why I never saw a pic of him with an ex-girlfriends and now I see these pic's with him with white ex-girl friends. You are so right Obama, he did go through his self-hating period like many bi-racial men do but like you said he had good reason to. His dad was pathetic and his mom was very flaky but at least he found his way. You are so right about America never would have voted an inter-racial couple in the white house. Tell me this since you say they chose Michelle do you think he actually fell in love with her or she just fit the bill as a black woman who was one of their alumni? I'm just curious about how you view him?
Shay's picture

You need to read the Willie

You need to read the Willie Lynch letter to the pilgrims on how to make a slave. One of the main proponents of that letters is that WE MUST TRAIN THE SLAVES TO POLICE THEMSELVES, because there is only one white massah on the plantation, he has no time to police hundreds of slaves. We must dangle THE FREEDOM CARROT in front of their eyes. We must tell them that when THEY ALL ARE PERFECT, THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL THEY BE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE FREE. The massah ALWAYS KNEW THAT EVERY NEGRO WOULD NOT COME UP TO PAR, THEFORE GIVING HIM AN EXCUSE TO KEEP THEM ALL ENSLAVED. Why are you people still trying to POLICE each other and blaming other blacks because you are PERSONALLY INFERIOR??? NO OTHER NEGRO HAS EVER HELD ME DOWN, BECAUSE I COME IN WITH INTEGRITY, HARD WORK, HONESTY AND ETHICS. ONCE DECENT WHITES SEE YOU HAVE GOOD CHARACTER, ANY RESERVATIONS THEY HAD ABOUT YOU WILL COME DOWN. Try that instead of blaming a brother still struggling in his journey to better himself. Judging him is not your job. Help him. Dont judge him. Show him some love instead of scorn and hate, and you might just really improve the race then. STOP GENERATIONAL CURSES GENERATED IN SLAVERY.
cassandra29's picture

I agree a little but then

I agree a little but then again I feel like we need to be critical of each other because a lot of us are doing things that are hindering our progression and limiting our options for the future. Throughout history we needed to watch over one another and make moves that benefited the collective not just the individual. If one fool was acting up it was often detrimental for a lot of folks. Bringing it back to today, things are still pretty much the same. Stereotypes still color the way others see us and when we have one person that proves a stereotype to be true it reinforces others' negative picture of our entire race, which is detrimental to the collective because we still have no real power in this country. This whole conversation reminds me of the "Black Crusaders" references from the show 30 Rock. On the show, the Black Crusaders were in place to protect our image from the buffoonery and ratchetness that some of us display. They targeted specific behaviors that reinforced negative stereotypes, behaviors such as the craziness you can catch on VHI, Bravo and all the others on a daily basis. Its not judgmental to say that because it is very clear that we have a hand in portraying ourselves in a negative light by following the scripts of “reality” tv writers who are more interested in ratings than uplifting our communities. We are constantly being judged, every single day by others but in such a lowkey shady ass way it seems like they are on our team. Do not be fooled. We judge ourselves out in the open but others are judging us in a much more insidious way, without our knowledge. Without a doubt, no human being is in a position to truly judge another but I'd rather have one of my own people pull my coattails than someone else.
Camavery's picture

There will ALWAYS be a

There will ALWAYS be a certain faction of haters, WHO ARE GOING TO HATE YOU NO MATTER WHAT. Do you think Jesus got crucified because EVERYONE had the wisdom and intelligence to learn the benefits of the goodness of the LORD??? IF JESUS HAD HATERS HOW CAN YOU EXPECT NOT TO HAVE HATERS? DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN OR DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT THAN GOD'S OWN SON??? In fact, the smarter you are, the more haters you will have. If you dont believe me, walk in your work place and OUT PERFORM everyone in the building, and watch your insecure mediocre performing boss get worried you are trying to take his job, and watch low performing whites and blacks get jealous, envious and start lieing on you. Please understand that satan is real. Satan hates good and moral people more than sinners, and as long as he is alive and well mankind will be divided based on something - some division is caused by color, class, finances, moral values, ethnic values, religious beliefs. Religious belief is fueling all this terrorism. The thing for you to do is be as upstanding as possible, even in the face of evil. If you dont support violence on TV, turn the channel, and prove it. Advertisers cancel shows with low viewership. When you start petitions to stop your black brother from earning a living, YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO RACIAL HATE AND DIVISION, AND YOU ARE VIOLATING HIS RIGHTS TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.
cassandra29's picture

I agree with everything

I agree with everything Miguel says and have been saying the same for years. We treat each other worse than any other races. We just cant seem to stick together. Whites, Asians and Latinos are ride or die for each other, right or wrong. Other people from other countries come to America with no money, can't speak the language and end up business and home owners and we still in the hood blaming 'the man'. I've seen it too many times and am sick of the excuses. We are our worst enemy. Every person that has helped me advance in my career has been white and it's not because blacks weren't in a position too. They just didnt! I've even seen blacks help whites before helping their own. It's really sad.
PacificGirl's picture

@ PacificGirl, Sorry but

@ PacificGirl, Sorry but Miguel's rant is not coming from an sincere place, again most biracial men are self hater's and want to be anything but 100% black! I get it, I worked around Jewish people for years and yes they helped my career but when you don't bow down to them and don't sell your soul to them. The same folks that helped you are the same folks that try to tear you down! I never knew how horrible they were and never knew how true the stereotypes about Jewish people were until I worked around them. The rich stay rich by stealing and stepping on the poor. I have never experienced such lying stealing people like the Jews I worked with. So yes they help one another give one another jobs, steal, lie cheat and so on because they are in the positions to do so! So before you go on and on about blacks not sticking together don't forget that other races are not any better! I was built up and nearly torn down not by as you say blacks who never help each other but Jews who did horrible shady things that nearly traumatized me! So NO RACE IS PERFECT! Horrible People come in every race, REMEMBER THAT!
Shay's picture

People sticking together to

People sticking together to do wrong/evil IS NOT AN ADMIRABLE TRAIT. Christians are trained to do RIGHT, and not worry about MIGHT. 57% of immigrants are on welfare EATING OFF OF YOUR TAX DOLLAR. STOP PRAISING PEOPLE WHO TAKE FOOD OUT OF YOUR BLACK AMERICAN CHILDRENS' MOUTHS. Others come here with no money and defraud our systems to get ahead. That erodes our tax base to build roads, pay policemena, etc. THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING. A huge percent of them come here to join the drug trade. THAT IS NOT ADMIRABLE. IT IS KILLING AMERICAN. Where were these foreigners when we were slinging mops just 40 years ago? Where were they when we marched in the streets to get jobs for minorities??? THEY DIDNT WANT TO COME HERE UNTIL THEY HEARD THAT BLACKS HAD FOUGHT AND WON BATTLES TO GET JOBS AND BETTER TREATMENT. THEY CAME HERE TO STEAL YOUR CHILDRENS' BIRTHRIGHTS TO BENEFIT FROM OUR STRUGGLE AND YOU PRAISE THEM? AND THE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RESERVED FOR AMERICAN SLAVES HAS BEEN PASSED ON TO THEM AND THEY DONT EVEN SAY THANK YOU, AND YOU PRAISE THEM? THEY WONT EVEN GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT A MINIMUM WAGE JOB AFTER THEY STOLE YOUR REPARATIONS AND YOU PRAISE THEM? STOP BEING STUCK ON STUPID. THEY OWE US BIG TIME FOR EVERY THING THEY HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY, BUT THEY WONT GIVE YOU A GLASS OF WATER IN THE DESERT, AND YOU PRAISE THEM??? STOP BEING STUCK ON STUPID. Instead of criticizing struggling black americans, give them support and empathy if you really want to improve the race.
cassandra29's picture

No one is surprised about the

No one is surprised about the lawsuit. I mean, that's the way it always go down. Artist jump into the audience and sooner or later someone is coming forward with a "My back, neck and arm hurt. I can't sleep at night because I have PTS just thinking about it". Dude better get that checkbook ready!
BigJohn's picture

Miguel was just speaking as

Miguel was just speaking as he states " what he see's".could we as black Americans be more united, less critical of one another, ? of course. So let's stop. As for the young woman who got kicked by accident while Miguel fine ass was performing settle at the table, and be careful reaching out to your fans lol, you get to close and they sue lol. But on a real note. I would have seen a doctor, bring me breakfast, and stayed at his home until I healed lol. :)
Cynthia Cole's picture

I'd give the Tyler Perry show

I'd give the Tyler Perry show a chance if I hadn't been disappointed time after time. Good to see a black man be successful, but he's proof that you don't necessarily have to be talented to make it in this industry. Just put out a "unique" product and have folks like Queen Oprah back you up and then TAH DAH! Pass.
CheyPie's picture


cassandra29's picture

Not surprised Miguel is

Not surprised Miguel is getting sued. He should have seen that as soon as he landed and given his attorneys (unlike the girl) a heads up. Lol!
BlackDiva's picture

I agree with Miguel. We are

I agree with Miguel. We are VERY judgmental. As far as the lawsuit,,,,I expected that she would file. I mean he did come down on the girls head.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Very proud of Tyler P. for

Very proud of Tyler P. for keeping black actors employed and for making great tv and movies, Oprah you already know I adore you and as for Miguel, you hit the nail on the head, why do y'all think its so much, black on black crime?!?! Them haters can't stand to see another person of the same color get ahead without trying to tear them down..,RIP Dula, I'm gonna miss you boo!!! Phuck da haters!

I agree. Of course not all,

I agree. Of course not all, but a lot. That's why we have the problems in our communities that we have.
chantayk's picture

the main reason you have

the main reason you have black on black crime is DRUGS, and the next reason is unemployment. Things your president should be controlling and stamping out. Men at work, DONT STEAL, AND TOO TIRED TO KILL.
cassandra29's picture

Blacks are no worse then

Blacks are no worse then white people. If you frequent People.com, Just Jared, E! News etc them white bitches be going hard on celebrities and each other! His comment is simply a generalization with no factual evidence to back that statement up.
SadieJade's picture

I don't think he was

I don't think he was referring to blogs, but life in general. You can't deny how other races stick together and better themselves and we still only have a few that are doing well, because we don't help each other. How many blacks worked on the Oprah show for those 25 years (few compared to whites). How many work at OWN? etc. I can honestly say everyone that has helped me further my career has been white and it's not because Blacks weren't in the position too. They just didn't.
PacificGirl's picture

Look at Atlanta alone to see

Look at Atlanta alone to see how well blacks take care of one another. We are doing better than ever before. I'm sorry but I just do not agree with your statement or Miguel's. Within the black community its usually only each other that we can depend on. In my community we have outreach programs, black sponsored social events promoting unity (just last week we had a big Blues/Zydeco festival promoting health and wellness community service and so much more and blacks were out in full force having a good time and supporting one another and our black owned businesses). Not to mention unification through church, little leagues etc. How about how we rally and march when someone in our community is wronged. The Jenna 6, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell. Like I said earlier in most black communities we are all we have to look out for each and issues that affect our community. Are we perfect? No. Do we need to improve our attitudes towards each other, education, sex, and life in general? YES. Its so easy for you, him and others to say what blacks do wrong but point what blacks do right and the good ways that we do build each other up. How many black people helped Miguel get to where he is now? Songwriters, producers, music execs. From what I've read he didn't even have contact with his Mexican side of the family.
SadieJade's picture

Yes!!! Finally someone with

Yes!!! Finally someone with some common sense! If all you read are black blogs, then of course you're only going to hear about miffs between black folks. But plenty of white celebs experience the same thing so Miguel can keep his ignorant comments to himself.
CheyPie's picture

I agree. I hate when people

I agree. I hate when people generalize a whole race based on their little living space. The world is a big place with a lot of people in it, how could you possibly say black people are the MOST judgmental. So ignorant! White people are quite judgmental. That's why they have so many psychological issues...trying to keep up with the all of the expectations.
Username's picture

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Karate isn't as dumb as I

Karate isn't as dumb as I thought. Crazy ass popping up on TV afterwards talkin about she fine. Bitch yo ass shoulda still been laying out on the floor. That other girl he kicked better step up too!
SadieJade's picture

I knew that lawsuit was

I knew that lawsuit was coming smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good stuff on there too
V's picture

Well it's clear that Miguel

Well it's clear that Miguel is not 'of the Blacks' because if he was...he would have cleared that jump with no problem....
Grown Man Ish's picture

Man u made me nearly chock on

Man u made me nearly chock on my cookie!!!! Lol!
SadieJade's picture

I knew Khyati adorned that

I knew Khyati adorned that money more than her stan position. Honestly, it's hard for me to see how she wasn't seriously injured after watching the clip 99 times, so maybe there's some credibility to her claims.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I knew the lawsuit was coming

I knew the lawsuit was coming and that's what he gets for wearing those tight ass pants with no stretch in them and getting overexcited......and as far as his black people are judgmental comment......yes black people are judgemental.......and so is white people so cut it with the BS. I'm so tired of the "blacks tear other blacks down" line. It's like they're saying " I know I do and say stupid shit, but i'm gonna need you to accept my bullshit and never say anything negatve about me I only wanna hear praises". BULLSHIT!!! Not on my watch!......and as far as Tyler's show.....AWFUL JUST AWFUL!!! It was like Scandal meets Deception meets Ridiculousness. (rolls eyes) I CAAAAAN'T!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Speak the Truth. That show

Speak the Truth. That show was awful and the other one Love Thy neighbor was Bafoonary and over the top. Black folks do yall need more of this. We have regressed to 1920's. Imagine is something yall should own and take pride in not Stereotypes.
lola69's picture

He's been in the game too

He's been in the game too long to be still putting out shit like this. No Growth. I think this formula has worked for him over the years and since it's being accepted, he's not gonna change it. smh....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Well Miguel should be sued,

Well Miguel should be sued, she was hurt and this is America. We can sue anyone for anything. She'll take 15k to go away. So happy for Oprah and Tyler, there is nothing more fulfilling then being able to actually pay back the person who inspired you beyond monetary.
SkeeWee's picture

Love Miguel but your taste as

Love Miguel but your taste as Blacks can't be so low that you will praise and watch anything Rachet. It bad enough yall love all that mess produced from Atlanta.
lola69's picture

Miguel is 10000% correct.

Miguel is 10000% correct. Nene Leakes said the exact same thing a few months back, and I agreed with her too. Blacks are their biggest enemy. Hispanics have surpassed blacks in every aspect of society and it is sickening. They r coming over here, learning the culture, getting educated, holding on to their morals YET blacks are still sitting back, doing NOTHING and hating! They'd rather see a Brad Pit movie than they would a Will SMith movie. Disgusting! I went to see Tyler Perry's last film and the theater was packed with WHITES! WHites are the ones supporting our black actors.
sexe757's picture

Check your stats. Hispanics

Check your stats. Hispanics are often on the same level as African Americans or below so no they've not surpassed African Americans. Of course it was mostly white people at the Tyler Perry film that's what he wanted. However I'm more than sure most black people would prefer to see a Will Smith movie before they pay to see a Brad Pitt one.
ADP's picture

She is right.. www.census.gov

She is right.. www.census.gov is easily to use, I know I've had to many reports using it. I agree with him... he didnt say we all arent judgmental just blacks are more than others. Real Median Household Income by Race and Hispanic Origin: 1967 to 2011 Hispanic (any race) $38,624 Black $32,229
@aggie_princess's picture

She is not right. If by aggie

She is not right. If by aggie princess you mean NCA&T I'm going to assume you've taken a mathematical course. You seem to be mistaken Median for Mean (which is average). Median is the measure where if you have a number of income earners... say from 1 to 15 for example, one making the least and 15 making the most... person 8 would have the median income because they are right in the middle.... with 7 lower incomes than them and 7 higher incomes than them. Median does not represent the average. Even if it did that number is not even significantly higher than that of African Americans and would prove what I said about Hispanics genrally being at the same level or lower based on findings from all studies not just income. Furthermore, black people are not anymore judgmental than any other racial groups.
ADP's picture

the shows are horrible. who

the shows are horrible. who would watch that when you can stand 10 seconds of Bafoonary. Awful and very disappointed. We have come so low but it is Tyler Perry
lola69's picture

This is exactly the

This is exactly the judgmental, negative ish that Miquel was speaking of. You are one big ass crab in a barrel. You only make negative comments. I read another comment you made that you didn't watch the show. So you are just trashing it to be nasty? Before you judge, why don't you learn how to spell. You buffoon! LOL Calling other people ignorant!
LBA1's picture

Another hater. What r u doing

Another hater. What r u doing for your community? How r u helping blacks come up? Have a seat.
sexe757's picture

what I am not doing is

what I am not doing is reinforcing ignorant Stereotypes of Black. What I am not doing is playing Step it and Fetch it for the man to get a laugh. What I am not doing is taking Welfare, Public Housing and getting my ass up and work instead of watching Bafoonary all day. What you doing Ma. All of the above
lola69's picture

I am not on welfare (no need

I am not on welfare (no need to capitalize it), no public housing and I get up EVERY day and work at my $90,000 a year job. So you really need to shut your stupid effin mouth! I watched the show. Liked it. I am happy to see my brother Tyler and my sister Oprah succeed. You obviously do NOTHING but bitch and put other people (preferably black) down. Once again learn how to spell. It's not BAFOONARY. LOL
LBA1's picture

how ignorant is it that

how ignorant is it that black americans in power arent doing something about blacks from other cultures feeling they have a right to critique AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT. they dont understand it, and yet they start petitions to stop our best and brightest from working. when are american negroes going to understand that we need our own AMERICAN internet, exclusive from them. WE ARE NOT CITIZENS OF THE UNIVERSE LIKE SOME EXTREMELY DUMB NEGROES IN LEADERSHIP CLAIM. we are AMERICANs with our own identity, culture and entertainment habits.
cassandra29's picture

Anytime you have to scream

Anytime you have to scream out your income...it's just a red flag that you don't make that at all or even close to it...have a seat and simmer..cause you seem angry...lmao!
Jacquelynmichelle's picture

I only mentioned my income

I only mentioned my income because she was so quick to assume we are all on welfare. I don't need a seat. I already have one. Not angry, just frustrated at low class ignorant folks like you. Keep laughing!
LBA1's picture

One that $90,000 a year job

One that $90,000 a year job hasn't brought you is CLASS. Bitch please, If you making that kind of loot in that type of job why are you wasting your company time by responding and being on the BaFoolishness Website. Baby Bye. Take the money and get life.
lola69's picture

lmao! Tell em JM.

lmao! Tell em JM.
sexe757's picture

Really YBF? Have you checked

Really YBF? Have you checked the comments on this blog? That alone should clue you in as to whether or not Black people are judgmental of each other.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

So true! It's not just that

So true! It's not just that we're more judgmental than others, it's the fact that we get it from both sides. A white star (musician or actor) for the most part will only get derision from their own, but black stars (especially ones that have crossed over) get it from both blacks AND whites. Go to any other white blog with a thread about Beyonce (even Oprah) and see the comments they make; you'd think they would lynch her if they could. And it's sad to see that same type of vileness-not criticism--vileness coming from her own people.
BlackDiva's picture

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