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PROMTASTIC: Evelyn Lozada Plays Prom Date To Detroit High School Senior--The Details

 photo 6E671203-C519-43FB-92C1-E2445DAF3C5B_zps48ef9156.png

Evelyn Lozada rewarded one of her Twitter followers with the gift of her presence...at his prom.  Check the pics inside of Evelyn hitting up the high school prom she never got to attend...


Rocking a sexy red dress with a bit of midriff exposure and lots of cleavage on display, "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada made a high school boy's wet dreams come true.  She accompanied the extra happy young man to his high school prom recently.

 photo D366BC79-6B03-452C-AA74-523E4856728B_zps5f1d73af.png

Anthony Nelson, a Senior at West Bloomfield High School, asked Evelyn via Twitter to be his prom date back in October 2012, and naturally, she said yes!

Ev's rep tells us the reality star wasn't able to attend her own prom because at the time, she was pregnant with her daughter Shaniece.  So, this was a chance for her to experience for the first time what the seniors in high school look forward to.

 photo 91877C1F-5F16-475A-9A00-228A73FF67FA_zpsf863788b.png

The reality star/author hopped a plane to Detroit, Michigan from Los Angeles to make Anthony's dreams come true.  And when she got there, dude had over one-hundred of his family members, friends and local media there.  Y'all know his mom and granny called ALL the cousins and neighbors. Hilar!

 photo B496E306-58A8-4B3E-BF0F-8B4292CC4193_zps91e04148.png

Ev and Anthony snapped lots of pics, headed to The Detroit Country Club, and the young man even graced her with a corsage. How sweet.

 photo 4EAC7029-1BE4-4FDB-B088-D464F6303505_zps3798781e.png

Evelyn said, "I had the absolute time of my life and never experienced anything like this before because I wasn't able to attend my own prom. I felt so special and Anthony is a really good kid, his family was so sweet and everyone welcomed me with open arms. We all had a great time and I'm so happy to be here!"

 photo 7F9E79B2-5E65-48B2-B5CA-8253A2AFD92A_zps897bdf89.png

The couple for the night lived it up at prom and afterwards dined at Coach Insignia overlooking downtown Detroit.

By the way, just last month, Ev also purchased a prom dress for a Twitter follower who was unable to afford it.  Reality chicks with hearts...


Photos: Evelyn's Instagram





Am I the only one that thinks

Am I the only one that thinks that a forty something year old woman year old going on a "DATE" with a teenager is INAPPROPRIATE ....ESPECIALLY when the woman's breasts are hanging out and herd dress is so tight that her ass cheeks are visible to all the horny boys at prom!! I think the whole thing was PERVERTED!!!!

It was cute when the little

It was cute when the little fresh faced Victoria Secret Model took the little boy to the prom but this old HAG no mam looking like that boys grand mummy!
Shay's picture

Ugh!..I swear this ole

Ugh!..I swear this ole Thirsty Horse cud drink the damn Gr8t Lakes dry!!! Smhlol
Like Really's picture


GetUrLife's picture

She should have sent

She should have sent Shaniece....that would have been more classy of her...

This bish is sick...or just

This bish is sick...or just plain vain

It was extremely nice of

It was extremely nice of Evelyn to except this young man's invitation to his prom. There are a lot of celebrities (male and female) that have excepted prom invitations over the years, including professional athletes and even super model Kate Upton. It was also nice of Evelyn to purchase a prom dress for another twitter follower that couldn't afford one. Keep doing your thing Evelyn and ignore the miserable mindless haters out there.
jgraves58's picture

Damn, Please stop putting

Damn, Please stop putting shame on the D, this kid lives in the suburbs OUTSIDE Detroit, not in Detroit!!!!
Pam's picture

There was something similar

There was something similar on the news here in LA. A senior asked model Kate Upton to prom. She wasn't able to go but one of her model friends went. No one saw a problem with it but then again she was dressed a little better. Ev should have covered the boobs just a little.
Desi's picture

That chic is in her

That chic is in her twenties.. There's a difference in a high schooler taking someone in college to prom and someone taking their professor..no offense to professors
rant's picture

Where is his MOMMA!!!!! This

Where is his MOMMA!!!!! This is some ghetto azz shhh!

Damn Evelyn, times are that

Damn Evelyn, times are that hard huh? SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

WTF would u allow your child

WTF would u allow your child to go to Prom with a prostitute?
sexe757's picture

call all the family over to

call all the family over to see this hoe wow where the hell they been reality/author what book and why she have to have her breasts out like that after all that is a young boy she can be this mother how embarrassing.i bet she gave him a BLOW JOB lol

If it was a man and she was a

If it was a man and she was a girl we would have arrested the bastard by now.
lola69's picture

Soooo is this how dried up

Soooo is this how dried up old basic broads try to stay relevant? If I was that kid's mother I would never let the likes of her around him.
Peace Silas's picture

Dream bigger young

Dream bigger young man However, he is not the first BOY to bring a HOOKER to prom
rant's picture

Lolololz! So true

Lolololz! So true
Peace Silas's picture

Cute idea....very wrong

Cute idea....very wrong dress. If I was his mom, he would've hated me that night cuz I would've told her "No ma'am!!!"
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

yep. usually proms and high

yep. usually proms and high schools have a dress code. Ev should have respected that she would be among kids and wore something more prom-ish.
steezo's picture

That's what people don't

That's what people don't understand, its not about the act she performed that made her ratchett, ghetto, thirsty for attention,or looking like a perverted cougar. Its the respect her attire showed for her date and his family and the mockery of prom because the bitch probably didn't graduate and got her GED instead. The worst thing is how she made those young ladies feel at their prom when all the attention was shifted to a non-talented baby momma to a dead beat, turned bed post, turned celebrity ex-girlfriend, turned new sport wife for 30 days, turned ex-wife with no benefits, turned back to a non-talented baby momma trying to do whatever to be on camera. Yes a lot of CELEBRITIES are doing this act of kindness and we commend them.
kimaras31's picture

uhh...this is disturbing.

uhh...this is disturbing. She's way too old & "exposed" to accompany this boy to his prom. His parents were okay with this nonsense? SMH.
CheyPie's picture

Seriously - this is a grown

Seriously - this is a grown ass women with a brain of a Pea! Tell me why she thought it was okay to wear such a low cut dress to a HS prom? #EvelynLozadoisapeabrain
SuzySangria's picture

Real classy....smh....

Real classy....smh....

I cosign with

I cosign with IslandVibez...very nice thing for her to do but LAWD she could have covered up a little bit.
Marek's Wifey's picture

ok this is aight. moving

ok this is aight. moving right along.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

That was sweet. I'm sure the

That was sweet. I'm sure the teenagers at the prom showed more skin than Ev did.
Suga Bear's picture

Why should you not let your

Why should you not let your 17 year old follow evelyn on twitter? Because the tactless hoe thinks it's okay to show up for a charity date with a child in a dress cut down to her damn navel SMH
Mouse's picture

i disagree with the comments.

i disagree with the comments. i think going to the prom was a great idea. the only problem i see is her choice of dress, which is totally inappropriate.
wildlife's picture

I would buy Evelyn all the

I would buy Evelyn all the hand bags she want for a one nighter...Lawd! That dress tho! That chest tho! That Donk. On top of that she 37! I'll let her handle my young a$$. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good stuff on there too
V's picture

She probably doesn't have

She probably doesn't have that much elasticity left, so save your money for something tighter.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

As a male, i would not want

As a male, i would not want her daughter. She is not sexy as f***. I get it young man. That will be great jack off material for a long time.
RustyCorliss's picture

Did she really think that

Did she really think that that dress was appropriate for a high school prom? She lacks common sense which is why Chad was cheating on her throughout their relationship. I can't believe that no one in her camp had the guts to tell her that showing that much cleavage at a high school prom was wrong.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

I agree that she has no

I agree that she has no common sense. But the only one to blame for Chad's cheating is Chad. He's a buffoon to the nth degree and the only smart move Evelyn has ever made was getting away from that creep. After that, she reverted back to her non-sensical whorish ways apparently.
The Real Thing's picture

i AGREE with all of the above

i AGREE with all of the above posts. I seen this story on the AM news, Anthony lives here in the Detroit area, anyway, Evelyn is twice his age My Goodness!! he should of asked hr daughter or maybe Keke Palmer or Jordin Sparks etc to go. Evelyn i s bit long in the tooth for the high school prom. LOL!! Anthony might as well just took his mother to the prom, almost the same thing. LOL!!!!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

I've never heard of long in

I've never heard of long in the tooth....funny as hell. LOL
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Long in the tooth. LOL!

Long in the tooth. LOL! That's a line from Dr. Phil....Haaaaaaaaaaaa
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Long in the tooth has been

Long in the tooth has been around way before Dr. Phil.
LaFord's picture

Exactly!!! I heard my

Exactly!!! I heard my grandmother use that term and it so applies in Evelyn's case LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Only teenagers with RAGING

Only teenagers with RAGING Hormones want this chick.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Evil-lene's breasts all out

Evil-lene's breasts all out and in his face like she's about to breast feed him before she take him to prom. Her judgment . . . SMDH.
The Real Thing's picture

I guess it would be cool at

I guess it would be cool at 17 to have Ev at your prom...but Maybe her Daughter would have been cooler... and let EV Chaperone... then that would be awesome
Grown Man Ish's picture

This is just all kinds of

This is just all kinds of ways wrong. Her old, used up whorish behind had no business trynna be a MILF and souring this nice young man's prom experience. Sit down. She'll do anything for the spotlight. Of course he wanted her to go, but he's still a child and knows no better. Years from now he'll be showing his kids how he went to prom with a 40 year old washed up ex hoe wanna be star, and they'll be like "Who was this person daddy? Is she even still alive?" Check out her profile in that dress in the photos in front of the garage. It's too tight Evil-Lene. You needed to go up like 3 damn dress sizes.
The Real Thing's picture

If he had enough money, high

If he had enough money, high school or not, she would've made the limo driver pull over and get out while she sucks his brain loose.....and she seems like the type that can't let go of her younger years, so she probably let him go at it for old times sake.....and she didn't have any spanx on (purposely for easy access).
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

This is actually very sweet

This is actually very sweet of her. But maybe she could have chosen a dress with a little less cleavage.
IslandVibez's picture

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