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SERIOUSLY? Kanye West's "YEEZUS" WILL NOT Feature Artwork...Or An Album Booklet

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In a "marketing" ploy we somewhat understand, we've just learned that Kanye West's Yeezus disc won't have any artwork or any accompanying insert booklet. See the bare naked disc inside....


A few years ago, Kanye West sparked a mild-controversy when the artwork for his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy disc was banned because of nudity.  But with Yeezus.... he's completely avoided ANY tension.  

With his newest songs speaking out against "the corporate machines" and advertisers and publicity tools all together, we guess it's no surprise he's made his newest project, Yeezus, void of any corporate marketing.

We've just learned that despite what Kim posted weeks ago, his new cd actually won't have any artwork and it won't have a cd jacket either!  So what will it have?  Apparently, there will simply be a sticker on the back featuring a track listing, according to Def Jam UK's DJ Semtex.  'Ye's label mate said:

Forget everything else you have seen, this is the official artwork....No cover, booklet, just a sticker on the reverse of the package with the track list.

Dude should do a freestyle to 2 Chainz's "I'm Different" because he really does the most to "stand out."

In other Kanye news, Khloe Kardashian-Odom announced that on Sunday, he'll attend the baby shower of his girlfriend Kim Kardashsian.  She said, "It's girls, but Kanye will come at the end."

Congrats to the couple.





because this nigga can't

because this nigga can't follow the rules of decency then he's opting to have a bare cover. this is sheer stupidity.
wildlife's picture

Kanye will end up in Prison

Kanye will end up in Prison (where he belongs) "He needed Daddy"
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Smart move. Why waste all

Smart move. Why waste all that money on artwork? People only want to hear the music these days, digital downloads etc... the artwork barely gets recognized.
Yas's picture

yeah i think so too Yas.

yeah i think so too Yas.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LOL!!! you can NEVER win with

LOL!!! you can NEVER win with haters, when they thought it was the cross thing they were up in arms, now there is nothing and they are up in arms. I get it now Kanye, it's about the music. They will hate regardless, most of them are not even his fans, just Kim K haters who just started paying attention to him because of gossip and slander, his real fans will support, the others probably don't even own a Kanye album.
kayla1010's picture

Uhh...I don't care about this

Uhh...I don't care about this lame attempt to be "different." I'm still stuck on the album title. Yeezus? Really? Please tell me this isn't a play on the holy name of Jesus. Between him and Jay-Z, these guys must really think they're more than they are. Smh.
CheyPie's picture


"USE TO ONLY BE NIGGASSSSSSSSSS, NOW EVERYBODY PLAYING , SPENDING EVERYTHING ON ALEXANDER WANG, NEW SLAVES!!" I will be supporting my black brotha and his beautiful woman !!Aint gone be like some people "yall know who you are" and boycott and pray for this brothas downfall for his choice of women!!!I Wish nothing but the best brotha....
LetsGetIt's picture

Thank you. I don't agree with

Thank you. I don't agree with wifing a slore but I'm not going to stop listening to the truth in his music just because he can't separate from the people he is surrounded with.
fireinside's picture

How you gon' go get a white

How you gon' go get a white girl.....AND NOW wanna drop conscious lyrics and messages about 'The Man' Keepin' us down? **Where's 'Let's Get It?'**
Grown Man Ish's picture

Hey, a brotha with a white

Hey, a brotha with a white woman should know better than anybody HOW RACIST THE WHITE MAN IS. Mad cause he can't get a badddd white woman , and mad because the black man IS THE ORIGINAL MAN!!!! Keep dropping that consciousness YEEZY!!! Hotepppppppppppp
LetsGetIt's picture

Brotha... If your intent in

Brotha... If your intent in all that you say is to unify the Afrikan nation, you will NOT be successful by glorifying a Caucasus Mountain whore. You are correct though in one statement, KK is "badddd". Bad as in " not good in any manner or degree, inadequate, or below standard, not satisfactory for use!" And... if Kanye were truly aware of his "originality" he wouldn't debase himself with likes of her... #TruStory
Candle In The Sun's picture

You can't speak logic to

You can't speak logic to madness. Someone who glorifies black men who dates white women all the while bashes black women for "wanting" to look or be white or date white men, has a veered into the path of madness. Especially when they cannot see the error and contradiction in their twisted thinking. Trying to understand how the two conflicting ideology could equal to a person fighting for the unification of the black race, is like trying to make sense of the twilight zone--Impossible.
BlackDiva's picture

I don't get you pro black ,

I don't get you pro black , anhk necklace wearing ass negros. YALL DON'T THINK WITH LOGIC AT ALL. If a woman is fine and you're attracted to here then you get at her. SO WHAT IS SHE HAS WHITE IN HER, MOST OF YOU NIGGAS DO TOO OR ATLEAST YOU CLAIM YOU DO. So come on now at the end of the day why not glorify the Caucasus woman black women damn sure don't appreciate it when we GLORIFY THEM!! They rather be told their beautiful by the white man!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Do not attempt to visually

Do not attempt to visually categorize me by my accurate assessment of your troubled logic. I am not here to verbally annihilate you or define who or what you look like as I have no meaningful base to do so. Only fools speak from the erroneous ideals they've created in their heads. I simply spoke to TRUTH "original" man, and you know it!!!!
Candle In The Sun's picture

lol alrite sista , alrite!!!

lol alrite sista , alrite!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I like it!

I like it!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

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sergsdgxcbeshgwe437's picture

Sooo you want me to buy an

Sooo you want me to buy an album that basically looks like a bootleg? Isn't the whole point of buying the cd vs downloading it, so i can have album artwork, credits, lyrics, etc.? Sounds to me like he just tryna be cheap. Lol
Supermodel01's picture

.....soooooo no credits?

.....soooooo no credits?
kay p's picture

I'm feeling it.. it's

I'm feeling it.. it's different !! Antique vibe 90's almost
Dgabbaba_'s picture

I bet this be one of his best

I bet this be one of his best albums, but I'm not buying it
Silentkiller's picture

I bet it is one of his best

I bet it is one of his best and I will continue to support him and buy it like all the others.
fireinside's picture

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