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BLOOP: Kris Humphries' "Alleged" Ex Myla Sinanaj Blasts Kim K.....Posts THE CHECK Kim's Lawyers Sent & Reveals How Kimmy Was Cheating With Kanye!

Just when we thought we've seen the last of this Myla Sinanaj chick and Kris Humphries, we haven't.  And while usually we would roll our eyes and give a mumbled "Bish Please" when someone is thirsty enough to keep dragging up old ish...this time, our ears are perked.


That's because Myla now has nothing to lose.  And we all know what happens when bitter jumpoffs have nothing to lose.  Check out how she just put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on blast with some VERY likely truths inside...

 photo BKPwoSsCEAAMlnejpg_large_zps3a059b95.jpg

You may remember Myla Sinanaj as the Kim K. knock off Kris Humphries ran to in NY/NJ when he and Kim K first called it quits, 72 days into their marriage.

Kris never claimed Myla as his chick, only his neighbor.  But more than enough evidence was eventually provided that proved she was indeed a neighbor with benefits. 

Myla met Kris while working as the overnight manager at a local W Hotel.  So she had to stay quiet about everything she knew about the Kris/Kim/Kanye saga.  That is...until chick stopped working there recently.  And she's now making and swimming Swimsuits.  Yep. (That's a sneak peak of her line above.)

Since we're always here to lend an ear to a thirsty jumpoff (remember all her tales about being abused and being pregnant with Kris' child?) esp. one with good tea and nothing to lose, here it goes.

Myla took to her Twitter last night after complaining about suffering from a migraine.  She needed to get some ish out that was obviously burning her up.

 photo BLnR7ciCIAAR4LGjpg_large_zps7f6b2dcb.jpg

Myla posted the above pic of a check that Kim Kardashian's lawyer (Laura Wasser) sent to her in order to get her to appear at the divorce deposition a few months ago....ON KIM'S BEHALF!  Well isn't that clever of Kim....getting your almost ex-husband's jumpoff to go against him in a legal deposition in order to (likely) get her to expose some dirt on Kris?  Not surprised.

Chick claimed she didn't want to travel there to defend anybody's Kim K., so she told them she "didn't have gas money."  And this check magically appeared to alleviate her of her financial stress.  Myla said (read from bottom up):

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-01at25416PM_zps45e35c48.png

To Kim's legal team's defense, our own legal sources tell us it's usually mandated by law that the person involved in the deposition must cover certain travel expenses of the person they are requesting the presence of, if said person lives a certain number of miles away from deposition site.  In this case, Myla lives on the east coast and the deposition went down on the west coast.  We're pretty sure that requires Kim's legal team to cut this chick a check to cover her travel expenses.


And Myla continued, exposing Kim & Kanye for their cheating ways (read from bottom up):

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-01at31402PM_zpsf665015e.png

 photo BLnYocaCcAAGm8tjpg_large_zps1badacbb.jpg

Wouldn't be surprised.  Sip on THAT this hot Saturday afternoon....


Photos: Myla's Twitter



Old news.....new facts.

Old news.....new facts. Either way everyone already knows Kim is loose with her cooch.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

This is why Black American

This is why Black American women don't have rings. You co-sign bullshit. You basically defend any and everything this porn star does. When Amber Rose came out saying that Kim had been texting Kanye pictures of her vagina, everybody accused her of lying and dismissed her as a "stupid stripper slut". She was telling the truth all along. Kim is a whore and has been cheating with Kanye since she was with Reggie. That is a fact. Black women have some pride in the things and people you endorse. A proven slut certainly shouldn't be someone you aspire to be. You women are so vested in defending her character, when she puts it out there with no shame. She never defends her reputation she owns the fact that shes a loose woman. Stop defending this whore.
KENNEDY78's picture

She's about to start sending

She's about to start sending that law firm some money after they sue her ass for showing their account and routing number!
SingleinDC's picture

Dang....I didn't even think

Dang....I didn't even think about that! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Can people just let kim be.

Can people just let kim be. Gosh!
brickspatalex's picture


THE BUSINESS's picture

I dont like those swimsuits.

I dont like those swimsuits. Double ewww at the one with the band up the crotch. Yuck. I aint mad at the info tho. I love spilled tea :-D
Supermodel01's picture

Girl bye you sound stupid.

Girl bye you sound stupid. Kim is very rich and you sound unemployed.
TeaNicole's picture

Some people just put "ALL

Some people just put "ALL THEIR BUSINESS" on the net!! And then have the nerve to get mad when someone say something!
BigJohn's picture

did she even attend the

did she even attend the divorce deposition? if not, then she has to return the funds. this is so lame.
wildlife's picture

The real outrage here should

The real outrage here should be about every one of those swimsuits she is wearing especially the banded one who the f--k sold them to her and thought it was okay?? They had better been internet purchases or I'm calling a retail foul do a deposition about that
Mouse's picture

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cvcvmrtutrutr54845's picture

So I see FatNasty Sinanaj is

So I see FatNasty Sinanaj is at it again, there are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to begin, first of all her story is flawed, she is making keys for Kanye, yet Kim is coming downstairs to meet him? then why are you making him a key exactly? Kim is no dummy she knows the paps stay stationed outside her hotels and her home, if anything she would give Kanye a key prior to him coming there and he would just roll in and go to her room, I mean really Fat Nasty? then she is a nigh MANAGER at a hotel and she cannot spell the word Suite? what's up with that? next I am an HR professional and I am here to tell you, hotels like the W make their employees sign a confidentiality statement, and it holds past employment, so if any of this is indeed true, she has violated her confidentiality agreement with the hotel and they can sue her as well as the guest whose information she is divulging. Now let's talk about the check, it is standard procedure for a witnesse's travel expenses to be paid if they are a certain distance from where the deposition is being taken, and she said herself she did not have a way to get there, hence the reason for the check, it was not a pay off check, don't know where some of you got that from, if you read the article you would have gotten that, Kim wasn't paying her to keep secrets, she was paying her to come and be deposed and spill secrets, how some of you don't get that is mind boggling but we will discuss our education system another day, next check issue, she blacks out the amount, but she leaves the people's routing and account number for all on the internet to see, now Ms. Wasser can really hand her her a** if someone accesses that account due to her ignorance and stupidity, and last but not least the so called affair, it is very possible I am not saying it is not, but let's remember their were several periods of time when Kim and Reggie was on and off, the first time being when he cheated on her with the girl that posted up the inside of his house on the internet, the next time when Reggie felt that Kim was not spending enough time with him due to her obligations and she was not present for his games, so timing is very important in all of this. She better watch it because if someone decides to hold her feet to the fire on these allegations she will have to come out the a** to prove it, Oh and let's not forget that just a few weeks ago she tweeted how into Ray J she was and that she should have been the one in the video, she wants to be Kim K so bad that it is killing her, If I were Kim I would be concerned that this obsessed bipolar whale was dangerous. It's all their on her twitter for all to see the way she stalks Kim and tries to look like her, unfortunately she is a fat slob and looks a hot mess in those swim suit pics. I'm done, just had to list my thoughts on this foolishness. Fat Nasty, go find a job honey, this is not going to give you 15 min.
kayla1010's picture

So what's new about a white

So what's new about a white whore working 3 or 4 rich negroes at a time???? The only reason Kanye is sort of with her, when he's not in France with his guy friend LOL, because she is NASTEE enough to allow him to do anything he wants as long as it gets her his money. Why in the world would these negroes even want to sleep with a nasty diseased whore like that even one time with her psoariasis? no telling what that bish got.
cassandra29's picture

Hmm...what exactly does the

Hmm...what exactly does the "weather" have to do with "whether" you go to court? Stay in school, kids!
whatev's picture

oh Lord...why don't adults

oh Lord...why don't adults know the difference between "weather" and "whether"... we all know kim cheated on reggie and kris who caaaaaaarrrrreeeeeesss.
litebrite's picture

I hate When ppl Have (Info)

I hate When ppl Have (Info) And share it all LATE.... GirlBye!!!
REd™'s picture

Ain't nobody got time for

Ain't nobody got time for that Myla.

How is it messy... When both

How is it messy... When both are attention WHORES..matter fact just whores PERIOD! Boi I tell ya...Smhlolol!! *sips my wine
Like Really's picture

Umm... I love how everybody

Umm... I love how everybody is saying what a hoe Kim K is, but nothing about Kanye and his cheating ways. Wasn't Kanye dating Amber Rose at the time Kim was dating Reggie? So they were both cheating. Another thing, Amber already exposed this T. We just dismissed her as bitter and thirsty. And that chick who thinks she is exposing something needs to calm her thirsty ass down and have tall cool glass of bitch your thirst is showing. She better cash that check, cuz ain't nobody checking for those bathing suits. Better get a real job!
LAS's picture

But Amber already told us

But Amber already told us that Kim was creeping with Kanye while she was in a relationship with Reggie and Kanye was with Amber. This is nothing new.
Bird's picture

creeping and being a

creeping and being a downright whore who will do porn, 3somes, group sex and anything to get a man's attention are 2 different things. i used to work at a hotel switchboard. before these black men entertainers would arrive hundreds of lowdown whore white woman would start burning up the phone lines. decent black girls dont stand a chance when these ANIMALS are after black men
cassandra29's picture

Whatever...no one is innocent

Whatever...no one is innocent in this thing. Kim, Kanye, and Kris are all in the wrong in some shape or fashion. To each his own, but I hate drama. I could never start a relationship with someone when I know there's going to be drama. And they both knew this when they hooked up with Kim K. Good luck to them all...including not so little Myla.
CheyPie's picture

This girl sound dumb and

This girl sound dumb and desperate for fame. I swear people love to hate on Kim while she is still making money. What was the whole point of "trying to expose her"?? She still getting money. Kim isn't checking for you neither is Kris. Your lil 2 mins of fame are up! You will forever be known as Kris Humphries ex...u damn idiot!!!! Kim still paid!
Craig421's picture

I'm sure Kanye knew/knows

I'm sure Kanye knew/knows he's with a nasty hoe, that's why he got with her. I think 'ye was in it for fun, but he stuck now; that's why he look so damn miserable all the time, ha! All I can say is I take back any bad things I said about Amber Rose during their relationship; she was the good one after all and I'm glad she got away from that mess and seems very happy now.
Coffy's picture

Can somebody help this whale

Can somebody help this whale get off the beach and back into the water! So what Kim K paid you off. If this chick cashed the check what does that say about her character?
getyourlife33's picture

it doesnt say anything about

it doesnt say anything about her character-sh*t is expensive, she could pay bills with that check. its scary that some celebs feel they can pay away their problems-they act just like corporations-says more about kim character than sinanaj's

Awaits the comments from

Awaits the comments from black stans supporting this chick....meanwhile if this was Evelyn Lozada all hell would......
HAPPY's picture

LMAO!!! WOW Messy! I didn't

LMAO!!! WOW Messy! I didn't know Kim was getting down like that!

I got 4 letters: WGAF!

I got 4 letters: WGAF!

the 4 letters are irty which

the 4 letters are irty which means the check was only thirty or thirty five dollars to fill up her gas tank. lol
say what's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I got one word: messy.

I got one word: messy.

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