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Kevin Hart Takes A Shopping Break At Barneys With Girlfriend Eniko

 photo wenn20401565_zps3e9fe867.jpg

It's all about movies, stand-up, nice cars and money these days for comedian Kevin Hart.  He was spotted taking a break from filming Think Like A Man 2 in Vegas and skipped over to Beverly Hills to do some shopping at Barneys New York with girlfriend Eniko.


Check the pics inside...

When you're one of the top comedians in the game who just rocked a sold out stand-up Let Me Explain tour, readying the movie version to hit theaters next month, and working on numerous big budget films....you spend your down time spending all that hard earned cash.

Kevin Hart and his girlfriend Eniko made their way to Barneys New York in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon to cop some new threads after a long stint in Vegas.  And Kev brought out the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG whip for the occasion:

 photo wenn20401562_zpscd8f11e3.jpg    photo wenn20401570_zpscef85f7f.jpg  photo wenn20401572_zpse7046b98.jpg

 photo 12d4c6acc89411e2ab6822000a1f96e8_7_zpsb9c670a5.jpg

While filming rolls on in Vegas for TLAM2, Eniko posted a drunken pic of the crew getting extra nice in Caesar's Palace a few days ago.  Oh the life...


Photos: WENN/Instagram




Does she work? Or is shopping

Does she work? Or is shopping and following him everywhere her job? SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

This man made his money

This man made his money talking about his wife and children. And as soon as he started making millions he promptly divorced her and was seen with this broke child shortly after. He shows his insecurity quite clearly and ANYONE with common sense can tell you that. You don't see Chris Rock leaving his family because he is rich. No. Only insecure men do that. Now he is surrounded by yes men and a yes woman. No one is going to tell you the truth. This is when the problems begin. Now he has a DUI. He will also start to have other issues because there is no one around him that truly loves him.
fireinside's picture

This LetsGetIt character

This LetsGetIt character has got to be the loneliest man in his city. There is no way a sane, single ( maybe) black man has time to sit on a female related blog and slam ALL black women including his own mama with stereotypes. He is doing what the white man and white woman do to black men every second of the day all over the world. The sad part is we black women will go to bat for black men when their rights are impeded upon by the justice system ( Trayvon Martin and countless others) and fight, march and rally for their rights but when everything is good in their world they spend all their time hating us to other races of women and comparing us to other races that were not born into our level of adversity. Continue with your I hate black women campaign your only setting yourselves up for some major downfall of your group. The black man has not seen the level of karma that is going to come to them. When karma is being issued out like rainfall to them I just hope black women stir clear of them and let the chips fall where they may. Brotha you ain't seen nothing yet.
Keys's picture

Sista keys why do me like

Sista keys why do me like that???lol....White men and women AINT DOING A GODDAMN THING TO ME it's black women , I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE WHITE MAN AND WOMAN but i have to put up with black women shit ALLLLLLL DAYYY. Now come on black women didn't do shit it took Al SHarpton A BLACK MAN and The community so that this issue could be look at . I WORK WITH YOUTH EVERYDAY and i attend community meeting EVERY MONTH and guess what??? NO BLACK WOMEN IN SIGHT, IT MAY BE OLDER BLACK WOMEN BUT IT'S NO YOUNG BLACK WOMEN ANYWHERE anddddddddddd itsss their kids out here thats dyinggggggg NOW THAT'S SADDDDD. That just tell's me black women don't give a fuck about black life LETS JUST BE REAL HEREEEE. I never said i hate black women BUT I JUST NOTICED THAT BLACK WOMEN ARE DETRIMENTAL TO A BLACK MAN'S WELL BEING and i speak about it.
LetsGetIt's picture

Much love and respect to this

Much love and respect to this brotha, AFTER ALL HE BEEN THROUGH WITH THAT BLACK WOMAN. Now he gets with a Blasian who doesn't like all that drama and someone who would want to be a wife rather than a DAMN REALITY SHOW DRAMA ACTRESS. I mean damn EVERYTIME WE ARE AWAY FROM YOU BLACK WOMEN, WE JUST BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL , MORE FREE, NOT GOING TO JAIL, NOT ACTING LIKE A CLOWN ASS NIGGA. Why would any other successful brotha seeing this wouldn't want to go the same ROUTE and go outside the race?????? Cause it damn sure seems like other races of women care more about black men, children, and value us MORE THAN BLACK WOMEN. And this is not to downgrade black women at all , im just being honest, AND IM NOT TALKING ALLL BLACK WOMEN, IT IS SOME BLACK WOMEN THAT CARE, IT'S A SMALLLLL PERCENTAGE BUT ITS SOME OUT THERE THAT DO CARE. Meanwhile yall keep getting mad at honeynut cheerio commercial with bi racial children from black men and white women WHO SEEMS TO BE AT PEACE WITHOUT YOUR BITCHING AND CALLING BLACK CHILDREN DARK AND UGLY. No mixed children are hearing that from their mother lolll so i say be with the person who values you and what comes from you AND IT AINT BLACK WOMEN. MOST BLACK WOMEN THAT IS NOT ALLLL NOT ALLL.
LetsGetIt's picture

bitch,,,shut the fuck up.

bitch,,,shut the fuck up.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

OMG! Lmao You better always

OMG! Lmao You better always keep that Face Hidden ...
REd™'s picture

I already know black women

I already know black women and their bastard offspring might try to harm me SO I GOTTA KEEP IT SOLO.
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Take responsibility for your

Take responsibility for your own actions. Don't blame your indiscretions on a black woman. You sound like one of those coward ass f*** boys constantly doing wrong looking for someone, be it the white man or the black woman, to blame for your own f*** ups. Get outta here!

Man you black women SURE HAVE

Man you black women SURE HAVE A FOUL MOUTH!!!! Nothing feminine about it at all!!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Yeah well I'm not black.

Yeah well I'm not black.

You're an idiot...Kevin Hart

You're an idiot...Kevin Hart was just arrested for a DUI, while he was with his Blasian. I would love to know what your little black book looks like, considering how you feel about Black women. The fact that you don't realize that your children (no matter what you try to mix them with) will be black. Sidenote: If there are black women who are angered by the Cheerio's commercial it's probably because they would never make one with a black mother and white father. Truth.
Santi114's picture


1st off NOBODY CARE IF BLACK WOMEN IS DATING WHITE MEN!!! So if it was a commercial like that IT'LL JUST BE ANOTHER COMMERCIAL, Black women been fucking the white man since slavery IT AINT NOTHING NEW so who cares???And if i have children with a different race THOSE CHILDREN WOULD BE BIRACIAL nottttt blackkkk ALRITE SISTA????
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Lol, "Black women been

Lol, "Black women been fucking the white man since slavery " not only are you suffering from self-hatred; you are ignorant to history as well. I hope you truly find the whitest white woman that has ever walked the earth to marry and have a family with. I truly do. I hope that you meet the purest white woman that has ever existed; of course one that never curses or uses foul language but accepts your cursing and foul language with open arms. I hope you continue to run into nothing but all of the low life black women that planet the earth has to offer (and there are plenty cause we know most are, not all, but most) and hope that you meet one that will drive the final nail in the coffin to finally drive you to the white woman or any other race of woman because, per your own words, they are far better. And with that I agree, 'cause they deserve you more than we do.
BlackDiva's picture

Does his chick have a job?

Does his chick have a job? She seems like a moocher. I hate a needy woman.
sexe757's picture

He took all of katt Williams

He took all of katt Williams fame, kevin should thank him for falling off. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good stuff on there too
V's picture

Happy for his success but he

Happy for his success but he is just not funny to me. Hmph!
SkeeWee's picture

Really hope he's smart with

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Nikki100's picture

U can Rent those Rims for $58

U can Rent those Rims for $58 a week
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Kevin is having a hard time

Kevin is having a hard time reaching that door handle. lol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Hehehe....To each his own,

Hehehe....To each his own, but I could never date a man shorter than I am. His girl is wearing flats and she's still an inch taller. But hey, he's a star so I'm sure there are no complaints.
CheyPie's picture

Nope me neither.... and yeah

Nope me neither.... and yeah i'm sure she'll put up with his shortness as long as his funds stay at it's current level.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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