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Trina Braxton Files Divorce Papers On Gabe...For Real This Time

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After we saw Gabe Solis on "Braxton Family Values" giving himself an extreme makeover, re-proposing to wife Trina Braxton, and renewing their wedding vows in front of the Braxton family, it seemed to have been too little too late.


Trina just pulled the trigger on the divorce...

Looks like that reconciliation after their almost-divorce last year didn't work.  Because Trina Braxton filed court papers in Georgia recently requesting a divorce from husband Gabriel Adrian-Solis, and citing the marriage is irretrievably broken.

Back in February of 2012, Gabe was accused of engaging in internet sex--allegedly with a transvestite.  The internet cheating was also highlighted on their reality show "Braxton Family Values," where Gabe admitted he is a sex addict.  But he denied the internet sex with men rumors, despite picture proof.  Mmhmm.  Trina threatened to leave, but seemed to have taken him back with semi-open arms.  The couple even renewed their vows on this season of the show.

But oh wells.  Now, TMZ reports that Trina wants the marriage to completely end...now:

As for the nuts and bolts of it all ... Trina says she'll try to work out a financial agreement with her estranged husband to divvy up their assets (and debts) as calmly as possible. She's asking for a total divorce, claiming there's no hope for reconciliation.

Trina has two teenaged sons from a previous relationship.  Do what you gotta do boo.




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cvxnxcntgrfurtu648's picture

Kinda sad for her and the

Kinda sad for her and the boys but.....I'm doing the old lady church dance!!! He is such a creep!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Gabe is so creepy, never

Gabe is so creepy, never thought I would say a grown man in 2013 looks better with a pony tail than a hair cut but in his case YES! he looks like a sexual predator...This is the sister I wanted to like the most but ended up liking the least because while she was talking about Gabe being a booty warrior, she was giving head to her band mate... I was shocked she talked about it so matter of fact on previous seasons...Gabe is a creep (NOONE in her family likes him and they all refused to even do business with Trina if Gabe was involved. I hope the result of this divorce is her getting her career on track and being the best she can be at whatever she does...

She'll be back. She needs his

She'll be back. She needs his money too much.
SweetDivaT's picture

Aint nobody got time for

Aint nobody got time for that!!
Realist's picture

everybody blaming gabe but

everybody blaming gabe but both of them have made mistakes he had internet sex she gave a blow job he chated on computers she stayed out all night the list goes on , both of them made bad mistakes ...
antclv's picture

I'm only surprised that this

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Nikki100's picture

Out of all the sisters, she

Out of all the sisters, she is the most annoying with that Canadian accent and from Maryland.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

She really has surpassed

She really has surpassed Traci as the hot mess sister! Where the hell did that accent come from?.
PacificGirl's picture

Towanda and Toni are my

Towanda and Toni are my faves. They are definitely the smartest, most ethical, level headed, and just nice chicks you want to know.
cassandra29's picture

That guy gives Jesus the

That guy gives Jesus the douche chills........she needs self esteem and get a man like Jesus... .......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

cosign! plus she needs to get

cosign! plus she needs to get an aids test. PRONTO!
wildlife's picture

Trina is the silliest fool on

Trina is the silliest fool on the planet. Internet sex? How stupid can you get? Damn near every man in America uses his internet for porn to masturbate when their woman is tired or unavailable. She is so silly it is unbelievable. The only one I see needing a divorce on that show is Tamar. That Vince is a disrespectful, angry, I dont like my wife piece of horse doo doo. And he wont even spend some of his money to go to a fat camp for her, his health, or the baby.
cassandra29's picture

Yeap don't really care, like

Yeap don't really care, like someone else said she's stupid I didn't even read the article becasue I doubt she'll go through with it. I'm over them both, very lame...and annoying.
Secret's picture

It's about time, this fool

It's about time, this fool Gabe, looks so creepy, Trina, you got your mom, sisters with you. Let his ass go... And that tranny tape..Smh..
Cynthia Cole's picture

Hol up! Who??? Da fuck cares

Hol up! Who??? Da fuck cares about these unknowns? Stop reporting on bullshit.
sianna1's picture

Filing Divorce Papers Don't

Filing Divorce Papers Don't Mean Shyt Unless You Following Through With It. My Neighbor Filed For Divorce Over 2 Years Ago And Shyt Still Ain Finalized. So Unless Trina Follow Through Shyt Can Be Dragged On For Years. Its Apparent That She's still In Love With That Adulterer.
Keyths'Girl's picture

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cvcvmrtutrutr54845's picture

They look like an odd couple.

They look like an odd couple. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good stuff on there too
V's picture

Good...cause these two

Good...cause these two together was beyond Corny!
star's picture

I like Trina--and I

I like Trina--and I understand why she tried to make it work. Gabe might have his issues but on the show, he proves that he is a good provider & he takes an interest in *her* kids. Only you know when you've had enough: so I'm glad she's making moves for herself now. When is Towanda going to have the same enlightenment about her 'husband'???

Sometimes breaking up is a

Sometimes breaking up is a process. I am send best wishes her way thru this rough time!
Agape's picture

I was disappointed to find

I was disappointed to find out how stupid Trina actually was, I once liked her on the show. Everybody in her family thought their reconciliation was a mistake, especially Toni and Tamar who stated that it was only a matter of time until it was over between the two.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

A woman who really loves

A woman who really loves husband and understands what the word commitment means, IS NOT GOING TO DIVORCE HER HUSBAND FOR PRETENDING TO HAVE SEX WITH A COMPUTER SCREEN!!! And if there is the right amount of love and commitment she is not going to divorce her husband even if he made a mistake with a flesh and blood person. NO MAN IS EVER GOING TO BE PERFECT FOR HIS WHOLE LIFE! Life is about mistaking mistakes and learning from them.
cassandra29's picture

Oh really..Only a fool wud

Oh really..Only a fool wud take a man back who likes to play Pirate booty w/dudes!! Smdh...Good Luck wit DAT!!  *swishes wine
Like Really's picture

Pirate booty? I can't! I'm

Pirate booty? I can't! I'm weak!
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