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SNEAK PEEK: Wale's "Bad" (REMIX) Featuring Rihanna

 photo vibe-rihanna-wale.png

Inside, we have a snippet of the original bad girl, Rihanna, laying down her vocals for Wale's forthcoming "Bad" (Remix).  Listen inside....


As Wale's latest single "Bad" featuring Tiara Thomas climbs the charts, the Gifted rapper has prepared a "remix" that's sure to complete his chart takeover.  For the upcoming remix, he's picked the "original" bad girl, Rihanna, to bless the track.  She's singing the hook...and rapping.

Although a recent rumor nearly derailed his working relationship with Rih Rih, we're happy he got things back on track because this snippet is interesting!  He previewed a little of it on "Sway In The Morning" on Shade 45 recently.  Check it out...


Listen to the "Bad" snippet here:





 photo Tiara-Thomas-e1329449642879.jpg 

We're pretty sure the "Bad" (Remix) featuring Rihanna will rules the airwaves this summer, but it's worth taking note of the new "vocal" version of the track by Tiara Thomas.  And even if the Rihanna "mix" overshadows Tiara's solo version, Tiara will still collect her coins because she actually co-penned the track! Check out her version here:


Tiara, a graduate from Ball State University, has revealed that she's in the studio working on her debut LP Sallie Mae. But don't expect to hear Wale on the disc. He told Hot 97 that they no longer have a working relationship and she's actually signed to someone else! He said, "She did what she felt like was to her best interest, and I guess that's what all people going to do." Oh wells.....

Love her voice though.




Heard Melanie Fiona's remix

Heard Melanie Fiona's remix on youtube. She kills both rih rih and tiara thomas in my opinion. Singing and rapping. Would've loved to hear on the official remix....

sounds Horrible!!! Rihanna is

sounds Horrible!!! Rihanna is NOT a singer original is better
Dgabbaba_'s picture

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cvxnxcntgrfurtu648's picture

Rihanna= ZZZzzzZZ i like

Rihanna= ZZZzzzZZ i like the "Original"
REd™'s picture

i didn't like the snippet i

i didn't like the snippet i heard with rihanna, maybe when the full version comes out, i'll change my mind, but i like the original. tiara has a great voice

This song still jams.

This song still jams. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good stuff on there too
V's picture

That lil snippet sound like

That lil snippet sound like its going to be fire. I didnt care for the original version too much, but always felt like rihanna woulda been great for that track. Guess i wasnt the only one thinking so.
Supermodel01's picture

Bey nor Rihanna are the

Bey nor Rihanna are the baddest.......ALL HYPE!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Original bad girl?...Rihanna?

Original bad girl?...Rihanna? Please there have been tons of "bad" girls in music way before Riri and how bad can she be if she went back to a man who beat her? I like Ri and her music, but she can try too hard sometimes.
Coffy's picture

WTF? What does her personal

WTF? What does her personal relationship have to do with the question of whether she performs her jobs as an entertainer well? , Maybe if you go out and get help for whatever issues you have then you too can move on with your life; since the situation involved Chris Brown, Rhianna, and You. I'm so tired of hearing about that incident move on people move on
Its Me's picture

They be thuggin that much in

They be thuggin that much in Barbados???? Or did Rihanna BUY hers?
Classic87's picture

BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. It's Rihanna boo, and she ain't the baddest.
Yas's picture

i havent noticed that her

i havent noticed that her being on a record with another entertainer has done anything for them. the only reason her records sell is because of the super hype advertising, and the super low cost of her music. same thing with beyonce. the last time i checked both of their CDs cost $7.99 or less and keyshia, ciara, etc, demanded a price of $16.99. the value of an artist is determined by the price of their music.
cassandra29's picture

It's a better marketing

It's a better marketing strategy. Why buy one album for $16.99 when you can buy two for that same amount. Keyshia and Ciara aren't moving units and Beyonce and Rihanna are so maybe they need to take heed. And actually the value of an artist is determined by their fan base, not the price of the music. Fans = record sales, tours, endorsements, other business ventures. Record sales only get you plaques on the wall.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

your information is a mess of

your information is a mess of mumbo jumbo, conflicted and dont make sense. I would rather have, for example, 5000 fans who are willing to pay a high price for my music, which equals a bigger contribution to NET PROFIT, than 10,000 fans who can only afford to pay $1. And I would rather have low advertising expenses than a MASSIVE campaign which costs millions upon millions and lowers my NET profit. Ciara has only had a tenth of the expenditures that Rihanna has had on advertising. AS LONG AS CIARA KEEPS HER EXPENSES DOWN, EVEN WITH LOWER SALES, SHE NETS MORE POCKET MONEY THAN A MEDIA/advertising hound.
cassandra29's picture

There is no way Ciara will

There is no way Ciara will ever net more than Rihanna. #1. She generates 1 hit at the most off of each album. #2 She's not going to KEEP HER EXPENSES DOWN, because in her mind she's on the same level ans RiRi, Bey, etc even though she is cash strapped! That's not how black celebs do things. They want to front like they got it like that just to look the part. Look at Jermaine Dupri. All that good music and his ass is BROKE, about to lose the rights to his catalog because he's been borrowing $$ to look the part but can't pay it back!
PacificGirl's picture

Just because you don't agree

Just because you don't agree doesn't mean it don't make sense sweetheart. You can sell music and not have FANS. I've bought several CD's because I liked a song or two but wasn't a big fan of the artist. Meaning I would NOT pay to see them in concert or in a movie or buy a product they advertised on tv. FANS are more important than record sales. Record sales are just used as a gage to measure your popularity, not to get rich. See it's the FANS that made Beyonce and Rihanna rich, not the $2 they made off each record they sold. That's why artist tour all year round cause that's where the real money (and FANS) are. Rhi-yonce is selling out coliseums (20,000 seats) full of FANS averaging $100 a ticket... 10X the price of a single CD. Keyshia Cole and Ciara ain't doing that... and it's not because of the CD prices but because they don't have as many FANS!
DreadfulBeauty's picture

both versions are gonna be on

both versions are gonna be on Wale's album his single is with Tiara. people are looking for drama trying to say rihanna was replacing tiara which s stupid b/c he already came out with the single & the video with tiara. i dont think the remix will overshadow the original b/c i dont think ewale is coming out with a video for the remix

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