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Serena Williams EMBRACES Her CURVES In "ESSENCE" + Sherri Shepherd ANNOUNCES She's HAVING A BABY Via Surrogate

 photo syreena.jpg 

Serena Williams covers the July "BODY" issue of ESSENCE Magazine where she talks discusses aging, the blood clot that nearly derailed her career and learning to embrace her curves.  Read the highlights inside and get the deets on Sherri Shepherd's "baby" announcement.   

Tennis champion Serena Williams covers the July "Body Issue" of ESSENCE Magazine where she rocks a fabulous Carmen Marc Valvo swimsuit and Ben-Amun hoop earrings.

Inside the magazine, where Serena pulls double duty as special-guest editor, she opens up about a debilitating fight against a pulmonary embolism two years ago, the recent documentary Venus and Serena, and how she learned to embrace her curves. She joked,

“It can be a bit weird. Before it was, 'Serena has a big butt,' and that was all. Now there are way more people who feel comfortable with themselves and they're saying, 'I'm a woman, and this is what I look like.' I always say, 'We're popular now! We're finally in style!'"

Also, Serena is embracing the aging process and says that she's never felt better in her life.

"I feel lighter, I feel healthier, and even though I’m 31—which really isn’t old, but for an athlete, particularly a tennis player, it’s old—I promise you, my body has never felt better. Considering how much I’ve played and how much I’ve done, I feel fine. I’m strong...”

The July issue hits newsstands on June 7th!


And in baby news.....

 photo SherriShepherdSherriShepherdVisitsGMAk4rioaG09Ugx.jpg

"The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd made a very special announcement on The Tom Joyner Morning Show today where she revealed that she and husband Lamar Sally are going to have a baby!

During her stint on "The View" Sherri was very forthcoming about her decision to freeze her eggs a few years ago and now she and Lamar plan to conceive via surrogate. She said,

“We found a drama-free uterus. We found a girl that didn’t have any drama in her life. We’re putting in our egg and Sal’s sperm and we’ll let you know how it progresses.”

Also, Sherri has a new wig line LUXHAIRNOW by Sherri Shepherd debuting on QVC on June 13. “I’m doing everything. I’m like a Jamaican. I wear wigs all the time. If I don’t come off “The View” with a bra line and a wig line, something is wrong.

And if that weren't enough, her book “Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes” is on shelves now and she'll be hosting the second season of NickMom's stand-up comedy series "NickMom Night Out."

Congrats Sherri!


 photo mccain.jpg

PEOPLE Magazine posted details about the wedding of Jack McCain, the son of U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona and his wife Cindy to Renee Swift over the weekend.

 photo mccain-wedding-4-600.jpg

The couple held a rehearsal dinner Friday night at the Tonga Room of the Fairmont Hotel with a wedding ceremony on Saturday at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral.  A reception followed at the California Academy of Sciences with all of the McCain children in attendance and Meghan McCain providing live tweets throughout the ceremony.

Jack, who serves as a lieutenant in the Navy, met Renee, a Bay area native and a captain in the USAF reserve, during a tour of duty in Guam.

The couple plan to honeymoon in Africa, after which Jack is slated for another deployment.  Congrats to the happy couple!


The Randomness:

1.  NY Knicks player Jason Kidd announces his retirement after 19-years in the NBA.  Story.  


Photos via ESSENCE/Ben Chrisman/PEOPLE/PCN




I recently saw the Venus &

I recently saw the Venus & Serena documentary. For Serena to go thru those medical issues and make it back, on top, as the #1 women's tennis player is just simply amazing. I'm so proud of her. Love her and what she represents to death. Go Serena!!!!!
The Real Thing's picture

Serena just won! Go all the

Serena just won! Go all the way Serena and win the French Open Girl! Next Up Wimbledon!
Shay's picture

Still waiting on that breast

Still waiting on that breast reduction or some type of velashape from Sherri Shepherd (Pretty lady ~ phucked up shape).
GetUrLife's picture

I love Serena Williams I'm so

I love Serena Williams I'm so proud of her she's on her way to win the French Open like she did in Madrid up next Wimbledon. I just love how she just pounds on and beat the brakes off those racist snooty European player's and somebody needs to tell Sloan Stevens to just SHUT UP and improve her game. Serena don't have time to be hanging around some silly little immature bratty 19yr old. Btw, Venus and Serena had already won Titles at her age so she can go somewhere with her silly ass rants on social media about the #1RANKED Female player in the world. Why is Li Na on the cover of Times instead of Serena? I know she's big in the Asian world and is only ranked as #5 or 6 in rankings yet Serena is #1 and she's not on the cover of time. That is some real BS!
Shay's picture

Serena FINALLY allowed a

Serena FINALLY allowed a stylist to fit her with the right style/size swimsuit for her body type!......Love Sheri with the short wig. She should Always wear this wig.
star's picture

Oh so many thoughts come to

Oh so many thoughts come to my mind concerning that wedding....LOL But on the real, I'm extremely curious to know how she's treated by his family. I would assume it's pleasant enough for her to go through with the marriage. Anyway, I always thought Serena was all muscle.....I never saw her as "curvy" which is society's way of saying "kinda fat". She just has a big ole booty....a very nice booty at that LOL.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I don't know about that pose

I don't know about that pose but nevertheless Serena is the most fab athlete ever! Hmm at least the bride put her precious in the wedding' photos! Smhlol...*sip sip
Like Really's picture

**screaming** Lawd forgive

**screaming** Lawd forgive me, my eyes went straight to her like, "Aw at least she looks happy." I'm just mad she had to be the only "single" in the photo. That was hella rude LOL.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

What do you mean only single?

What do you mean only single?
Jesschuckles's picture

On your marks get

On your marks get set.......GO!!! LOL
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL..and u know it!!!

LOL..and u know it!!! Smhlol..imma gone head n' *pass u ur wine now!
Like Really's picture

Serena is about to win The

Serena is about to win The French Open!!! Sherri Sheppard thinks the Earth is FLAT!!!!!! McCain"s Son is gettin' some head....gettin' some head (who sings that song????????)...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Shawnna's ratchet ass.....and

Shawnna's ratchet ass.....and she had the nerve to have little girls dancing around in the video. smh....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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