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SPEAKING OUT: Miguel Says He DIDN'T SLEEP After Kicking Fan In the Head + "Drop Kick" Victim's Lawyers Hints At BRAIN DAMAGE

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During an interview in the UK, Miguel opened up about his "fall" at the Billboard Music Awards and revealed what the victim shared with him backstage. Watch it inside and get the latest on the victim and a possible lawsuit.

While across the pond for a performance at LoveDough at Proud in Camden, Miguel chatted with the UK's Carly Wilford about that massive drop kick on a fan during the 2013 Billboard Awards.

Miguel opened up about his inability to sleep after the incident, but added that he felt comforted once he spoke to the victim, Khyati Shah. Here are the highlights:

On falling during his 2013 BMA performance:

"It didn't go exactly as I planned, I'm a very passionate performer. That time it just didn't work out for me but at the end of the day at least you know when you come to see me, I am going to put on a show and I am going to give it everything I love, everything I know and everything I feel. That's what living in the moment is all about."

On accepting that he made a "mistake" in public:

"When you put your art out there, you are not only putting your art out there, you are putting your life out there." He explains. "What I love about it, is the ability to show that you're human and for people to relate to the fact that we are not perfect."

Although Miguel seemed pretty confident that the Khyati was "ok", her lawyer, Vip Bhola told TMZ, "Some of the difficulties she's experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury."

He added that he and his client are waiting for test results from a neurologist and will decide later if they will pursue legal action.  SMH...We smell a lawsuit coming on....

Watch the interview here: 



Photo via PCN




That's exactly what I

That's exactly what I thought. He just needs to settle this before it turns into a mess in court.
BlackDiva's picture

Just get ready to pay Miguel!

Just get ready to pay Miguel!
Realist's picture

Miguel just pay the money and

Miguel just pay the money and move the F on. Nobody even cares anymore old news
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xbxbxbrtktybmbtytyu568's picture

She should ADORN his ass with

She should ADORN his ass with a lawsuit regardless. What he did was negligent. He put Billboard in an awkward position. What he was singing did not require him to do a wrestlemania move toward the audience!!! This is his karma coming back...blacks are judgmental??? What until a real judge tap your damn pockets midget!!!
Missy's picture

"She should ADORN his ass

"She should ADORN his ass with a lawsuit regardless." HAHAHAHAHA! Pure hilarity and good use of the intended pun.
C2C's picture


I Am Anonymous's picture

All I SEE is SIGNS All I see

All I SEE is SIGNS All I see is DOLLAR SIGNS, MONEY on my MIND MONEY MONEY on my MIND! OHHHHH ALL I FEEL IS PAIN!ALL I FEEL IS PAIN! LITTLE SPEEDY GONZALEZ has to pay for doing such a STUPID STUNT! Miguel's album has not even gone GOLD yet and now he has to pay what he did make out, and RIGHTFULLY SO! Landing on somebody's head and neck is no JOKE! Blacks and every other race are critical, so SHUT UP AND PAY!
Shay's picture

If she had brain damage at

If she had brain damage at some point she would've lost consciousness, had seizures etc. This chick went straight to her attorney. Umm yeah.
PacificGirl's picture

I actually believe the

I actually believe the victim. If you watch the video you can see her head bounce and hit the stage. I'm sure she's dealt with a lot of pain since that happened. Ask yourself this, if it were you, would you feel entitled to some type of money for pain/suffering? I love me some Miguel but he should not have jumped his @ss over the stage in those tight @ss pants.
Desi's picture

Yeah I doubt she's is brain

Yeah I doubt she's is brain damaged from this incident. People just cant be honest anymore. I dont blame her for suing, but keep it funky Karate.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The drop kick heard round the

The drop kick heard round the world! Uh oh, brain damage? Was he negligent or did she assume a certain amount of risk by standing there? From what I understand those spaces are reserved for fans and those who want to be close to the artist while performing. Very hard to get that close so she must be a fan and know that he is clumsy ASHELL and was going to jump the stage. I don't think she'll get much because there was no intent to do harm, and she shouldn't have had her big head standing right there. That's like me going to the beach, going under and suing the city for trying to drown me -- but I know what the water does. I know there's no lifeguards on duty...Risk and reward hunty.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

looking @ the names of the

looking @ the names of the "victim" & the Blood-Sucking Leach....i mean "Lawyer"......no surprise there's BRAIN Damage bogus lawsuit..........smh. Exterminate Lawyers please!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

He couldn't sleep ONLY

He couldn't sleep ONLY because he knew that his pockets were in great danger.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lmaooooooooooooooo!!! You got

Lmaooooooooooooooo!!! You got me roll on the ground. Now i have to go and take a shower...
Let's get it poppin's picture

Damn....I feel for dude b/c

Damn....I feel for dude b/c he didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident. What's really getting me is that she "appeared" to be fine afterwards, but now has brain damage?! That's a huge leap that makes it seem like they're looking for a reason to sue.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

It was an accident but he has

It was an accident but he has to pay for his actions, just like being in a "car accident". It's not intentional but you have to pay if it's your fault. Next time, he will think before doing such stunts.
Chell's picture

this is like when Michael

this is like when Michael Jackson got burned up on that pepsi commercial. It really should NOT be funny, but dam homie!! My heart still goes pitter patter for Miguelito Pimentel.
steezo's picture

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