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*UPDATED* Bobbi Kristina GETS Evicted, POPS Off On Neighbors In NASTY Note....Now A Police Report Has Been Filed!

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Bobbi Kristina has been flying under the radar in the tabloids the last couple months, but her downstairs neighbors have been VERY aware of her presence.  Get the deets on her "alleged" eviction and read the nasty note she allegedly left behind inside...


For the past few months, Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late music icon Whitney Houston, has been out of the public eye. Outside of a few response tweets about Cissy Houston's book, and a minor fender bender, we were under the impression that Bobbi Kris was working through her issues and headed in a positive direction.  Unfortunately....her downstairs neighbors didn't see it that way.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend Nick Gordon (the "alleged" god-brother) have been blasted with several noise complaints from the neighbors in their Alpharetta, Georgia apartment building, including the couple downstairs (with a one-year-old). Reportedly, Bobbi Kris and Nick had been partying until 5am on weekdays and it became a nuisance to the residents.

After several complaints, Bobbi Kris and Nick were eventually evicted from the building,...but Bobbi Kris made sure she had the last word. She allegedly left an unsigned note on the door of the couple downstairs saying, according to Gawker,

"Thanks. You are shit at the bottom of our shoe, Thank you for making a hard year harder. You are a miserable couple, and always will be. You were honored to have us living above you and you couldn't stand such a young beautiful couple being far more successful than you ever will be. I pray your misery doesn't rub off on your innocent little baby."

 photo bobbikris.jpg


So now, a police report as been filed by said neighbor, Josh Morse.  TMZ reports that Josh and his wife have filed more than 10 noise complaints on BK and Nick.  And, "Josh wanted the incident documented 'due to the ongoing issues he has been having with the couple'."

We know Bobbi Kris has had a rough year...but what would you expect from the young couple trying to nurse a one-year-old?  We all believe in having a little fun....but let's try to be respectful of those without trust funds and actual jobs.  Keep it classy BK....

For her part, Bobbi Kris hasn't officially spoken about the "alleged" eviction or the note posted.  But they have reportedly already moved off the premises due to the eviction.  Maybe they'll rent a house instead so they can have all the late night parties they want...

UPDATE: Bobbi Kris has spoken out about the alleged eviction and neighbor drama.  And she claims she left on her own accord saying, "Hahah! GOODAFT! Awoke2CrazyNeighborStory(: ha Those pplRinsane! @nickdgordon & I choose2move(: THEY were the nightmare, #TRUST#Hyprocrites(:"


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I'm still trying to figure

I'm still trying to figure out what success she and Nick have had
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Her attitude is just as ugly

Her attitude is just as ugly as her face.
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i just cant stop looking at

i just cant stop looking at that GAP
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-_- *Struggles to maintain a

-_- *Struggles to maintain a straight face...then gives up!* :D Hahahahaha
C2C's picture

The real question that

The real question that everyone has overlooked is WHY ARE BOBBI K. AND NICK STILL TOGETHER? He treated her like garbage on their reality show The Houstons: On Our Own. Obviously, her family has no type of influence in her life.
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A police report for a letter?

A police report for a letter? White people are so sensitive when they're on the other end of the insults. How many folks have had nasty notes left by white neighbors...we never think to involve the police. They are all petty, opportunist, whiney ass bitches. They would never have done this to one of their own.
KENNEDY78's picture

I agree completely! White

I agree completely! White people aren't big and bad until they involve the police. BK could say she didn't write it first off. And they probably were mad that this girl had no responsibilities but all the money in the world to blow.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

That couple is actually

That couple is actually clever. You should always make a note/document people's actions towards you. In this case, they had every right to. That note could be perceived as a threat -- as Bobbi K. mentioned an innocent young child.
C2C's picture

What everyone don't seem to

What everyone don't seem to see that this young lady has been through a lot for her short years..losing her mother, best friend, I'm praying for you baby...She's young she will find her way.......and in saying that , now Bobbi your a very, very good actress, I'm hoping and praying that you return to Tyler Perry's For Better of Worst. With a wonderful and talented actor and writter as Mr. Tyler having him in your corner you can't go wrong......So get it together baby, your mother wants the best for you, and she's looking down from Heaven watching over her beautiful daughter.....make her proud.

First off... Why is she

First off... Why is she renting??? Furthermore... I'm sure the world was praying that Bobby and Whitney's drug addictions didn't rub off on you, "their innocent little baby" but I see you ruined that as well.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Just have a little more

Just have a little more consideration for your neighbours that's all. Sad (SMH)
Tren's picture

It is too bad Bobby Brown

It is too bad Bobby Brown couldn't sober himself up enough to raise this girl properly. Whitney did a lousy job, and this girl doesnt measure up to Bobby's other children good uprearing. But in a drug addicted home, she is lucky to even be alive.
cassandra29's picture

Why are they living in an

Why are they living in an apartment building?! She's so successful Bish buy a house!
PacificGirl's picture

Really Krissy??? How rude.

Really Krissy??? How rude. Get a nice house in the open to party until you drop SMDH... I would sue her ass!!! And why would I be honored to have noisy ass people above me? Because she Whitney's daughter really???
Cynthia Cole's picture

That letter, lmao!! Bobbi

That letter, lmao!! Bobbi that was unnecessary. You should've just packed your things and rolled, love. USUALLY, folk who need the last word in any situation are almost ALWAYS the guilty party. You was just mad they got you put out. It has been a rough year for you, I'm sure, but uh, yeah... no need to be disrespectful and rude because it's been a rough year. Take a seat, regroup and heal yourself.
ellemarie's picture

No Sweetie, you are not more

No Sweetie, you are not more "successful" than your neighbors. Your mama was. Even your daddy is. You are merely more "recognizable".
whatev's picture

This girl need help and some

This girl need help and some braces, checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too
V's picture

I could never understand why

I could never understand why her parents didn’t get that girl’s teeth fixed. I mean damn, the crack can wait. Take that baby to the dentist!
Suga Bear's picture

Again ~ N*ggerRich behavior.

Again ~ N*ggerRich behavior. Why this child/young woman doesn't have a piece of land somewhere ~ don't know and in Atlanta of all places ~ why the phuck did she even have tenants living below ~ it's not New York. I guess the trip to broke was quicker than expected. Straight A$$ Clowns.
GetUrLife's picture

This is what happens when

This is what happens when their is no guidance with these children. They don't realize how stupid and foolish they look in the publics eye. Bobbi Kristina is no different, she is a disgusting disrespectful girl with no common sense and no respect for others. The fact that she wrote that disgusting letter to the couple and included a comment about their young baby clearly show how pathetic and ignorant she is. Somebody needs to try and intervene in this girls life before she destroys herself.

Jesus agrees....people need

Jesus agrees....people need to be more respectful
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Her parents did a bang up

Her parents did a bang up job.
Suga Bear's picture

beautiful couple? LMAO!

beautiful couple? LMAO!
ZenLea's picture

omg,she still with that boy.

omg,she still with that boy.

Bobbi and her brotherlover

Bobbi and her brotherlover need to grow the hell up. They pissy cuz people don't want to hear their crazy goingson all times of the day and night?! They won't be able to live anywhere doing all that mess.
SweetDivaT's picture

Weeelll, at least she can

Weeelll, at least she can spell and her vocabulary is ok!! But seriously, she's still with that guy?
Chicknchips's picture

This child is one 'puff' away

This child is one 'puff' away from being Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. If she wasn't the heir to Whitney's $$$$$ and had to go to work early like other people she would be more considerate. She is a train wreck waiting to happen. Sad but true. SMH.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

cosign under everyone and

cosign under everyone and anyone that mentioned this little girl needs a seat. "successful?" ..little girl..
TrueThinker's picture

Girl Bye what f'ing

Girl Bye what f'ing success...Ugh the nerve!! Smh..*sips martini
Like Really's picture



Its Impossible for this girl

Its Impossible for this girl to have "haters".....No One <----- wants to be like her.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

child take a seat please!

child take a seat please!
stepup2's picture

"far more successful than you

"far more successful than you ever will be"? Pump your brakes Chrissy, you ain't worked for shit....IJS
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

she writes worse than a 5

she writes worse than a 5 year old....and almost as bad as Batty Bey
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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