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First Lady Michelle Obama had to remind a heckler not to play with her last night.  Get the deets on what brought the "Southside of Chicago" out of the FLOTUS inside.... 


Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama was heckled during a private fundraiser at a home in Washington, but the tables quickly turned on the heckler.  

Though things began smoothly, the First Lady's speech at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser quickly went left once Ellen Sturtz, heckled the her about getting the President to sign an executive order banning LGBT discrimination.  So Michelle had to leave her podium to go give Ms. Heckler a good read in her face.

The First Lady said before walking off, "One of the things I don’t do well is this...Do you understand?"

Then, as the audience wildly applauded her, Mrs. Obama LEFT the lectern walked right up into Ellen's face and said, "...listen to me or you can take the mic, but I'm leaving. You all decide. You have one choice."

At that point, the crowd went wild.  And as many people shouted things like "You need to go", the Secret Service quickly swooped down on Ellen and escorted her out of the building!

Unfortunately, there's no video from the event (only official White House pool reports where they left out Mrs. O's words....but other media reported them).  We would have loved to see the First Lady's bangs swing in the wind as she walked back to the lectern and security tossed the heckler out of the function.

Afterwards, Elle played victim and told the reporters,

"Basically, I was asked by the first lady to be quiet, and I can't be quiet any longer. ... I was surprised by how negative the crowd seemed to be. It was actually a little unsettling and disturbing,: Then Ellen got a little ball-sy and said, "She obviously thought she was going to make an example of me or something. I wasn't scared at all."

Um, but she DID make an example of you! We bet the "activists" will think twice before they dare confront The First Lady again.

Southside STAND UP!

Listen to the audio here:


Photo via Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America





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Meanwhile, over at the RNC

Meanwhile, over at the RNC headquarters, Republicans are saying "I told them the 'black' would come out of her sooner or later!"
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Barack needs to be more like

Barack needs to be more like his wife, shut em down!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

I so agree with you... He has

I so agree with you... He has his 2nd term.. Middle fingers should be in the air and he needs to do what he needs to do and f*** everybody that don't agree... Jump on or get rolled over should be his motto...
Eubanks.Kiya's picture

She looks so pretty and I

She looks so pretty and I really like how her bangs are growing out. Such a class act, but SOUTH SIDE STAND UP!!
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I am so sick of these

I am so sick of these disrespectful people. Kudos to Michelle, as the 1st Lady she does not have to stand their and take that lesbians' bullsh*t. She should have been throw out of the building, like all the other hecklers who have been thrown out when they have disrupted events for the past 20 years +, white people always feel like they are privileged and entitled to everything.

Comments like that is the

Comments like that is the reason why this country is so divided by race... People are so quick to throw in the race card on a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with race. People like you are the reason we can't come together... Please think outside the box that you clearly live in...
Eubanks.Kiya's picture

has Zero to do with

has Zero to do with race....smdh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

The First Lady has the power

The First Lady has the power to make you disappear and you weren’t scared? Girl stop lying.
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Yea you can say she told

Yea you can say she told them, but here's the thing. You see when it comes to other groups of people and other organizations THEY DEMAND SOMETHING BE DONE FOR THEIR PEOPLE, they came to the PRESIDENT'S WIFE and demanded something be done about discrimination OR even talking about a gay person. Obama have done alottttttt for these people these past years and yet THEY NOT SATISFIED!!! Yet when black people ask something, it's always "You nigggas need to stop begging" and weak pussy ass Barack obama will tell black people "Im not just the president of the blacks, im the american president" BUT WHEN THEM GAYS, WHITE WOMEN, MEXICANS ETC WANT SOMETHING HE'S ON TOP OF IT. He speaks about it passionately , but when he talks about something concerning black people he speaks like it's forced or like he's hesitant. But shout out to Michelle she got more balls then Barack.
LetsGetIt's picture

They want Equal Rights. Thats

They want Equal Rights. Thats it. Thats not asking for a lot.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

No they don't want equal

No they don't want equal rights, THEY WANT SUPERIOR RIGHTS!!! They need to be treated like everybody else THEY DON'T NEED LAWS MADE FOR THEIR ASS we already have laws saying you can't discriminate against race,gender,class,sex. THEY DIDN'T ASK GORGE BUSH FOR ALL THIS SHIT, because they knew that crakkka was gone look at they ass and say BITCH STOP CRYING!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

they want legal marriage in

they want legal marriage in all 50 states. and pension/social security benefits when their spouse dies.......like everyone else gets. The gov't is SUPPOSED to keep Religion out of its decision making.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Take notes ladies; there's

Take notes ladies; there's NOTHING like letting someone have it with style and grace and a calm, pretty face lol! "You have one choice." I choose class darling!
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YES!!!!! Our First Lady does

YES!!!!! Our First Lady does not play!!! you can look at her and tell she will tell you off with a quickness LOL!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

And that is some tell off!

And that is some tell off! She does it with class. Sometimes, that makes more of an impact than the loud ghetto screaming and cursing.
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She looks Goooooooooooooood

She looks Goooooooooooooood there too!!!!!!!!! MmmmmmmmmHmmmm..........
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss....................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

lmao @ "Get the deets on

lmao @ "Get the deets on what brought "the "Southside of Chicago" out of the FLOTUS inside.... "
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I can imagine there was a

I can imagine there was a slow motion eye role involved
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Always a class act! Mrs.

Always a class act! Mrs. Obama's pc comments were code for 'Bitch I am NOT my husband. You better STFU!' LOL--and yeah girlie was scared; otherwise why mention fear at all? #gofirstladyyourock

True dat

True dat
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So sick of these queers

So sick of these queers thinking the world revolves around their a**es and their sick agenda. Kudos to the First Lady!
Elle's picture

i agree with them thinking

i agree with them thinking the world revolves around them. the name calling is not nice though.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

dont make me tie these bangs

dont make me tie these bangs back!
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I would've emptied my bank

I would've emptied my bank account to see this....ok maybe not the WHOLE account. But I know it was phucking awesome!!! And ol' girl is full of BS saying she wasn't scared.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

LMAO!....She probably wanted

LMAO!....She probably wanted to say, "look bitch, this is my show, have a seat or get the f*ck out before I pimp slap yo azz!" Ya read me boo?....hahahahaha!
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i just fell in love with this

i just fell in love with this woman all over again! be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too
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Love it!!!! <3 it!!!! LOVE

Love it!!!! <3 it!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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