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CAUGHT ON TAPE: First Video Of First Lady Michelle Obama READING The Heckler + Diddy BREAKS OUT His "Private Jet" Dance

 photo ht_michelle_obama_heckled_lpl_130605_wmain.jpg

It was the "reading" heard around the world as FLOTUS Michelle Obama took on a heckler during a DNC fundraiser this week. Watch the recently released footage inside and see Diddy busting out his hilarious "Jet Dance" on his own private jet....with Cassie.



A few days ago, FLOTUS Michelle Obama went in on Ellen Sturtz, a lesbian activist, who interrupted her remarks at a DNC fundraiser to demand that President Obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order.  

Now that video of the confontation has emerged, we get to see Mrs. Obama and her bangs swoop off the lectern and into action!  And for the record, President Obama and The White House stand by the First Lady.

“It is my opinion that she handled it brilliantly,” a spokesperson said.  


And somewhere in front of a private jet....

As Diddy preps to launch his music-themed cable network "Revolt" next month, he posted a video of himself today dancing in front of his private jet.  This guy is really going to get #DiddyJetDance trending all over the globe!

Hip Hop heads all know that Diddy got his start as a background dancer so it's no surprise he busted a move on the tarmac and the jet with the airport staff looking mad confused.  Hilar!  With Cassie watching him from her seat on the jet, Diddy pops and locks to Problem's "Like Whaaat" featuring Bad Lucc.

Corporate Hood.  Loves it!

The Randomness:

1. DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey welcome baby girl London Skylar. Story.


Photo via ABCNews




Diddy keep doing you brother.

Diddy keep doing you brother. Don't marry these females they will only try to diminish your wealth!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

I can't stand dirty diddy.

I can't stand dirty diddy.
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xcnxcngmyui6856's picture

I liked his moves!....And

I liked his moves!....And this nigga knows how to wear a Suit!
star's picture

Cassie you are better than

Cassie you are better than me- Puffy or not he would have to sit his monkey ass down so the plane could take off Save all that dancing in tight suits for Summer Jam
Kelli99's picture

I dont understand why

I dont understand why Michelle was a guest in a person's home, and that home owner, sat by and let another guest heckle her??? I dont understand why she couldn't ask her secret service to remove the heckler from the home? Seems to me that Michelle just got her black card handed back on a silver platter.
cassandra29's picture

Yea Diddy!! Ladies take note.

Yea Diddy!! Ladies take note. Cassie just came on the jet and let her dude do his thing. She wasn't like "sit dowwwwnn we bout to take off" that's why she is where she is. Need me a Cassie

Cassie has no other choice.

Cassie has no other choice. Who do you think finances the jet and all other aspects of their lifestyle? If someone financed your broke down ass, you would sit and shutup too.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

when cassie is sitting around

when cassie is sitting around with a colostomy bag a few years from now and he's gone on to the next victim, we'll know how smart she is then, when she cant pay for medical treatment.
cassandra29's picture

Minorities groups in this

Minorities groups in this country take note....Yes , the gays are in your faces 24/7 and look at the strides they have made regarding social issues. In just 10 years they have swayed public perception on what it means to adopt children , marriage and fair treatment under the constitution....See what up in "your face" gets ?!

I'll say this respectfully,

I'll say this respectfully, cause as adults there's no need to be rude and nasty to people you don't know personally. While as grown people we are allowed to choose whatever lifestylfe we want, and should'nt be persecuted or discrimination for that choice by anyone other than the creator;know this, what you are seeing is the word of God being made manifest. Has nothing to do with justice or social acceptability, it is infact the fulfilling of prophecies and God word (it's plainly written for ALL to see) way before we had a concept of "in your face". These things must come to pass.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Well it's spearhead by WHITE

Well it's spearhead by WHITE JEWS. #caseclosed #whoruntheworld
SkeeWee's picture

Jesus tried to explain that

Jesus tried to explain that to: LetsGetit <--- last week but he was too Militant to understand real world stuff.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You didn't explain

You didn't explain anything!!! You just said something about gays wanting to be married in 50 states and equal rights. I just said they don't want equal rights THEY WANT SUPERIOR RIGHTS.
LetsGetIt's picture

Smart people...like Jesus are

Smart people...like Jesus are cutting & require few words...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture



Why are U on YBF...U are an

Why are U on YBF...U are an India (Indian) with those BLACK Circles <---- under your EYEBALLS!!!!!!!!?!??
Jesus H. Christ's picture

lol, that nigga is a simp

lol, that nigga is a simp also. But now that u said he's Indian it all makes sense to me now.....
LetsGetIt's picture

lmao!! i dont know what youre

lmao!! i dont know what youre talking about these days but it sure sounds funny.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Okay....Puff we see you!!!

Okay....Puff we see you!!! Congrats to being #1 on Forbes this year with 580 million for hip hop. This man is strictly about getting money and I love his hustle!! Looking forward to Revolt.
Negrita14's picture

More power to the FLOTUS, she

More power to the FLOTUS, she is there talking about children and this crazy lady talking about gay rights (sick of them with these gay rights). I am glad FLOTUS checked her, she thought she could talk to her any kind of way. How we gonna work on gay rights, when there isn't even equal rights, please get a life!!
IslandGyal's picture

I'm so tired of hearing about

I'm so tired of hearing about gay rights (rolls eyes) Anywho.... Why is he in a suit and Cassie over there looking liked a broke street kid who's about to suck his meat in return for a pair of Jordans.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

hell naw, hilarious at Cassie

hell naw, hilarious at Cassie being a street kid who's about to suck his meat.
myopinioncounts's picture

the side eye in that still

the side eye in that still frame is everything
kay p's picture

The person with the mic

The person with the mic always has the LAST word!
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Go Michelle! Diddy's video

Go Michelle! Diddy's video was pure fun!
Mama Mia's picture

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