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TOP MODEL Joan Smalls POSES For "Net-A-Porter", DISHES On DOMINATING The Fashion Industry And INTIMIDATING Other Models

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Joan Smalls, the top ranked model in the world, posed for net-a-porter and opened up about her top model status and how she intimidates other chicks on the runway.  Get the deets inside...

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Puerto Rican beauty Joan Smalls, whom we told you is the #1 model in the world (based on high demand from photographers, fashion editors, global brands, magazines and fashion show producers) just shot a colorful spread for the luxe shopping site net-a-porter's digital magazine, The Edit.  

Under the creative direction of Editor-in-Chief Lucy Yeomans, Joan posed it up for famed photographer Mario Testino, while modeling his exclusive MATE clothing and accessories collection.

Speaking about her experience with Mario, Joan told the magazine, 'It is always such an honor to work with Mario, so I love that he mentioned me in connection to this collection. He always creates such a beautiful story that embraces you and takes you on a ride."

During her interview, Joan, (who's starred in H&M denim, Prabal Gurung, Estée Lauder, Givenchy, John Paul Gaultier and Stella McCartney) talked to the magazine about her dominance of the industry and joked about intimidating other models on the runway. Here are the highlights:

On dominating the industry as the world's most sought after model:

'I think of myself as an empire. I am super- ambitious, but also believe in superstition, so I never show all my cards.
'It is about being associated with luxury brands, being in fragrance and cosmetic campaigns, or creating your own line of whatever it may be, so people associate your name with something, rather than what you are just the face of.'

On intimidating other models:

'I like to mess with the other girls. We stare each other out as we walk past and try to make the other girl smile. I play with Karlie [Kloss], but she has her game face on and never cracks, but on Karmen [Pedaru] and Abbey Lee [Kershaw] it works.  The trick is to do it when you’re going back and they are coming towards the camera, so nobody knows it’s me!'


See the utterly fabulous Joan in Mario's MARIO TESTINO FOR MATE here:

 photo netap1.jpg  photo netaporter2.jpg 

See more of Mario's collection here.


Photos via Net-A-Porter




This girl has no humble.

This girl has no humble. She's not even intimidating. Nexttttt
cutethatsall56's picture

She looks a little like Liya

She looks a little like Liya Kebede in these photos.
PacificGirl's picture

She looks nothing like the

She looks nothing like the beautiful Liya Kebede get your eyes checked!
Martine's picture

If anyone plays Aaliyah in a

If anyone plays Aaliyah in a biopic, it should be her, she's gorgeous yet soft

she need to intimidate a

she need to intimidate a steak
steezo's picture

LOL! Now that's funny.

LOL! Now that's funny.
jgraves58's picture

DAMN! Hilarious! LMFAO!

DAMN! Hilarious! LMFAO!
BlackDiva's picture

She is only part PuertoRican

She is only part PuertoRican and she looks masculine. Most PuertoRicans have a terrible angry ghetto spirit and are not at all ambitious. Jourdan Dunn is much prettier than Joan.
Twila's picture

Say what now?

Say what now?
Awwwww Shucks's picture

You must have her confused

You must have her confused with NUyoricans in New York.....she grew up in Hatillo, PR......Not North Bronx, lol
Grown Man Ish's picture

Her father is not

Her father is not PuertoRican!
Martine's picture


PacificGirl's picture

I have never met a puerto

I have never met a puerto rican who didnt have a wonderful spirit.
cassandra29's picture

Biggie Smalls would be soo

Biggie Smalls would be soo proud...............
Jesus H. Christ's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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