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Can you guess the celeb parents of the new high school graduate and her three siblings?  The answer is inside...

This American University-bound 18-year-old (in the middle) has two good looking musical parents, and one is still very much in the biz.  She and he three siblings celebrated graduation day on Sunday from a highschool in Maryland.  Her celeb parents are....






Wait for it......





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Ginuwine & Sole!  Gorgeous teen Cypress Soleil Lee, one of the older kids of the musical couple, dressed up in all white for graduation day yesterday Calverton High School, a private school in Huntingtown, MD.  And the fab chick was part of the National Honors Society & The International Thespian Society.  So her proud mom and dad were Instagramming away about their baby.

The couples' other three kids, Story, Dream & Dejan were also all there to support.  And even though Cypress (as well as Dejan) is Sole's daughter from a previous relationship, the cutie recently gushed about how much she loved her stepfather Ginuwine, whom she simply calls her daddy:

The love and appreciation I have for this man is unexplainable. A father-daughter relationship can make or break the person you become. I will always have respect for him. He took me in with arms wide open from day one. On my darkest days, he is one of the only people who keeps a smile on my face. We take so much for granted not realizing how good we actually have it. Simple texts and phone calls even when he is sick or busy just to remind me I'm beautiful and loved mean the world. I love you daddy

Awwww!  And Ginuwine wrote to her a sweet congratulations message yesterday:

Congrats to my beautiful daughter @CypressSoleil I'm so proud of you baby girl you have made us so happy enjoy your day GOD BLESS #

@CypressSoleil I love you so much your smart beautiful and one of a kind my CYCY we love you



More pics from Ginuwine & Sole's daughter's graduation day:

 photo photo2_zpsf9c4da83.png    photo photo4_zps4608890f.png photo photo4-1_zps3f679176.png  photo photo5-1_zps3da279b2.png  photo photo5_zps2ec9d295.png


Congrats!  Sidenote: We wonder whatever happened to that reality show the family was filming...


Photos: Sole's Instagram



What an amazing

What an amazing accomplishment and joyful time in a parents life; Congratulations!!! Sad that the focus is on her nose, really? The day black ppl support each other will be a cold day in hell. sad...
NicoleDavi's picture

I love the pics, and she's

I love the pics, and she's pretty but I really don't like her nose. I hate myself for that but I have a nose complex.
cutethatsall56's picture

Congrats to her ~ who knew.

Congrats to her ~ who knew. However, once I saw Dad ~ Now I can't get ♪♫ "come and jump on it ~ if you're horny ~ ride it ~ my pony" ~ dnnn dnn dnn ♪♫ out of my head.
GetUrLife's picture

I knew that she was one of

I knew that she was one of Sole's older daughter's by the "Lilo and Stitch" hula girl type nose that her older girls have especially the one graduating. Sole's younger daughter with Ginuwine are much cuter than her older ones. It's sort of PATHETIC for Ginuwine to be so supportive of Sole's older daughters but never helped or had a relationship with his own daughter who he also cursed out on social media. I know his daughter was wrong to air their dirty laundry about him being an absentee father but he was wrong to respond to her in the manner that he did. I have 0 respect for a man that takes care of another man kids and don't take care of his own blood! He's so PATHETIC!
Shay's picture

oh lawd - Lilo n Stitch...i

oh lawd - Lilo n Stitch...i CANT. i hate myself for sitting here thinking who she looks like and THAT was who it was. Oh no @ me!!
GG Boo 4 U's picture

cute kids

cute kids

She's beautiful! Congrats

She's beautiful! Congrats baby girl!

Wonderful pictures at their

Wonderful pictures at their daughters graduation!!! Yea, I remember that as well a while back when he (Ginuwine) talked about doing a reality show and they were "shopping" the idea and concept around to different networks to see who will pick it up. but I geuss that was a fail but not in a negative way....I mean really? do they need a reality show for us to know whats going on with them? NO!!!
KimChi's picture

Congratulations to her and

Congratulations to her and her proud family, and so the journey begins!
Realist's picture

a legitimate graduation

a legitimate graduation story, finally.
wildlife's picture

looky how happy those white

looky how happy those white people are
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Congrats!!! As a proud Mama

Congrats!!! As a proud Mama of my children, and what we all supported and the children, hae accomplished , God Bless so proud. Go Cypress!!!
Cynthia Cole's picture

Thank you ybf for a very

Thank you ybf for a very positive post.
TeaNicole's picture

can't the administrator do

can't the administrator do something with these online nut jobs like the one below
Somerknight's picture

White People = Happy

White People = Happy Times...and NO violence:)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Yeah, that white guy that

Yeah, that white guy that shot up that community college library yesterday was all about peace, lol! Nice try storm fronter.
Coffy's picture

@coffy...I know its hard but

@coffy...I know its hard but this idiot come to a website for blacks and tries to upset the balance..I am unsure why he is allowed to make these comments here..Please don't feed the troll or it will never leave

she dates blacks

she dates blacks

Aw, what a beautiful family.

Aw, what a beautiful family. Congrats to the grad!☺
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