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Kenya Moore Says Her Landlord's A LIAR....She Paid That Rent!

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Kenya Moore is calling bullsh*t on her Atlanta landlord who is suing her for eviction.  Check out how Kenya just popped back with her own lawsuit inside...

So, after the owner of the home Kenya Moore is leasing in the ATL area--which we're sure she leased specifically for "Real Housewives of Atlanta"--filed papers to evict the reality star earlier this month.  And while landlord Conya Weems-Dillon claims Kenya was $848 short on May's rent, Kenya said she paid both May & June in full.

TMZ reports that Kenya has fired back with her own lawsuit stating Conya is trying to intimidate Kenya to move OUT of the 6 bedroom home.  Not sure what type of landlord DOESN'T want a tenant who brings in money, but that's what Kenya alleges.

Kenya says she has suffered from wrongful eviction, slander, and he best claim--emotional distress.  Losing a roof over her head wasn't the distressing part.  Kenya says in the lawsuit that she has been "shunned" by friends due to the eviction.

Meanwhile, we can guaran-damn-tee half those "shunning" in ATL have been evicted once or twice their damn selves.  Especially your co-stars boo. 

But we digress...




Team Kenya

Team Kenya
star's picture

She was flat broke when she

She was flat broke when she got on ATL housewives, she lied all season long so all this talk about "successful businesswoman" PU-LEEZ, stop drinkin the kool-aid yall. she hadnt been heard from until housewives pulled her from beneath the grave & resurrected her. Nobody even remembered this heffa. Landlords dont just come out of nowhere suing folks for non payment of rent unless they have proof. Kenya is one of those kinds of broads that no matter what the story is she will deny deny deny....if you want the truth, do not come to her looking for it--you will get a earfull of bullsh**.
48DDs's picture

Let's see: Kenya moved to ATL

Let's see: Kenya moved to ATL from LA for a man that she thought would propose to her in Anguila, that she wasn't even sleeping with. Yeah I'm going with the Landlord on this one. This heffa is truly delusional.
PacificGirl's picture

I believe Kenya. She may come

I believe Kenya. She may come off as a lil crazy sometimes, BUT she is a successful businesswoman.She's making her own money,and doesn't rely on a man to support her.She's worked her success from winning that pageant all those decades ago.

I agree.

I agree.
Iridescent One's picture

Girl get a one bedroom and

Girl get a one bedroom and stop frontin.
JewelryLover's picture

Receipts PLEASE. Ain't

Receipts PLEASE. Ain't nobody got time for this N*igger Rich nonsense.
GetUrLife's picture

Let Kenya tell it everybody

Let Kenya tell it everybody is lying. I like Kenya but she needs to get her full life together, and stop acting like a commoner.
cutethatsall56's picture

I believe Kenya. Her RHOA

I believe Kenya. Her RHOA check are netting her enough to pay her rent plus more, not to mention the gigs she gets on the side. She's ok.
SkeeWee's picture

smh. why rent a home for that

smh. why rent a home for that amount when you can buy? She is a fool. Trying to hang with the Jones'.
sexe757's picture

kenya rents in atlanta but

kenya rents in atlanta but have permanent housing in california. it makes no sense to buy a house in a city when you are only there for 2-3 months out of the year. i guarantee kenya writes the rent off as a job-related expense.
wildlife's picture

....rented house though.

....rented house though.
kay p's picture

First Kim now Kenya.....who's

First Kim now Kenya.....who's gonna get evicted next season? Anywho......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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