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(UPDATE) Retired BALLER Shawne Merriman Hits The Club Like Nothing Happened After ALLEGED Overdose LAST Night + Kobe Bryant SETTLES With Mom OVER Memorabilia

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Last night, retired NFL star Shawne Merriman was rushed to the hospital for an alleged overdose; but, was spotted out partying with The Game a mere three hours later!  Get the deets on the unknown "medical emergency" inside and find out what terms Kobe Bryant and his mom reached over his memorabilia....

We're not sure what's going on with retired NFL baller and PETA-sex symbol Shawne Merriman, but the LA Times reported that he'd been rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center around 9:30 p.mCT last night, with what was described as a "medical emergency."

Following an initial report about an "unspecified" medical emergency, LA Times reporter Andrew Blankstein later tweeted that Shawne was taken to the hospital for after he "...overdosed, ingested unspecified combo of alcohol-drug.”

Following the tweet, things got a little "suspicious." Though Shawn's hospitalization was CONFIRMED by medical authorities to NFL.com, Shawne must have QUICKLY gotten over his ailment because TMZ spotted him OUT at Greystone (partying with The Game) just a few hours after his alleged medical condition.

Shawne, who retired from the NFL in March, didn't saying anything about his "hospitalization" but he did mention that he ruined his "Lights Out Brand" shirt. By the way, Lights Out is the apparel company that he's founded and he spent most of the time of his Twitter timeline touting the brand....not the "overdose".


 photo shawnmerrietwtter.jpg



Talk about a recovery......

TMZ shot video of Shawne Merriman just THREE hours after law enforcement confirmed that had INDEED been hospitalized for a "medical emergency". What a comeback!  Maybe this man of steel shouldn't have retired.  



Shawn Merriman has released a statement DENYING an overdose and attributing his hospital visit to "dehydration."  He explained to TMZ, "I didn't feel well and they called the ambulance for me to make sure I was good." He says once he got to the hospital, "They told me to drink some fluids and sent me on my way."

So why was he so tired? He explained, "I've been finishing my MBA, shooting a bunch of films, launching my LightsOut [company] and still training."

His rep added, "At the hospital, he got fluids and felt fine ... so he went right back to the club." When asked about the overdose, the rep replied, "That's absurd ... if you had a drug overdose, you wouldn't be at a club right after."

That's what we were thinking....


In other sports news.....


 photo kobe-bryant-600.jpg

You'll recall that Kobe Bryant and his mom Pamela were fighting over Pamela's decision to sell off some of his old memorabilia a few weeks ago. Now...the issue has been resolved.  According to ESPN, Pamela (along with Joe) will issue a letter of apology to Kobe, and in return, he's letting them sell off about 10% of the items.

We're glad they worked that out....sorta. We wonder if Pam will still walk away with enough money to upgrade to a bigger mansion?


The Randomness:

1.  Rapper 2 Chainz robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight!  Where's your security dude?  Story.

2.  Lil' Kim suffers whiplash in a car accident, will wear a neckbrace for a week.  Story.



Photos via People/Shawne's IG




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The Blacks don't know how to party with Boooze <---------
Jesus H. Christ's picture

A letter of apology??? Who's

A letter of apology??? Who's idea was that? Reminds me of when I had to write sentences 100 times " I will not talk in class." And then I'd try to cheat and do one long line down the whole page for the I's and L's. Childhood memories :-)
DreadfulBeauty's picture

I used to do it with two

I used to do it with two pencils pushed together....I swear it worked....memories. smhlol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Kobe's mom looks like just as

Kobe's mom looks like just as much a groupie/gold digger as anyone else trying to get in the locker room. She got that look. Slow neck Becky put roots on lil kim! lol... that aint right!
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Merriam is an arrogant white

Merriam is an arrogant white girl chasing creep anyway. Who's shocked this happened? I mean really.
Keys's picture

Kobe's mom needs to have a

Kobe's mom needs to have a seat. This personal family issue should have never in the press. Shawne is still fine none the less.
chaka1's picture

Seems like everyday there's a

Seems like everyday there's a report about a celebrity and their drug/alcohol issues. smh....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Shawne Merriman needs to slow

Shawne Merriman needs to slow all the way down. And Kobe is still a narcissistic bitch with hiis snide smile and ugly face.
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