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SIGH: Chad Johnson ARRESTED In Court After Slapping His Lawyer's Butt....Hauled Off For 30 Days In Jail!

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Chad Johnson cut up in court today, and it pissed off the judge enough to send his ass to jail for the next 30 days.  Deets inside...

Chad's gonna regret this butt slap. 

So he and his lawyer were in a Florida courtroom today on a probation violation hearing.  And they were getting thisclose to sealing a deal that would actually get Chad off with a slap on the wrist.  But noooooooo.  Chad had to go and piss off the Broward County judge by slapping the butt of his male lawyer.

We all know judges don't have time for games, and esp. don't like inappropriate and insulting behavior in their courtrooms.  So instead of the judge signing off on a deal that was damn near done, the judge changed her mind and had Chad cuffed!  And off to jail he goes...for a month!

TMZ reports:

Now, Johnson's punishment is much harsher than what was originally proposed -- and he has been ordered to spend 30 days in jail.

His probation was also extended until December 21, 2013 ... and he must complete an additional 25 hours of community service along with extra therapy sessions.

Chad tweeted a final goodbye just 30 minutes ago saying:

Love me through the good and the bad because I'm gone love you regardless... See you in 30...

This guy....

Here's video:




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vladimirmesic's picture

It's ridiculous that someone

It's ridiculous that someone of his stature didn't know better. Even if the judge may have overreacted, the courtroom is not a place to be joking around like that especially if you are asking the judge to accept your negotiated plea. I wrote about this on my blog...http://popdejure.com/2013/06/10/courtroom-decorum-matters/ Courtroom decorum matters people!
PopDeJure's picture

Unless you are on the field,

Unless you are on the field, what the f--k was he doing even touching another man ass....idiot!
lifeisgood's picture

*shrug* That's what happens

*shrug* That's what happens when you play too much. One way or another niggas gon learn every place ain't the field, every place ain't the hood.
whatev's picture

I actually feel sorry for ole

I actually feel sorry for ole Chad. Standing on my soap box for a minute ~ To whom much is given, much is required. I hope this is a humbling experience for him. I'm not a fan of seeing men of color in chains (Just got off ~ unless they're murderers/rapists of women & children)
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tom022's picture

Typical black man. Not paying

Typical black man. Not paying child support for his kids, unemployed, and in jail. No thank you.
Suga Bear's picture

Nobody is trying to drag "

Nobody is trying to drag " the black man down" but himself. I wish I would take up for these NFL clowns. Many of them talk shit about black women but then we stay trying to defend them when the law is on their ass or "da man" shits on them. Nah let all those others they think are better than us defend them and march for them. Not us.
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Hilda_Sat3's picture

What was insulting about

What was insulting about about it? Yes, maybe bad timing but where's the book on court room etiquette? This was a probation violation hearing, not a capital murder trial. They'll find any reason to throw a black man in jail.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Now who gon' be your lawyer

Now who gon' be your lawyer Chad? That was a no go. http://woman-men-adore.blogspot.com
I Gotta Man's picture

I cannot stand that look in

I cannot stand that look in his face! It makes me want to kick him in the balls!
Suga Bear's picture

That is a very hateful and

That is a very hateful and bitter comment. But it is not a surprise to me at all. My Bible has already warned me that a woman (like you) is more bitter than death. (Ecclesiastes 7:26)
gray skies's picture

Go fuck yourself. Did your

Go fuck yourself. Did your bible warn you about that?
Suga Bear's picture

And I find more bitter than

And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her. Ecclesiastes 7:26 Brothers, be told. Amen.
gray skies's picture

...yea and gray skies just

...yea and gray skies just makes u all snuggLy inside huh?..So Stop cherry pickin Smdhlol...*sip sip
Like Really's picture

So... by me "rightly dividing

So... by me "rightly dividing the word of truth" (II Timothy 2:15) is called cherry picking? Lol... yeah, like really, just keep on sip-sippin.
gray skies's picture

Lol..dont get too cocky

Lol..dont get too cocky skippy  bcuz Your truth is ur truth, just as another can be someone else's!! ..*sip sip
Like Really's picture

He's deeply trouble. I'm

He's deeply trouble. I'm quite sure he's was abused or molested as a child.
The Real Thing's picture

Where they do that at?¿? ~ I

Where they do that at?¿? ~ I CAN'T
GetUrLife's picture

Chad loves Chad, bye

Chad loves Chad, bye
Cynthia Cole's picture

Chad, that butt slapping

Chad, that butt slapping stuff only works on the football field (which you are not on)...not in the courts.
Tren's picture

lame-O but I'm  sure his..I

lame-O but I'm  sure his..I mean Mr. Johnson will enjoy the visit...,it's pretty obvious how this douche bag fancies himself! Tehe..*sips Spritzer
Like Really's picture

He really needs to grow up

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Nikki100's picture

He thinks he's on the

He thinks he's on the football field.


gray skies's picture

He is such an ass clown.

He is such an ass clown.
Keys's picture

He is still going through the

He is still going through the effects of dealing with that Heaux Evelyn. Anybody she deals with have at least 7 years worth a bad luck. Its almost like she is a broken mirror *hint* (Antwoine Walker)

she must put santeria on

she must put santeria on them.
shugastyles's picture

Lmfao come on now!

Lmfao come on now!

Should've gotten more but

Should've gotten more but thirty will do for now.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO--okay now we all know Chad is stupid but--a month in jail? And I bet it EMBARRASSES the hell out of his attorney who probably tried to brush it off. Chad is SUCH a douche though. SMH...

Is this. .... LetsGetIt <---

Is this. .... LetsGetIt <--- estranged daddy?????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

the defintion of a --->

the defintion of a ---> Nigger <-------------
Jesus H. Christ's picture

@Jesus H... ~ LOL! Get outta

@Jesus H... ~ LOL! Get outta my head!¡
GetUrLife's picture

lmao!!! my sentiments

lmao!!! my sentiments exactly.
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Chad is just plain old stupid

Chad is just plain old stupid and arrogant. He deserved what he got.
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