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FIRST LOOK: Mariah Carey As "Hattie Pearl" In "The Butler"

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We have a first look at Mariah Carey in her role for Lee Daniels' upcoming film "The Butler".  See the pic that will indeed have folks talking inside....

Mariah Carey is among the A-listers who will be starring in Lee Daniels' upcoming film The Butler (August 16th).  And now, we've got a sneak peek at her character.  Mariah will be playing Hattie Pearl, and apparently, Hattie Pearl was a slave.  AND she worked in the cotton fields.

We're sure many folks are going to having comments about Mariah and someone of her....aesthetic....playing a "field" slave....but this IS a Lee Daniels' film.  It's supposed to make you question, wonder and debate.  Not just say "Bish please."

In the film, Mariah will star alongside Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Cuba Gooding Jr, Lenny Kravitz, Robin Williams and Jane Fonda.

Meanwhile, Mariah, whose song "#Beautiful" featuring Miguel has put her back atop the music charts around the world, will release her 13th studio album on July 23.

In case you missed it, watch The Butler trailer below:


Photo via WitchesBrew/Facebook




That is the beauty of the

That is the beauty of the African American experience in this country! We come in all colors, shades and phenotypes from the lightest to the darkest as a people we are not defined exclusively by our color. Being African American is; CULTURE, HISTORY, RACE,CONSCIOUSNESS, AND HERITAGE. Mariah is very light but I have members of my family who are her complexion. You can look up the 1930's actress Freddie Washington and one of the early leaders of the NAACP, Walter White. Both were proud African Americans who contributed to our culture. People get hung up on the word BLACK and expect to see only BLACK skin when a person define themselve as BLACK. They try to ignore culture, history, consciousness, heritage and race and focus only on skin tone , but Black Americans are so much more. That color obsession with who is black and who isn't is a virus in the Latino community because they have always distanced themselves from their African ancestors in favor of the white Spanish masters who hated and owned them. Therefore, they come to black blogs to try to promote their own vicious type of self hate on the way we see ourselves. But this is North America, not South America were black people to this day are treated like human chattel. As African Americans we are as diverse in appearance as in opinions.
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Whenever you hear the words

Whenever you hear the words Mulatto, tossed around on a black blog you can bet your last dollar that some ignorant hispanic person (probably Puertorican) posting as a black person, will come on forming at the mouth about our skin tone beuz these fools are obsessed with us. Color is an obsession in their own culture which is how they divide and rank one another but that reverse psychology bullshit of letsgitit and all the other names he uses ain't gonna work honey. We know who we are even if you don't and I agree, skin tone is only one component of it. Just as Benjamin Jealous he will set you straight.
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Black Diva and Shaniqua

Black Diva and Shaniqua ghetto asses sound dumb as fuck. 1st of all Mariah's dad was a light skinned BLACK man. Her mother is WHITE. Just because she doesn't look black doesn't mean she is not. Look at Victoria Rowell's daughter she looks pure white and she has a BLACK mother who is mixed race. And you need to do your research there were OCTOROON and QUADROON slaves that looked white as snow with straight hair that were SLAVES. Go watch the movie about Sally Hemings; someone that looked like Mariah picking cotton was not unheard of. There is a one drop rule that still exists in this country. You bitter black women are your own downfall; 42% of you can say you're mothers but can't say you're wives. SMH.

Black Diva and Shaniqua and

Black Diva and Shaniqua and Letsgetit are all the same person...a PuertoRican troll. mariah is more into her black American culture than your typical stupid Rapper,i.e Lil Wanye.
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Man shut your ignorant ass

Man shut your ignorant ass up!!!! You probably a mixed breed and got treated like royalty by self hating niggas who told you that you were black. And white told you that you aint white and get the fuck outta their face so you cling on to niggas because they accept anything.
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My experience says that the

My experience says that the offspring of the white man were treated like royalty by the black community.
cassandra29's picture

This film looks good, can't

This film looks good, can't wait to see it.
Chicknchips's picture

Mariah is a good actor.

Mariah is a good actor. Which seems illogical given how much she mugs for the camera in her videos. But I have to give it to Ms. Carey -- I thought she performed well in Precious and even in that horrible film that was based on her life -- can't recall the title. Anyway, let's give her a chance. All shades of black folk caught hell during slavery. Can't wait to see The Butler!
The Real Thing's picture

Black folks need to stop it

Black folks need to stop it with what's black and what's not. blacks who were able to pass , did and once they were discovered, were treated like regular negroes, so get off it, claiming who's black and who's not. If Mariah wants to acknowledge that she's a black woman, how dare anyone take that from her. She claimed white when she first came out, because she was a pop star, and that market is targeted towards white teenagers. So, it was a monetary situation. It's so irritating to hear black folks be so racist, yet get upset when others are racist towards us. Mariah probably has more Black pride than half the people on this site posting racist comments. And probably knows more about her Black side than most blacks who look black. And for the record at the end of the day, who cares, what Mariah Carey claims, she's not black, but black folks claim President Obama as one of ours. Yet, he has only been apart of the black community for almost 20 years, before that, he was completely in the white world. And Speaker John Boehner mama was black, and his daddy was white, and up until college, he lived as a poor black boy that grew up in the hood. Black folks well you afrocentric blacks need to get off that , some can claim black and others can't, let them be.

Lee Daniels followed Quentin

Lee Daniels followed Quentin Taratino idea of role reversal of the black woman image. In Django Unchained, Candy's mistress or "wife" was a dark chocolate woman, who was given all the respect of the wife, and Quentin said he purposely did that, so Lee Daniels had Mariah Carey a woman with fair complexion be a field slave. Interesting plotlines, maybe it can be a way of questioning society's belief systems?

Black people are TOO STUPID

Black people are TOO STUPID if they think those mulatto kids by old man massa and his black slave women (many of which were barely teens... think 13) weren't out in the fields picking cotton, sleeping on the same dirt floors and eating the same slop as the rest of the slaves. USE YOUR BRAIN!!! There could only be a handful of servants living in the 5 or 6 bedroom big house with the plantation owner his wife and their numerous kids. There are books on how the white male slave buyers at slave auctions had a preference for buying (higher price) mulatto women slaves. We all know why. Yeap, old slave massa thought nothing of selling off his own kids. Today 58% of all black males have AT LEAST 13% European ancestry. How'd that happen? A lot of blacks are walking around talking about they have Indian in their blood when it's actually white blood. (See Louis Gates ancestry research). My guess is a lot of whites also have black blood. There were quite a few slaves that could pass for white and many did just that after emancipation. So, yes, most of those mulattoes who look like Mariah were out in the fields and treated just like the darkest blacks and many of dark females were raped and bore mulatto light skin kids who looked like Mariah. They lived, slept and ate next to their mother. (This is just my opinion) but I don't think most of those rapes were beating/tear her clothes off rapes. I think it was rape by coercion. It was just a way of life and the young woman and her mother knew there was nothing they could do. There also had to have been a lot of cooperation by other Male & female slaves. No way a few whites could control 100, 200 plus slaves without that. There is ABSOLUTELY no documentation of those who cooperated were of a certain complexion. The truth is the truth. It is what it is.
KIR12's picture

I'll tune in to any Lee

I'll tune in to any Lee Daniels project. NTM the line up of actors looks great as well.
Realist's picture

I can't wait for this to come

I can't wait for this to come out. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good entertainment news on there as well
V's picture

Can't wait to see it--Mariah

Can't wait to see it--Mariah can act and Lee makes great films. Over the light skin/dark skin hatred that we love to wade in. Sad. Next.
48DDs's picture

Only negros that would call

Only negros that would call this chick black are people who only see beauty in mixed or mullato women. That one drop shit is overrrr, because news flashhhh damn near 30 percent of american whites have black blood BOTH KNOWINGLY AND UNKNOWINGLY and i don't consider them blackkkkk!!!This chick was white and wanted nothing to do with niggas UNTIL TONY MOTTOLLA STARTED ACTING UP, now she's black all of a sudden AND YOU NIGGAS EAT IT UPPPP , "GURLLLLLLL U BLACKKKKKK U BLACCKKKKK" niggas will throw that black title ON ANYBODYYYYYYYY just to feel good that a mixed breed would claim black...thats why black is looked at as worthless CAUSE ANYBODY CAN CLAIM IT!!!
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I agree @letsgetit. Black

I agree @letsgetit. Black folks in America are always looking to claim somebody. I don't claim biracials, because they are not just one race. How disrespectful to completely discount one of your very own parents heritage. Insane. Biracials are NOT black.
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Biracials are BLACK they

Biracials are BLACK they certainly are not white! Just like you Black Hispanics like lesgetit are not Latino and you never will be.
Oxamara's picture

You make some valid points

You make some valid points sometimes, but you are wrong about Mariah not claiming black until things went wrong with TM. Mariah has always been vocal about her father being black.
kelis's picture

Where in the history of this

Where in the history of this country have mulattoes NOT been treated as black? This mulatto ain't black just started after a black president was elected so that losers can still bitch and moan about there not being a black president. This talk of light skin now not being black is recent. Blacks can be their own worst enemy sometimes.
KIR12's picture

Blacks are looked down upon

Blacks are looked down upon because we have no wealth or power, not because we wanna claim everybody.
BlackDiva's picture

that 30% number you are

that 30% number you are quoting are of white southern males only. at any rate, light-skinned blks did work in the fields. just like some dark-skinned blks worked in the plantation mansions.
wildlife's picture

I'm pretty sure Lee Daniels

I'm pretty sure Lee Daniels has a reason for placing her in this role besides getting people to talk. Nevertheless, she has this look on her face like..wtf am I doing out here..lol
TrueThinker's picture

LMAOOOOOO A white chick

LMAOOOOOO A white chick picking cotton!!!! Mariah sure loves this role!! She's been trying to convince people that her white ass is black for years. Boo, you ain't black. You're a blonde chick with wavy hair and the palest skin ever seen. Sit your white ass down somewhere and stop with this bullshit. Playing a slave now...lmao...GTFOH
Shaniqua's picture

Agreed! I don't know how

Agreed! I don't know how people can look at her and say she's black. Race is only a surface description of a persons phenotypic genes. Her genotype and ethnic background may include black genes, but from a genetic standpoint, racially (aka her phenotype) she's white.
BlackDiva's picture

No problem with it

No problem with it here....She's actually a good actress.
SlayGirl's picture

where'd that white chix lips

where'd that white chix lips go.....?????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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