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NOT HIS WEEK: 2 Chainz ARRESTED For Drugs At The Airport!

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Every fool has his day.  And in 2 Chainz's case, his week.  The "I'm Different" rapper just got arrested at LAX for trying to board a plane with drugs.  Details inside...

2 Chainz is fresh off the heels of getting robbed of his wallet and cell phone at gunpoint in BROAD daylight out in San Francisco Sunday afternoon...even with his entourage of 5 with him.

And today, while dude was entering Terminal 5 at LAX, he was arrested for weed possession.  TMZ reports he's currently being booked.  And he even tweeted yesterday about the great weed he found in San Fran.

Good luck with that Mr. Chainz...


*UPDATE* TMZ reports 2 Chainz was actually booked on felon narcotics possession of Promethazine (used mainly in sizzurp).  He only had less than an ounce of weed.




Robbed in broad daylight in

Robbed in broad daylight in San Fran....okay he should have kept that one to himself....
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Wait a minute, This dude was

Wait a minute, This dude was with an entourage of five and he STILL was robbed, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?? Be careful of who you surround yourself with. Look like two chain will be wearing a few more chains!
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Yeah I saw him on that

Yeah I saw him on that interview with TJ Holmes claiming to be 'different' from other rappers. Maybe he doesn't quite understand the concept?
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Robbed in broad daylight w/an

Robbed in broad daylight w/an entourage of 5. I can't..it's just too easy. SMH...
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Jesus ain't gonna lie...its

Jesus ain't gonna lie...its easy to get arrested anywhere these days.....we live in a Policed State...........
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Future and 2 chainz r my fave

Future and 2 chainz r my fave rappers but 2 chainz know he shouldnt have made that video about beating up the police
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