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RUMOR CONTROL: FORMER 702 Singer Kameelah "Meelah" Williams NOT Singing Her Way Onto "R&B Divas: Atlanta"...At Least Not Yet

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Kameelah "Meelah" Williams, who once fronted the 90's girl group 702, is rumored to be the latest "addition" to "R&B Divas: Atlanta".  But our sources say it's not true.  At least not yet.  Get deets on the non denial/denial inside.....


The Atlanta rumor mill has been buzzing about a new addition to the "sanging" chicks of "R&B Divas: Atlanta".  We've heard that Kameelah Williams, who rose to fame in the 90s as part of the group 702 ("Get It Together", "Steelo") will be joining the cast for season three.  

For those who aren't too familiar with Kameelah and her personal life, she has a son with Musiq Soulchild and has been working on solo project in Atlanta, which may included a few tracks with Stevie J. And back in the day, Faith Evans once served as her mentor, with Kameelah singing on Faith's "Burning Up" single and appearing in the video.

We reached out to a source on the "R&B Divas: Atlanta" production team who told us, "There have been no additional cast members added to "R&B Divas: Atlanta".  Meanwhile, Kameelah's manager told us that they could neither deny nor confirm her casting. 

Hmmm....it sounds like Kameelah hasn't signed her contract yet or the producers are still "figuring out" her place on the show.  Or maybe she's not doing it at all.  You'll recall that the producers kept the additions of LaTocha Scott and Angie Stone under wraps for a long time before they officially confirmed them.

We'll keep our eyes peeled to see if she pops up during a cameo this season.  Meanwhile, "R&B Divas: LA" is set to debut on TvONE July 10 and the "Atlanta" crew wraps up their season on June 19th.


In case you missed it:

Meelah released a very underrated single called "I Should Let You Go" produced by the infamous "LAHH ATL" producer Stevie J a few months ago.  We actually like the song, which only serves to remind us that there's more to Stevie J than his "bus" of females.


Photo via Derek Blanks





i LOOOOOVVVEEE Meelah. Meellah PLLLEEEASSEEE get back on the scene.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The Reason Syleena And Nicci

The Reason Syleena And Nicci Can't Get Along Is Because They Are Two Much Alike. But If I Had To Choose Between The Lesser Of Two Evils it Would Be Syleena. Nicci Bass Mouth, Lumbering Bad Body Ass Gets On My Last Nerve. Less Not Talk About Doggy Dentures Havin Ass Keke. I Love Monifah. The Industry Look Like It Done Wore Angie Stone Ass Out. I Can't With Latosha.
Keyths'Girl's picture

LMAO! You nailed it on

LMAO! You nailed it on everybody. LOL!
PacificGirl's picture

Wow, I did not know she had a

Wow, I did not know she had a child with Musiq and I am from Philly. Maybe ATL people knew *shrugs* I also didn't know about the twin dying. That's sad. She was beautiful.
Sabs4Prez's picture

R&B Divas LA begins soon. I

R&B Divas LA begins soon. I am looking forward to seeing what's been up with Chante Moore, one of my favorite R&B Divas! The rest of them, no thank you! Dawn Robinson is crazy as a bed bug so its' going to be some drama I'm sure! Faith is the new Shaunie O'Neal with her shows!
PacificGirl's picture

i cant wait.

i cant wait.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LOL cosign. Gurllllllll you

LOL cosign. Gurllllllll you ain't neva lied! Faith put her pimp-hat on, discreetly. :-)

I stopped watching this

I stopped watching this bullshit a few episodes ago. The fight between Nikki and Syleena is so forced and extended...and KeKe belching and acting like a 5 year old. Ain't nobody got time for that shit.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I have never heard of this

I have never heard of this ladybut, if she joins R&B Divas she better be prepared for DRAMA!! seriously, it will become just like BBW minus the fighting( I hope) Nicci and Angie and Keke and Monifah and Syleena etca re always arguing it seems. I don't know why?? msot reality shows with AA's have to bring the drama all the time.
sweetpea1989's picture

Yes, I concur. Please get rid

Yes, I concur. Please get rid of Nikki. I can't stand her ugly, horse faced A$$!. The attitude and her weird but different body shape annoys the hell outta of me. And yes, I called her ugly because I don't think she is attractive AT ALL!! I am also in shock about Musiq Soulchild having a child with Meelah??? Wow!!!!!

Pretty girl & a GREAT

Pretty girl & a GREAT voice...a fellow chocolate diva like me :-) Please add her to the show, lose Latocha from Xscape (with her ashen self) & Keke Wyatt--with her immature, strange-facial-expression-making self. Thanks

Okay I had to google her and

Okay I had to google her and that is the same girl who was always singing lead. She looked better back in the day.
Suga Bear's picture

Hello people she is the LEAD

Hello people she is the LEAD singer for 702 and the only chocolate girl. Never knew she had a kid with Musiq. Wow! R&B Divas please add her to the lineup and get rid of Nicci Gilbert. She is PAINFUL!
PacificGirl's picture

Which one was she again? I

Which one was she again? I remember the group and I have the song Steelo in my phone, but I do not remeber her. *shrugs* Steelo and Star are my favorites.
Suga Bear's picture

Dang I Forgot About This

Dang I Forgot About This Girl's Group. Didn't A Member Of This Group Died A Few Years Back?
Keyths'Girl's picture

Irish, the one that dated Ray

Irish, the one that dated Ray J, has a twin sister Orish that died of kidney failure.
PacificGirl's picture

Jesus only cares about the

Jesus only cares about the short, Jamaican looking one
Jesus H. Christ's picture

she looks so0o different from

she looks so0o different from her 702 days. the nose and mouth area is throwing me off..and she use to be beautiful and chocolate
glitznglam's picture

Love the song. I hope she

Love the song. I hope she replaces Kee Kee or Faith.
cassandra29's picture

I really want to like Keke

I really want to like Keke but she is constantly turning me off with her pompous attitude like she's at superstar status and so above the other girls. Girl Bye! That damn Avant song sounds just like the other duet and it's not selling so have a seat!
PacificGirl's picture

who is this?

who is this?
SlowNeckBecky's picture

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