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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Pics Surface Of 2 Chainz Puffing On BLUNT & Spotted With Sizzurp Cups...After He's FREED On $10K Bail + Chad Ochocino BEGS Judge TO RECONSIDER Jail Stint

 photo 2ckss.png

Now that 2 Chainz is out of jail, after being booked for Promethazine possession, some incriminating pictures have surfaced!  See pics of the rapper "allegedly" engaging in bad behavior and get the deets on Chad Ochocinco begging a judge to reconsider her 30-day ruling inside...

 photo 2ch11.png

We told you yesterday that 2 Chainz had been booked felon narcotics possession of Promethazine yesterday.  And now, there's this...


According to TMZ, 2 Chainz posted footage on the social media site VINE on June 9 and June 10 (before the arrest) which show some questionable behavior.  In one photo, he's seen puffing on a joint.  And since folks still forget sometimes weed is illegal, they're now blasting it on social networks.  You'll recall that TSA caught him at the airport with less than an ounce of weed (plus he tweeted about how good the weed in San Francisco was).

And in another photo, there's a table stacked with big "Polar Pop" cups and what appears to be a bottle of Promethazine!  Very sloppy.  

As of now, the rapper has been was freed after posting $10K bail yesterday and after a bumpy week (which included a robbery), he used Twitter to tell fans, "Nobody took Anything from me, i didn't get shot, I'm not in jail, Don't know wut else to tell ya. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, maybe next time."

We just think this ish looks really trifling.  It's one thing to engage in bad behavior, it's a whole other thing to promote it on social media. Now these pics may really bite him.  Good luck pleading "Not Guilty" 2 Chainz..... 

Watch the "I'm Different" rapper getting released from jail here:


In other jail mishaps....

 photo chad211.png

Chad Ochocinco and his lawyer have filed a motion asking a judge to reconsider her decision to jail him for 30 days, after he slapped his lawyer on the rear end.

According to TMZ, Adam Swickle, the lawyer who was on the receiving end of Chad's booty tap, filed docs claiming that Chad meant no disrespect, and it was simply an athelete's way of praising someone.  While that's all fine and good...Chad is missing the fact that he shouldn't have been celebrating a damn thing at all....when you in front the judge about a probation violation on a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASE.  Calm down and fall back when in court. 

Now, a hearing has been set for Monday, and we'll all find out if the judge has had a change of heart.  So far, public opinion seems to be on Chad's side as most folks think he's didn't deserve 30 days in jail.  Us?  Yes, it wasan excessive punishment.  But we do believe the judge did it for a reason of setting an example of how people should act in a courtroom.  Let's not celebrate anything while dealing with a domestic violence case.  Cool?  Cool.

Photos via TMZ/VINE




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trixiecpkymosley's picture

2Chainz should change his

2Chainz should change his name to 2 dumb. Don't he know that after he has been busted its best to keep a "Low Profile". The man will be all up in his butt just waiting for him to slip!
BigJohn's picture

The opinions on these

The opinions on these articles have been disgusting lately. No need to bash ppl. That's what mto does.
citheassassin's picture

These 2 negroes just acting

These 2 negroes just acting stupid. 2Chainz for making that video with cops getting beat up, and Chad for being fool enough to stay in caribbean land Miami. Both of them are going to be hounded into the ground.
cassandra29's picture

This is the same man that

This is the same man that raps ~ ♪♫I'm smoking on that gas♪♫ WTH you expect. For the uninformed ~ they're dipping the weed/blunt in actual gasoline and inhaling that sh*t. YUCK!¡ I can only imagine what the breath smells like~ DOUBLE YUCK!¡
GetUrLife's picture

Chad dear, when you are in

Chad dear, when you are in court, standing in front of the judge, make sure that ALL of your actions are respectable. ACT like you have some sense. After all, your ass was standing in front of her about a probation violation relating to a domestic abuse case. If there was ever a time to stand up straight, be humble, and take the matter seriously, it was then. Going forward, can you wait until you get outside of the building to celebrate? Better yet, wait until you get home to celebrate. SMH. About the codeine syrup drinkers..... I can only image what excessive use is doing to their brain cells.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

many people are losing

many people are losing respect for idiotic judges since all of these tv shows, and judge judy has the nerve to have a video game at the casino that gulps down money faster than u can blink
cassandra29's picture

True Story: Jesus learned the

True Story: Jesus learned the hard way from a Judge...he was Late & Drunk (his girlfriend was dressed like a Hooker). He was nodding his head for yes & no answers. ....the judge went crazy on Jesus.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Chad is a sad story smh.

Chad is a sad story smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there as well
V's picture

A post about two dumb m'fers.

A post about two dumb m'fers. lol
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Yea.. The judge was a bit

Yea.. The judge was a bit harsh, after askin chad how he felt about his lawyer's good job.. I can say it was silly but I didnt see intentional disrespect, at least not in the manner media made it out to be! Ijs..I think community service wudda sufficed rather than wasting tax payers dollars on some BiSHazzness!
Like Really's picture

I don’t see how people can

I don’t see how people can function on codeine syrup. Hell whenever I’m sick all I need is a teaspoon of it and I am out like a light! Niggas and flies I do despise…
Suga Bear's picture

from the looks of that pic,

from the looks of that pic, they arent functioning at all. i got a bottle of codiene in my medicine cabinet from years ago when i had my wisdom teeth removed. im SCARED to take it. that shit is strong! i took it once and i swear i saw the light at the end of the tunnel.
shugastyles's picture

That shit is probably expired

That shit is probably expired by now and not as strong so don’t be afraid. When I say function, I mean attempt to have a conversation, perform on stage, and drive a vehicle and so on. Hell anything other than sleeping while on codeine is functioning to me. Lol
Suga Bear's picture

girl im scared to even touch

girl im scared to even touch tht codiene long enough to throw it out.....lol! it almost killed me that last time i touched it! them dudes look dead in that pic up there. see what i mean? lol
shugastyles's picture

Lol. Hot mess.

Lol. Hot mess.
Suga Bear's picture

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cvnvcntrrurtu457's picture

I'm hardly ever on Chad's

I'm hardly ever on Chad's side, but fair is fair. If you watch the video, you see he was not celebrating anything. She made a comment that his lawyer had done a good job, and he barely tapped his lawyer on the behind. He didn't smile, smerk, or say a damn thing. It was just a way of agreeing with the judge. I was all for her going in on him and putting him in jail when I read the reports, but after seeing the video it's clear that it was completely unfair. She tried it.
CiarasHopesAndDreams's picture

The judge was outta line &

The judge was outta line & appears to have a bigger Ego than Chad............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Jesus might be addicted to

Jesus might be addicted to Nyquil
Jesus H. Christ's picture

2 Chainz smokes weed, we all

2 Chainz smokes weed, we all know this...this isn't news to me. Chad...i think the judge was making an example outta ya ass

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