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America's MOST WANTED Rappers Lil' Wayne, T.I. And 2 Chainz COVERS "XXL" Magazine's JULY/AUGUST 2013 Issue

 photo HXXL_13_JUL_0C1A_100-620x844.jpg

On the July/August 2013 cover of XXL, three of the biggest name in rapper music, T.I., 2 Chainz and Lil' Wayne came together to promote their upcoming tour.  See each cover inside....


For their July/August 2013 issue, XXL printed up four covers touting the 2013 America’s Most Wanted Music Festival and its headliners Lil Wayne, T.I., and 2 Chainz. Before the trio hits the stage for their first tour stop (Birmingham, AL on July 9) the special cover package includes interviews and a solo cover with all three MCs.

Inside, Lil' Wayne discussed his recent health issues, 2 Chainz talks about his successful solo debut and T.I. opens up about looking for a new record deal for Grand Hustle.

Also, the issue includes features on Kevin Liles empire, Mac Miller, Pusha T and Danny Brown. The new issue of XXL hits stands nationally on June 18.

Check out the solo covers here:

 photo HXXL_13_JUL_0C1B_100-620x844.jpg  photo HXXL_13_JUL_0C1C_100-620x844.jpg  photo HXXL_13_JUL_0C1D_100-620x844.jpg

Fortunately for 2 Chainz, the magazine went to press before he was robbed at gunpoint....and a tape surfaced!  We don't condone violence, but it's a shame that his entourage deserted him in the face of danger.  We wonder if he's keeping those dudes on the payroll....

That robbery tape was a bling-ery of mess... 


Photos via XXL




I'm just curious who's gonna

I'm just curious who's gonna headline. Those are three big ass egos and I would think there'd be a little problem over who's going on in what order.
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carla15's picture

I can understand TI under the

I can understand TI under the 'Most Wanted' banner but the other 2? UGH!!
Realist's picture

i hope they add some ladies

i hope they add some ladies like eve, ciara, kelly row, or any lady rapper except nicki, so that ladies will be attracted to the concert.
cassandra29's picture

Wayne and Jim Jones probably

Wayne and Jim Jones probably have the same water company. Cuz them two look like they stank no matter how many time they showered. ugh.
ACTS's picture

smhlol at their tough guy

smhlol at their tough guy faces......what a joke!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

T.I. is the only that looks

T.I. is the only that looks like his mouth don't stank
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

lmao...right...weezy just

lmao...right...weezy just LOOK like he has bad body odor...

i mean dont give it away to

i mean dont give it away to old jealous negroes who tried hard to spitefully shut you down, and FAILED! dr dre has led the way on how to deal with the dumb haters who arent wise enough to know that your mission and accomplishments are for the GREATER GOOD!
cassandra29's picture

make that money boys but dont

make that money boys but dont give it to old negroes. keep on employing your black community, black women and children. love ya for being strong soldiers and making your way in life independent of the white man and leavin that drug selling behind. history will record you as GREAT black men who made a difference in your community. those who are jealous of you from the top to the bottom can kiss your grit! love you much. i hope Future joins you.
cassandra29's picture

T.I.'s the only one who looks

T.I.'s the only one who looks like he showered. And while I like ALL of their rap-styles, none of them get my $ based on some of the -ish they say and their drug-addicted, profane antics.

So 2 Chainz got robbed but

So 2 Chainz got robbed but tried to deny it due to street cred....WOW! ONLY IN RAP. U don't need street cred to do R&B, country, pop, jazz or Gospel. This fake ass gangsters wouldn't last 5 mins in da real streets
Somerknight's picture

Yeah, and TI got robbed with

Yeah, and TI got robbed with no gun!! Weak Bamma!
srenitamoore's picture

T.I. :) *heart melts*

T.I. :) *heart melts*
Sunshine's picture

2 Chainz needs to disappear

2 Chainz needs to disappear after TMZ released video of him getting chased. Ish is hilarious! I've been CTFU all morning!
PacificGirl's picture

Puhlleaaase. These three

Puhlleaaase. These three syrup sipping coons need to go away. T.I. may have some redemption though.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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