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FAB FOLKS: Sanaa Lathan Hits Up Pharrell's Myspace Performance + Kanye Jacks Solange's Spotlight At Art Basel Switzerland

 photo SolangeKnowlesPerformsBetterDaysPresentedxaj85Vjtp7el_zpsf44ca74b.jpg

Solange Knowles loves performing in intimate artsy locations, so it's no surprise that SHE was the surprise performance at Art Basel Switzerland last night.  But nobody likes to surprise folks more than Kanye West....so he popped up and stole the spotlight.


Pics & deets inside, plus Sanaa Lathan looking gorgeous at last night's Myspace event....

 photo SolangeKnowlesSolangeKnowlesPerformsBetterhVysJhzp0tpx_zpsbca8f89f.jpg

Solange Knowles was her usual fabulous print-happy self in Mary Katrantzou threads at Art Basel Switzerland last night.  The "True" singer posed it up at 'Better Days', an art bar installation by Mickalene Thomas (pictured below) presented by Absolut Art Bureau in the city of Basel.  And her mom Miss Tina was there in the audience watching the performance:

   photo SolangeKnowlesPerformsBetterDaysPresentedheiUUi-ysuel_zpsbfd8dc5c.jpg  photo SolangeKnowlesPerformsBetterDaysPresentednijSLmnbyRjl_zps7140a5e0.jpg photo SolangeKnowlesPerformsBetterDaysPresented4-KC8vsohAVl_zpsc04a8ed1.jpg

But Solange wasn't the only star at Art Basel Switzerland.  Mr. West made a surprise appearance in order to hold an impromptu listening session for Yeezus at the Design Miami/Basel Fair.  And Hollywood Reporter says all the high end art dealers and new media collectors skipped out of Solo's performance once they heard Kanye was in the area at Messeplatz hall.  

THR dished:

After jokingly introducing himself as a "celebrity boyfriend," West reminded the crowd that "I got my start in art," rattling off the names of some admittedly prestigious art schools who had accepted West – that is, before the aspiring artist dropped out for lack of technical talent: "I realized I would never be a great visual artist of the world, and started to worry that I would end up working at an ad agency – no offense to anyone who does that."

West dropped a fascinating monologue on the impetus for his album before unveiling the first two tracks, which he played straight from a laptop computer, bobbing over it as the songs played. Before West could release a third, he was interrupted by chants demanding that he sing live. West hesitated, then yielded, delivering an aggressive, a capella performance of "New Slaves," a potent song that climaxed with an anti-Montauk mantra: "I'd rather be in the Factory than the Maybach" and "F--- the Hamptons House!" While he seemed to be biting the hand that feeds him – West casually mentioned that he had been dining with the Kramlachs an hour earlier – the singer concluded the performance by standing at the door, and shaking hands with everyone as they exited.



Meanwhile over in L.A. last night:

 photo mys5_zpsa637810b.jpg

Sanaa Lathan made everyone jealous with her freakin' gorgeousness at the the new Myspace launch event at the El Rey Theatre:

 photo mys4_zps21ada79b.jpg  photo mys2_zps2c91c5cb.jpg

Fab.  Justin Timberlake and Pharrell performed:

 photo PharrellNewMyspaceLaunchEvent68wHHje6ag8l_zpsa7a50398.jpg 

 photo mys1_zps3771b44f.jpg

And Robin Thicke, Quincy Brown (above) and more were all there to party it up.  Fun times!


Photos: The Image Gate/Getty Images Europe, Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America




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trixiecpkymosley's picture

The Blue-Eye'd Baby

The Blue-Eye'd Baby God..Jesus......found that comment by SlowNeckBecky.......true and hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

dang Quincy didnt get none of

dang Quincy didnt get none of Kim Porter's chocolate dna! with his cute self. i know he must be knocking em down in hollywood, especially with Puffy as a father figure.
shugastyles's picture

As for SO-HELLA NO! Sit down

As for SO-HELLA NO! Sit down you can not sing! ANYBODY could have stolen the spotlight from you because your voice is TERRIBLE and UNBEARABLE! I notice when this girl sings it's like she is singing with an EXTRA BIG TONGUE or something! I don't know if it's the southern Texas accent or she's SLURRING her words when she sings but all I hear when she sings IS AWFULNESS! I know her mom was CRINGING in the audience and was wishing someone would pull the FIRE ALARM! No need to comment on her attire or hair, we expect her to be weird and try to hard like always!
Shay's picture

Hahahaha..@Shay yasss to all

Hahahaha..@Shay yasss to all this...chic is super annoying!!!!
Like Really's picture

@Like Really, That THANG

@Like Really, That THANG should have stuck to trying to act because the singing THING IS A NO NO! It's FUNNY because she speaks well unlike her sister, but when she sings ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!
Shay's picture

I love me some Sanaa she is

I love me some Sanaa she is HELLA GORGEOUS and is one of my favorite actresses along with Thandie Newton and Regina King BUT THIS DRESS! Everybody knows Ms. Lathan is not known for her taste in FASHION! Omg! Enough is Enough! Get your mind right, get over the affair you had with Denzel Washington umpteen years ago! He was NEVER EVER gonna leave Pauletta. I like Denzel but he will continue to cheat on his wife until he or she dies! DO BETTER SANAA you act circles around all your friends like Gabby bad acting Union, Not so cute ghetto acting Taraji P Henson, Regina Hall is cool and funny to me so I have nothing to say about her. I love Sanaa but it is time to hit the gym HARDER wear better clothes preferably like Halle Berry, although that may be REALLY STRETCHING it a bit. Just get a stylist ASAP, STAY OUT OF THOSE CLUBS. Find a man get married you will be 42yrs old in Sept! Sanaa get in shape like the other ladies in their 40's who are in shape like: Gabriel Union, Regina King, Halle Berry, Jada Smith, Tracey E Ross and so on..... Hanging around Chris Brown in a club! NO MA'AM! Sanaa get yourself together! A concerned Fan!
Shay's picture

If you think Teresa`s story

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carla15's picture

SoLong, girl you are

SoLong, girl you are embarrassing yourself trying to prove you're relevant... I'm guessing modeling is next? I understand you want to be different with fashion. However, girl? That hair and your toes hanging off the front of them shoes... And, they always seem to mention the designer. Like, who cares? Really? It is a mess. Them dry lips all over that mic. Big ears!! Chile, I can't with this chic. She needs to hookup with Ray-J. Maybe then she will at least appear a little exciting. #boring... And how come no one has wifed up Lathan? Hmmmmmmm?!?!
Pinkyrock's picture

Sanaa needs to workout. She's

Sanaa needs to workout. She's got wings and cellulite on her thighs. She's over 40 needs to stop playing. Especially when she's complaining about black leading actors not wanting to her in co-starring roles. Get on your game chick.
cococaramel's picture

Sanaa still looks so young

Sanaa still looks so young wow. Next time no white purse with red shoes though. That's a tad ratty. Solo looks like she's really feeling it but I'm not sure what she's actually performing at this point. Or at least I haven't heard anything new.
cutethatsall56's picture

Im usually an advocate for

Im usually an advocate for individuality in fashion but lately Sol's style has been a tad off. SaNaa looks gorge as always.
Realist's picture

Poor SoLong...I got dizzy

Poor SoLong...I got dizzy just Lookin' at her confused behind!! Smdhlol...*sips wine
Like Really's picture

Solange - not an updo it's an

Solange - not an updo it's an UP-DON'T. YBF, airbrush the cellulite off of Sanaa's thighs please in the first pic.
Denise2007's picture

Mama Tina lookin like "can u

Mama Tina lookin like "can u hurry it up already? I gotta get to the Mrs Carter Show Tour" lol #boring

I love the subtle cosmeetic

I love the subtle cosmeetic tweaking Sanna did to her face.....She looks great.
star's picture

Sanaa Lathan is beautiful.

Sanaa Lathan is beautiful.
OneLove's picture

This "venue" she's performing

This "venue" she's performing at looks like the basement of someone who hasnt updated their sh*t since the 70's. You can't have an obnoxious outfit AND obnoxious hair. You gotta turn one up & the other down.
48DDs's picture

Solange looks like she's

Solange looks like she's performing in some grandmother's living room.
PacificGirl's picture


Suga Bear's picture

I usually love whatever

I usually love whatever Solange wears but while the colors on this outfit are beautiful, I don't like it at all!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Looking at Solo in these

Looking at Solo in these photos with that noose sittiing on top of her head, makes me wanna just smack the shit outta her ass, especially that 2nd photo....so forced!. I'm so tired of this prolonged theme she got going on......ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lol@The *noose though..But I

Lol@The *noose though..But I agree this fashion charade of hers is just Utterly ridiculous!!! Smh...*sips wine
Like Really's picture

Can't stand that snob Sanaa

Can't stand that snob Sanaa Lathan she s a nasty unfriendly nose in the air person if you ever are unlucky enough to meet her. And if you reading this Sanaa this is the reason you should stop shading people because it gets around. I can't understand being snobby and you shagged half of Hollywood.
TeaNicole's picture

I second, third and fourth

I second, third and fourth that!
cococaramel's picture

Not to be mean or anything

Not to be mean or anything but what does Solange perform at these events?
IslandVibez's picture

old mac donald, the

old mac donald, the alphabets, and some mc hammer songs..
SlowNeckBecky's picture


Mama Mia's picture

this. gave me everything.

this. gave me everything.
TrueThinker's picture

Too funny!

Too funny!
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