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Teyana Taylor SHOWS OFF Her RIDICULOUS Six-Pack For COMPLEX Magazine (BTS) + Amel Larrieux RETURNS With Her "Afraid" SINGLE

 photo ed21e996d45311e29a5722000a9f3079_7.jpg

G.O.O.D. Music's Teyana Taylor showed off her "good" six-pack during a recent photoshoot with COMPLEX magazine. See BTS photos inside and listen to Amel Larrieux's comeback single "Afraid".  

 photo d1279670d45111e2bc0822000a1f9737_7.jpg

Teyana Taylor is set to appear in an upcoming issue of COMPLEX magazine and the "Bliss" singer posted a few behind the scenes shots on her Instagram today.  

 photo 70220d64d45211e2bb5822000a9e060e_7.jpg

During the poolside shoot, Teyana showed off her fabulous six-pack and envious figure.

 photo 89b5a896d45511e28a1922000a1fb0ef_7.jpg

Teyana revealed earlier that she's working on her G.O.O.D. Music debut and fans should expect to hear some new music this summer.


Before the COMPLEX shoot....

 photo teywea28.png  photo teyana21.png  photo tekfd49.png

Teyana took a dip in the ocean and posed on the street with one of her besties.


And in new music....

 photo k2itemscachea07bb170c4a36161aa1f8f4859c19794_Lnsp_400.jpg

Those she hasn't released an album since 2007's Lovely Standards, Amel Larrieux, the "Tell Me" singer who rose to fame with Groove Theory, is gearing up for a new album, Ice Cream Everyday.  Led by the summertime single, "Afraid", Amel explained her five-year absence to ESSENCE saying,

It took five years for a number of reasons. First, I’m raising two amazing teen daughters—which is a job. I’m not one of those people that say I can do everything. Throughout making the album, I’ve had to stop one thing or the other to focus on what needed my attention at that time. Funny enough, it was easier when my kids were younger but now there are different things I have to be available for, questions I have to answer.

And there were other things. We’ve moved a few times. We’ve always had our own studio and, when we started moving around, it made it difficult. We’re independent. I don’t have a machine behind me. I have a beautiful, small group of people that I work with. Not having a studio at home created some problems. That can make it take a little longer. Lucky for me there’s the Internet and people who support me. Having that support extends how long you can take as an artist and gives you new life because more people are constantly discovering you.

Read the full interview here. 

Welcome back Amel........


Listen to "Afraid" here:


The new album Ice Cream Everyday will be released August 27.



 photo 258_FutureCover_Low_zps44a40f16.jpg

Ciara tweeted a photo of Future's upcoming cover of The Source.  She said, "So Proud of My Baby".


Photos via Teyana Taylor IG/Amel Larrieux/The Source






I see why she's always in

I see why she's always in sneakers, her feet looks like her face... OhMy!!!
Eubanks.Kiya's picture

Jesus would have to put a bag

Jesus would have to put a bag over her head....to even consider banging it out..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture


Eubanks.Kiya's picture

she looks great....from the

she looks great....from the neck down

Who is this little girl?

Who is this little girl? What is her claim to fame?
Child Please's picture

These abs are her only

These abs are her only accolades #next
SkeeWee's picture

Her props!

Her props!
toomuch's picture

Teyana's pictures were taken

Teyana's pictures were taken at the Catalina Hotel on Collins Ave in South Beach. I had a great time there labor day 2011. It actually looks like an exotic location, but its just Florida! Her body does look great though!

Teyana's stomach is amazing

Teyana's stomach is amazing but I think alot of people don't realize how easy it is to do (by working out) when you have such a small frame. Now let Jennifer Hudson get some abs....then I'll be truely impressed. And I can't wait for more from Amel....I adore her voice and spirit.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

It's also easier to rest on

It's also easier to rest on your laurels when you're naturally slim/small. Plus, it may be easier to get a six pack, but not effortless, which is why it's uncommon even on small framed women. She clearly works out consistently and puts in work to keep body in shape. I'm impressed, regardless, because I sure don't have a six pack. Maybe a 2.5.
NinaM2012's picture

Forget a small frame! It's

Forget a small frame! It's easy when you don't work, no kids, or responsibilities!
toomuch's picture

Now if she could just work on

Now if she could just work on not looking so manly in the face!
PacificGirl's picture

We see you Teyana......now

We see you Teyana......now what? It's time for you to shit or get off the pot.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

future and teyana

future and teyana taylor---two ppl who i cant figure out? are they singers or rappers or what? i love future's high cheekbones. so somebody took a picture of somebody taking a picture of teyana taking a picture of herself? MINDBLOWING
shugastyles's picture

I have really missed Amel her

I have really missed Amel her new song is nice and her voice is still on point. Amel and India Arie both are so talented/underrated and should have made it better in the music business. How come I have never heard any music by Teyana Taylor? I do admire her little hustle with all her lil endeavours going on without ALBUM the first! The other post I said KeKe Palmer was Teyana Taylor long lost lil sister NOT! Teyana can show KeKe how it is done in the toned a nice body department. NO mam to KeKe in those baby shorts and those little fat dimples going on. Teyana body is definitely on point! For the record Teyana is not ugly she just needs a slight nose job to soften her look!
Shay's picture

WoW! her body looks great!

WoW! her body looks great! she looks soo much better when we dont see her protruding duck-faced lips!
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

The girl's body is

The girl's body is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *finally runs to do exercise i promise to do everyday* (i'm doing them this time) :p
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

upto I looked at the receipt

upto I looked at the receipt four $9215, I be certain that...my... neighbours mother was like they say realie bringing home money in their spare time on their laptop.. there uncles cousin has done this for under six months and by now took care of the dept on there villa and bought a new Alfa Romeo. this is where I went........... Cat48.com
carla15's picture

Her boby is sick!

Her boby is sick!
Haterate's picture

Great body, but her features

Great body, but her features are soooo strong. She always looks like a tranny.
CheyPie's picture

Excuuuuuuuse me Teyana ~

Excuuuuuuuse me Teyana ~ she's a sexy lil thing. The only six pack I'm sporting this Summer is Coronas¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Love Teyana and her

Love Teyana and her toyboy-ish-ness. And her voice is so soothing. her voice is amazing but she is sooooo underrated . loved her mixtape and still listen to it. people you HAVE TO GET TEYANA TAYLOR'S MIXTAPE "MISUNDERSTANDING OF TEYANA TAYLOR". Really, she is motivation for me to keep going through with my goals

Not trying to insult you

Not trying to insult you towards your goals but I could give you a few positive strong women you you read their stories and their books. Angela Davis, maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Ilyasah Shabazz, Assata Shakur, Michelle Obama, Nina Simone, Cicely Tyson, Sista Soulja.. etc
hideitinabook's picture

i guess when the singing, rap

i guess when the singing, rap game and acting ain't working you can always fall back on selling your body.. all 5ft of it.. this is what the game has been reduced to.
hideitinabook's picture

oh please, dont talk sh*t if

oh please, dont talk sh*t if you dont know the person you are talking about, she has worked with so many people and much respect from them. she just came out with her shoe line with adidas and is working of her album. you are doing what with your life?....its ok...i'll wait

ok another artist with a shoe

ok another artist with a shoe line, clothing line, perfume line, make up line, liquor endorsements, etc etc etc. Well i guess it's nice to have industry friends like she has but at the end of the day she lacks real talent. Nothing to hate on or get yourself in a bunch wondering about what i do for a living. I will leave you with this "most of the artist you think are making that dough are making donuts"
hideitinabook's picture

Ummm....you sound like a

Ummm....you sound like a hater though. Either way it goes, I'd be willing to bet her donuts have sprinkles and you're still tryin to stir the batter. LOL No disrespect....you kinda walked into that one.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Teyana's bod has always been

Teyana's bod has always been the business. Her bestie has that perv look going on in the 4th pic.
Realist's picture

*Future vc* Buttons will make

*Future vc* Buttons will make teyanna tap out, tap out... tap out, tap out, tap out.. *winks*
buttons's picture

is that teyana's real hair?

is that teyana's real hair? serious question. i always wondered. thanks.
wildlife's picture

She is naturally semi bald.

She is naturally semi bald. Can't believe you actually have 2 wonder if that is her hair. smh HELL NO!
sexe757's picture

hehe thanks.

hehe thanks.
wildlife's picture

years ago teyana the back of

years ago teyana the back of her hair but that was like 5 years ago, her real hair is long, at back bra strap length. she wears weaves but her real hair is really long

u a cheer leading lie I saw a

u a cheer leading lie I saw a pic of her on a red carpet with no weave and her hair was short and wispy maybe jaw length. hold up let me google it so i can use it as my avatar
SlowNeckBecky's picture

i just looked up the pix and

i just looked up the pix and hunty let me tell you that whoever does her weaves is a got dam GENIUS i tell ya. he or she should be doing everybody's hair because Teyana's shit be flawless!
shugastyles's picture

Well thats nice cuz She ain't

Well thats nice cuz She ain't got nothing but time on her hand...Now I luvs me some Amel this trk is kool but it don't top my jam "For Real"!!! *swishes wine
Like Really's picture

Lawd Jesus she's looking good

Lawd Jesus she's looking good but how is she keep making the news and she does nothing lol. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there too
V's picture

If that isn't motivation to

If that isn't motivation to get in the gym then I don't know what is. Yikes!
Desi's picture

Got to admit that her abs are

Got to admit that her abs are rocking...
SpeakingMyMind's picture

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