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IN CASE YOU WERE WAITING FOR THIS: Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas PEN Memoir "Carry-on Baggage: Our Nonstop Flight"

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"RHOA" star Cynthia Bailey Thomas and her husband Peter Thomas have written a new book on how they made their relationship work.  Find out more inside....


After a rocky engagement (were we the only ones who didn't think they would make it to the alta with all that drama?) and two dramatic weddings, both filmed for the hit Bravo reality series "RHOA", Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas have penned Carry-on Baggage - Our Nonstop Flight. It's a straight talk couple's memoir following their journey of raising a blended family, running a mini empire and keeping the home fires burning after ago 40.  

Distributed by Griffin Scott Press, LLC, a press release from the couple revealed that they wrote the book "to inspire, provoke and make readers laugh out loud" as they look at their "nonstop flight to finding marital bliss."  And it hits shelves July 2013.

And in addition to bookstores, Cynthia's also headed to the dollhouse.  She's partnered with The One Doll Project to create a "collector's item" in her image.  The ESSENCE cover model released a statement saying,

"I'm elated at the opportunity to work with (doll designer) Stacey McBride-Irby and design a doll that will expand my message and the overall mission of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion to be confident, to feel empowered and to always be inspired.

As young girls, we looked at dolls as a representation of beauty. I hope looking at this doll will display not only physical beauty, but will also represent the beauty of being confidently and unapologetically who you are."

Congrats to the couple! We just wonder how long it will take Kenya Moore to snatch up Cynthia's idea and release her own line of "Detroit Barbies".  Y'all know it's coming....


The Randomness:

1.  The last of Flavor Flav's "Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs" restaurants is behind on rent and in danger of closing.http://www.tmz.com/2013/06/14/flavor-flav-chicken-ribs-restaurant-michig... Visit Fishwrapper: http://www.fishwrapper.com"> Story.




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trixiecpkymosley's picture

Get past the infamous "7-year

Get past the infamous "7-year itch" mark and then tell me about how your marriage is working. Otherwise, I don't want to hear about it.
Blvdjewel's picture

Damn u bishes are

Damn u bishes are harsh.....LOL
star's picture

Baby God feels raped by these

Baby God feels raped by these intrusive ads on YBF...
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Peter, where's my turnip

Peter, where's my turnip leaves???
buttons's picture

Cynthia I would never take

Cynthia I would never take advice from you and your controlling husband.
TeaNicole's picture

I don't want relationship

I don't want relationship advice from them....just like I don't want relationship advice from Steve Harvey. I want relationship advice from someone who has been married 50+ years to the SAME person.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

I know that's right!!!

I know that's right!!! Smdhlol..*sips n' passes u a mimosa
Like Really's picture

Strangely, I've always liked

Strangely, I've always liked them. Cynthia is soft and he's rough around the edges; they seem to balance each other out. I know they have to make that money, but it seems a bit soon to pen a book on how they make their marriage work, but hey.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Peter Scares Me To Death.

Peter Scares Me To Death.
Keyths'Girl's picture

How they make it work? It's

How they make it work? It's only been a couple of years. Puhlease. Cynthia is the runaway bride. She should have listened to her mom and sister, who have had her back since birth.Cynthia seemed too smart business wise to me, and marrying Peter didn't seem like a wise business move to me.I'd marry Leon before I married Peter lol.

Peter just rubs me as

Peter just rubs me as vindictive at times...which leads me to believe the non-stop flight to martial bliss talk, is more so a needed check for the baggage she married! Anyhoo..smhlol good luck with that! *sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

@Like Really, So True he's

@Like Really, So True he's mean and HATEFUL! I bet he roughs her up at times with that TEMPER of his!
Shay's picture

....I wudnt be the least bit

....I wudnt be the least bit surprised either, Dude always seems angry as hell!
Like Really's picture

This is one GORGEOUS black

This is one GORGEOUS black couple! I didn't get it at first but now, I love their love!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Cynthia is so STUPID for

Cynthia is so STUPID for marrying a man who's already been married more than 4 times, OLD, BITTER and BROKE! I CAN'T with BAD ATTITUDE OVER BEARING MEN LIKE PETER! Cynthia is SO SMART, she didn't have Peter when he was on the UP AND UP when he was RUNNING a MAJOR Magazine and while he had successful businesses! Peter BRAGGED about dating Nia Long when she was the so called "IT" girl in Hollywood! Now, Not so Bright Cynthia marries a man who has to borrow money from her and constantly have to have to HUSTLE money for him with writing BULLSHIT BOOKS, Hosting low ATL gigs together, allow his BITCH ASS to ALL but join The RHOA so his TRIFLING ass can have an income too! SMART MODELS either marry a RICH OLD MAN like Kimora did with Russell Simmons or have their own money like Tyra and Naomi AND never SETTLE for OLD BROKE MEN LIKE PETER! Cynthia is so STUPID for marrying this OLD FOOL! I hate looking at these 2!
Shay's picture

I agree completely. She

I agree completely. She claims he borrowed money, but we all know he stole it, and she will never get it back. She must be the most foolish woman on the planet. When I look at them I see no chemistry so I bet she aint even getting good sex for her money time and trouble. She is pathetic for putting her poor mother and sister through hell to marry garbage.
cassandra29's picture

I like them....I think Peter

I like them....I think Peter is funny but for some reason it seems like that book would be a little boring. Maybe b/c Cynthia is a little boring.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Oooooh my GOD! All these

Oooooh my GOD! All these books writing, advices giving about marriage and relationship from people who can't handle their own business is just tiring. Can't they just stop!?
Let's get it poppin's picture

I'm tired of everybody and

I'm tired of everybody and their books. Didn't buy those and ain't buying this one. Good luck on the marriage though. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I love them too. The are

I love them too. The are stunning couple. Peter reminds me of my hubby. Chocolate! :)
PacificGirl's picture

Congrats to the couple! I

Congrats to the couple! I love Cynthia and Peter. They seem to keep it real on the show and in regular day life. I wish them all the success. Everyone deserves a blissful marriage if you're willing to work for it. Can't wait to read it; laugh out loud and smile.
MagnoliaBlack's picture

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