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Keshia Knight Pulliam Hosts A Private Pamper Party To Benefit Her Kamp Kizzy--LeToya Luckett, Kandi Burruss & More Pop Up

 photo KandiArianSimoneKeshiaLeToyaMonyetta_zps49a52b10.jpg

Keshia Knight Pulliam is all about giving back to the kids.  So she hosted a Private Pamper Party as the first event for her new company--"The A List Experience".  Deets and pics inside...

Keshia has been helping children through her Kamp Kizzy Foundation for years.  And last night in Atlanta, she hosted a Pamper Party at The Posh Spot with her celeb friends to benefit those kiddies.  And she did so through her and Arian Simone's new company called The A-List Experience--a members only club that hosts monthly intimate events with celebs in attendance so members will have access to fab folks and gifts.

Each event gives 10% to a charity, and Keshia's foundation was first up for the funds. And she actually have 100% of the funds to her charity.

Her celeb friends like LeToya Luckett, Kandi Burruss and Arian Simone made a fabulous appearance.

  photo MeKeshiaandDawn_zps0366689d.jpg photo JudgeHatchett_zpsce7888b8.jpg

Judge Hatchett stopped by for a mani/pedi.

 photo KeshiaandMo_zps760a0fa8.jpg

Ne-Yo's fiancee Monyetta loves an event doesn't she?


 photo KKP_zps5e108bbe.jpg

Keshia and her cute shorts and blazer posed it up after the event.  Loves her.  And it's a great cause as well.

Photographer: Donna Permell





"Monyetta loves an event

"Monyetta loves an event doesn't she?" LMAO omg she doesss, if they had an event for Atlanta's retired strippers she would be there lawd!! Don't you have children? lol I can't with her.
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It is a disgrace to the civil

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cvnsyweyewy347's picture

Kandi is so tacky for real

Kandi is so tacky for real tho.
TeaNicole's picture

Kandi looks like a plum fool.

Kandi looks like a plum fool. That girl with that wide ass moufff, needs to tone down as much as she can. Her hair and brows match?? Who is she hiring Stevie Wonder? Who are her real friends to let her run around looking this ratchet. Ne-yos life long fiancee Moyette is at EVERYthang, for no damn reason. She just got with the dude and she's at every dang party, shower, bat mitzvah, concert of ANY celeb and always finding a photo op... SAT DOWN ugly girl. Rudy is still cute but who would name something "Kizzy" as in Roots Kizzy? Smh. These people give these events hoping to be seen on a blog but why? Does it pay? Back to Kandi, Bravo Andy should sue her for walking about looking this clownish and sloppy all the damn time. She's terrible. I have nothing else, they hire photographers to be everywhere with this purpose so they should look the part or avoid posing. #SATDOWN sumtime damn!
Birdfood's picture

Camp Kizzy? So that's the

Camp Kizzy? So that's the best name she could come up with eh? SMH. Are Kandi and Estelle related? Because they are two of the saddest looking celebrities I've ever seen! Neither has any idea how to make themselves more attractive. Instead they both continue to make themselves look worse!
PacificGirl's picture

Rudy Huxtable Still Lookin

Rudy Huxtable Still Lookin Good.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Moneyetta is a opportunist

Moneyetta is a opportunist who put her self in the right place to catch Neyos eye! She was also the jump off of the late Tennessee Titan Steve Mc Nair. Child I do like the jumpsuits Kandy has on but not the hair on her. no fux given. let live
SlowNeckBecky's picture

I said she popped out of

I said she popped out of nowhere and is posing at all parties, A list, B list, O list she's everywhere and what does she do now??? She legit is a baby mama while Neyo is out making the coins, he's got girls in every city too, she needs to get her act together. This whack socialite biz is not it. All celeb friends? I would hate that. Toya Luckett is cute, the judge is cute too.
Birdfood's picture

Monyetta is a horrible name.

Monyetta is a horrible name. And obviously a beard.
TrueThinker's picture

Umm what in the Sam hill

Umm what in the Sam hill catastrophe has Kandi plopped on her dam head...Smhlol Anyhoo..Judge Hatchett held a very inspiring seminar regarding our youth recently, a great speaker indeed!
Like Really's picture

Monyetta is a naturally

Monyetta is a naturally pretty woman unlike the rest of those fuglies.
sexe757's picture

Judge Hatchett looks good

Judge Hatchett looks good too :-)
sexe757's picture

Kandi be a fat clown

Kandi be a fat clown
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Shout out to Judge Hatchett

Shout out to Judge Hatchett beautiful older sista , that seems to be traditional which is the type of black women i like, these new young black women something is wrong with they ass. But it seems the older sistas know a little something about a family structure and how to cook and treat a brotha. I mean all the judge sistas seem like good women Judge Hatchett, Judge Lynn Toler, Judge Mablean Ephriam "although that sista from the south so she get country sometimes". But all the judge sistas seem like good women. Young sistas be doing to damn much JUST LOOK AT THEIR GODDAMN HEAD.That pretty much tells you everything
LetsGetIt's picture

Boy go somewhere with the bs

Boy go somewhere with the bs ....ain't nobody got time for that shit. (fills slingshot with loose poop and slings it in your face)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Msthang why you been soo

Msthang why you been soo angry sista lollll. Damn it's me LETSGETITTTT you know i gotta snipe at you young black women. Oprah got yall heated about that dark skinned documentary!!BLACK WOMEN YOU GOTTA START LOVIN YOURSELVES AND YOUR PEOPLE AND IT WOULDN'T BE NO "DARK GIRLS" DOCUMENTARY.
LetsGetIt's picture

lol....I'm not angry at all

lol....I'm not angry at all Kunta.... and that documentary aint got nothing to do with nothing....it's just that you're like that annoying little turd that won't flush. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

that guy needs a therapist,

that guy needs a therapist, or he has problems with his mother or his feminine archetype. either way, dude needs to grow up & stopped blaming his issues with black women on everybody else, its really sad. let him be a stubborn mule...just move on & live girl

Kandi looks like Homey the

Kandi looks like Homey the clown..lol
Babyjane's picture

Lmmfao...Whur In The Hell

Lmmfao...Whur In The Hell Did Yew Pull That Sh!t From? OMG!!!
Keyths'Girl's picture

Sounds like a fun event. It

Sounds like a fun event. It was nice of her and her partner to give a couple of dollars to her charity when it appears this was a business event.
Bird's picture

Kandi will you please stop

Kandi will you please stop looking like a circus clown...Keisha,Monyetta,LeToya no... please stop. This is becoming tragic to see you ladies looking so washed up and you're still young!!!
Missy's picture

Kandi needs to toss that

Kandi needs to toss that wig.........immegiately!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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