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Jay-Z Announces New Album On New Samsung Commercial, Album Dropping July 4th (And July 7th)

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Hova fans get ready.  Mr. Carter has announced his brand new studio album in conjunction with his brand new Samsung deal.  Check out how Jay's flipping his money three ways inside....

Jay-Z's Samsung deal--rumored to be worth $20 million--is officially official.  Tonight during the NBA Finals, Jay and Samsung aired the new 3 minute "Inside Magna Carta Holy Grail" commercial that took viewers inside the studio to see the makings of Jay's upcoming album. 

The rapper is seen & heard talking to superproducers Rick Rubin, Pharrell, Timbaland & Swizz Beatz about the inspiration behind the new project.  And he says he wants to create a revolution on the internet by writing new rules.  And he wants to start those new rules with his new album that's dropping on the 4th of July.

His first revolutionary idea:  Have Samsung purchase 1 million albums (if Soundscan counts these as valid then dude is already platinum).  Then get one million people to pay for an app so they can get an entire album for free.

Yep, Samsung users get the first exclusive bite at Jay's new project.  And it's all because the first 1 million Samsung users to download the "Magna Carta Holy Grail" app on June 24th and get the album for FREE on July 4th.  The rest of the world gets it three days later on the 7th.  All just in time for Jay's big stadium tour with Justin Timberlake kicking off July 17th.

So far, we've seen pics of Kendrick Lamar, Nas, the super producers above and more in the studio with Hov over the last few months.  So this album ought to be a good one.

Check out the full commercial below and the Magna Carta Holy Grail (reportedly the actual name of the album) website.





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weilan's picture

Marketing Genius.

Marketing Genius.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

I absolutely admire that we

I absolutely admire that we have some real game changers in the black community. This dude STAYS on a hustle. I love it. Make your money, then make it GROW. If half these bum Negroes would have half his drive who know's what kind of power and wealth we'd possess in this economy.
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cvnsyweyewy347's picture

Really would love to hear his

Really would love to hear his explanation of the Magna Carta and how it has baring on his music!
morgaine's picture

What is he an idiot??? These

What is he an idiot??? These people get so used to everyone kissing their ass and catering to their every whim, soon even they start thinking they're God! Please thats so arrogant. Get off your high horse Jay, you're not that special
morgaine's picture

He's supposed to be a humbled

He's supposed to be a humbled slave boy huh?
cutethatsall56's picture

And bringing race into this

And bringing race into this because? Grandiose delusions is what it is. Nothing to do with the colour of your skin. Please broaden your horizons
morgaine's picture

Ummmmm, slaves exist(ed) in

Ummmmm, slaves exist(ed) in all races. Not just Jay-Z's race. It's pretty simple of you to assume race was being brought up because the initial poster mentioned Jay being a "slave boy".... maybe you should broaden your horizons. No shade at all, IJS.
Candace's picture

Lets not at hypocrisy to this

Lets not at hypocrisy to this conversation. You know the intention behind what you said. Anyways i still think that its pompous of him to entitle his album like that. Im not saying he doesnt know what the Magna Carta is, i just think that if he wanted to BE grandiose theres hundreds of other titles that he could go for.
morgaine's picture

"The intention behind what

"The intention behind what you said" ????? Maybe you should take a hard look at who posted that original comment. It wasn't me... I just added my 2 cents because I felt like it. No harm, no foul. Good day.
Candace's picture

My apologies, i thought i was

My apologies, i thought i was replying to the same person who wrote initially. That wasnt cool and i apologize.
morgaine's picture

No worries... it's all love

No worries... it's all love :)
Candace's picture

LOL I love it. While people

LOL I love it. While people sit on blogs and hate these artist keep working and collecting that paper. hahha...Focused..
cutethatsall56's picture

Magna Carta Holy Grail. How

Magna Carta Holy Grail. How pompous.
PacificGirl's picture

Finishing off by saying

Finishing off by saying biggest devil worshipers in the world crazy B and camal man they r so played out
MissYcAT.'s picture

U R so so right Jesus H.

U R so so right Jesus H. Christ I agree. The 2of the crazy B camal man r the biggest and dumbest devil
MissYcAT.'s picture

You're in agreement with a

You're in agreement with a person who calls themself Jesus H. Christ? Someone who leaves the most disturbing comments on this blog? If Jay and Bey are devils, then what is Jesus H. Christ?
Mama Mia's picture

Breaking News! Jay-Z is

Breaking News! Jay-Z is closely related to the ape ancestry.
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trixiecpkymosley's picture

Like the game wasnt bad

Like the game wasnt bad enough...when ya got Jay-Zzzzzzzzzzzz, who is just that..., a dam snooze fest...not to mention the commercial bein' Weeeakkkk AF minus Timberland! Ughh..n' all while tryin' to forget swissbeats Annoying ole TuCan Sam Lookin arse, like sat-down already cuz ya just ain't IT!!! Smhlol...chugs nite cap
Like Really's picture

I love Jay-Z sooooo much and

I love Jay-Z sooooo much and he is hands down the best rapper PERIOD, butttttt I do want this to be his last album. Its time for Jay to be a stay at home dad to Blue. I kno it hard to stop doing anything you love, but with all his accomplishments and accolades, he can hang it up at the top like MJ23. #happyfahersdayjay
SkeeWee's picture

Jay is so overrated

Jay is so overrated
TeaNicole's picture

He says the same shit on

He says the same shit on every album over a different track...what he got and who he knows, etc. And people swear he's such a great rapper. NOT IMPRESSED.
PacificGirl's picture

While I agree with your

While I agree with your comment about Jay rapping about the same thing on every album, all of the successful artists do the same thing. When Jay tried something else, nobody bought the album and called him weak. Sad to say but that's what sells. It's the consumer's fault!! They like garbage! So artists who want to make money produce garbage to sell them.
Mama Mia's picture

...yes Indeed!!

...yes Indeed!!
Like Really's picture

I concur!!! He has

I concur!!! He has successfully BRAINWASHED people into thinking he's great.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Cant wait to hear it.

Cant wait to hear it.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Am I the only one who wishes

Am I the only one who wishes he would retire already? His versus are tolerable but not in the same category as he was once. He's addicted to the limelight and fears not being in the spotlight they all claim to hate so much. He's getting too old to still be a rapper.
Just observing's picture

I know thats right that's

I know thats right that's illuminate evil 4 real I agree I would never ever support the devil album and,thats 4 sure.
MissYcAT.'s picture

Jay & Beyzzlebub are too far

Jay & Beyzzlebub are too far gone to be saved.....smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

And you're not????? LMAO!! I

And you're not????? LMAO!! I think this is another case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Mama Mia's picture

If u got nailed to a cross

If u got nailed to a cross accidentally.....you"d be a little Nutty too
Jesus H. Christ's picture

"Holy Grail" = illuminati =

"Holy Grail" = illuminati = Evil
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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