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MIAMI BEACH BIKINI BANGERS: Serena Williams Flaunts Her Curves On The Beach + Karrueche Tran Chills In A Tiny Black Bikini Before The Club

 photo bikinigirlskarruecheandserena_zpsbf796474.jpg

Miami Beach is all about the bangin' bikini bodies, and Serena Williams never disappoints.  Check out our newest French Open champ parading around those curves in a colorful bikini this weekend, plus Chris Brown's boo Karrueche Tran showing off her petite bikini bod inside..


 photo article-2342363-1A57A8D3000005DC-190_306x779_zps2d2c828b.jpg  photo article-2342363-1A57AAEB000005DC-76_306x779_zps459bbe31.jpg

After kicking ass and taking names at the French Open last week, Serena made her way back home to Miami to relax, relate, release on the beach.  And to give her killer bod a bit of a rest.

 photo spl562793_023_zps37a3f46f.jpg


 photo article-2342363-1A570E94000005DC-12_634x915_zps6a446827.jpg

 photo 98915PCN_Williams11_zps31a5b3b0.jpg

 photo spl562275_004_zps78e9a93a.jpg

She and her girls stripped down to their bikinis to flaunt what they've got.

 photo spl562275_011_zps3a003599.jpg  photo spl562793_008_zpsf33f990c.jpg  photo FFN_Williams_Serena_JDG_061513_51131323_zpsd3044b10.jpg


The girls had some drinks & nosh while chilling out under their umbrellas.  Good weekend fun...


Also on Miami Beach:

 photo spl562343_005_zpsf65d5ed9.jpg  photo article-0-1A56BD53000005DC-879_634x1129_zps7082d832.jpg

Karrueche Tran made the most out of her hosting gig at Cameo Saturday night and hit the beach beforehand in a teeny weeny black fringed bikini.

 photo spl562343_022_zpsdca5d3ca.jpg

Her on again/off again boyfriend Chris Brown wasn't boo'd up with her, but she chilled out with friends and teased the paps with almost going topless.  And showed off her cakes while riding jet skis:

 photo 98911PCN_Tran31_zps16064575.jpg     photo article-2342333-1A57030F000005DC-312_634x603_zps7c35debd.jpg 


 photo article-2342333-1A574B0D000005DC-253_634x887_zps91ffc822.jpg

 photo article-2342333-1A574AF9000005DC-643_634x691_zpsebcb64b4.jpg photo spl562848_001_zps218f06b3.jpg

Chick looks like she's having the time of her life these days now that she's back with Chris.  Talk about a come up...


Photos: Pacific Coast News/INF/Splash




I have never heard so many

I have never heard so many haters talking about a super star like serena, she has a banging body, and she is built for kicking ass ,much ass ,most black people have women in their family built just like serena, but they are broke as hell, I will take the strong body and the big check book any day.. ##### ONE in the World ( HATERS ) !!!!

Congratulations Serena on

Congratulations Serena on Your Latest Victory! (The French Open 2013) – And Your Victories shine on, and off the Court...keep winning!
rebellious soul's picture

Karruche please wait until

Karruche please wait until you're fully developed to go to the beach. Serena well you'll always have a man babes.
cutethatsall56's picture

and I thought I was skinny

and I thought I was skinny lol karrueche is small as I don't know what, she has a very cute face though
sonya.f.baby's picture

Love the zipper tattoo!!!

Love the zipper tattoo!!! Very unique!
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Serena, has sistah hood

Serena, has sistah hood Compton body!! Go girl!! Looks relaxing, under umbrellas, drinks, and fun times!!
Cynthia Cole's picture

Whats wrong with being

Whats wrong with being petite...Since when is having a slight frame viewed as odd or unattractive? Tits and ass are overrated if you asked me, Got these young girls stuffing their faces with nonsense. Only to regret it years from now when heart disease and other lifestyle choices come home to roost.

Yes she do looks stank and. 2

Yes she do looks stank and. 2 much butt 4the beach.
MissYcAT.'s picture

Star sounds like he has a

Star sounds like he has a very rare set of eyeballs on his face, because not only is he able to see, but, his eyes can smell as well...Well maintaining such a rare pair of smelly eyeballs, must be a lot of hard work.
rebellious soul's picture

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trixiecpkymosley's picture

Omg Serena needs 2 park that

Omg Serena needs 2 park that big butt up in the garage 4 real.LOL
MissYcAT.'s picture

Serena looks Stink.

Serena looks Stink.
star's picture

...and there’s nothing like

...and there’s nothing like having Real Friends from the Underworld to help validate each others B.S.
rebellious soul's picture

K has a body of a 10yr old

K has a body of a 10yr old little boy...
shaneice225's picture

I hate when people give side

I hate when people give side line hoes attention. I can't stand that little boy. Koochie needs to disappear. But, I love Serena she has come a long way, and has accomplished so much.
Monae's picture

@Monae ~ couldn't of said it

@Monae ~ couldn't of said it better myself¡!¡
GetUrLife's picture

Wow! What a contrast! I'm

Wow! What a contrast! I'm sorry but one looks like a he-man and the other look likes a lady-boy.
BlackDiva's picture

-_- wow, a whole lotta

-_- wow, a whole lotta 'nothing to see here'... K.roach is a prepubescent 11 year-old boy and Serena, bless her I'm sorry but, looks like a she-male.
Peace Silas's picture

Yes thank u! Finally somebody

Yes thank u! Finally somebody is real on how Serena looks. Lmao @ "she male"
JQ's picture

Yo!!! WTF is wrong with

Yo!!! WTF is wrong with people. Serena Williams is ugly as shit! She looks like a man with a wig on. Look at this chicks muscles tho!! Somebody needs to tell that girl the truth! There is nothing sexy about a woman that looks like she can beat the hell outta ni**a! Smh y'all need to wake up look pass that hard spotted ass she got & b real. That's not appealing she is just too damn strong looking. Ewwww! Please y'all stop it & b real! It's nothing sexy about her! This chick arms & legs are bigger than my dads!.....happy Fathers Day :) lol
JQ's picture

While you may not like or

While you may not like or want her...just remember the other black men and other races of men will admire and love her. To each it's own.
beyonce is desperate's picture

Awwwh shut up!!!! Who cares

Awwwh shut up!!!! Who cares if I don't want her & som1 else will. I'm just calling the facts... That bitch is Man-ish!!! Period. Eewww
JQ's picture


Peace Silas's picture

you'd fuck her! With them big

you'd fuck her! With them big 'ol titties swinging all over the place.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Lmao! Hellll nah! That bitch

Lmao! Hellll nah! That bitch will break my bones!
JQ's picture

She's so happy to have a

She's so happy to have a hosting gig! (side eye)....Yuck on the zipper tattoo.
PacificGirl's picture

I think both women have nice

I think both women have nice bodies on opposite ends of the scale. Serena has a muscular toned in your face g-unit booty type of body and Karreuche has a very slight shape but very feminine.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

finally somebody stating the

finally somebody stating the obvious. the both look good in their own way.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I swear that Karrueche chick

I swear that Karrueche chick looks like a little 10 year old boy, it's actually pretty weird, feels like you are looking at a kid. SMDH!!!
kayla1010's picture

what 10 year old boy has

what 10 year old boy has feminine shape? you ppl kill me with the hatred towards this girl. you can't find anything bad to say about so she looks like a boy........smfh
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

ummm po thang's body is so

ummm po thang's body is so sad. i feel like a perv just looking at it. she really needs 2 gain some weight ASAP. Serena and that booty looks powerful.......lol
sexe757's picture

Does Serena hire a full-time

Does Serena hire a full-time Mexican to hose down that big ass crack after going doo doo??????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

If Kerosine cheeses any

If Kerosine cheeses any harder, she's gonna break her jawbone.....I take it that she called the paps and she's very happy that they showed up.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Perfect timing for these

Perfect timing for these pics.....Jesus woke up with an Angry Boner
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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