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BIRTHDAY FAB: T.I. & Fam CELEBRATE Daughter Deyjah's 12th BIRTHDAY!

 photo deys19.jpg

Over the weekend, T.I.'s cutie patootie daughter Deyjah turned 12-years-old with a fun-filled celebration attended by family and the OMG Girlz. See pics from the festivities inside...

 photo deys23.jpg

T.I. and Miss Niko threw a cute party in Atlanta for their daughter Deyjah, who turned 12-years old.  She's growing up fast and is such a cutie.  And she's her mom's mini me.


 photo deys15.jpg

 photo deys18.jpg

T.I., who'll be hitting the road with Lil' Wayne and 2 Chainz this summer for the America's Most Wanted Tour was front and center for his baby girl's bowling party. 

 photo deys2.jpg

 photo deys25.jpg

 photo deys1.jpg

Miss Deyjah got tons of designer gifts and fancy handbags....but looks severly unimpressed.  Ha!

 photo deys5.jpg 

She had some fun with her brothers King, Messaiah & Domani and big sis Zonnique.

And in addition to being an accomplished ballerina, Deyjah was gifted a camera from T.I. and has been named the family's official photographer!  Cute.

  photo deys13.jpg   photo deys12.jpg  photo deys11.jpg

Gotta love "The Family Hustle" fam.

 photo deys9.jpg 

And T.I. revealed to FreddyO that King and Domani are in the studio working on projects of their own.  Of course.

 photo deys20.jpg

 photo deys4.jpg     

Deyjah's grandmother Violeta Morgan was there to wish her grandbaby a happy birthday.

 photo deys3.jpg

 photo deys16.jpg   

Also, Deyjah's sister Zonnique and the OMG Girlz were there with their Kool-Aid colored wiggery (at least we hope it's wigs).

 photo deys24.jpg

Happy birthday Deyjah!


Photos via FreddYo.com



For Father's Day, T.I. and his kids provided a BTS look at "The Family Hustle" during the reality show's marathon where we see the cards Zonnique, Messiah, Deyjah, Domani, King and Major made for Tip. Enjoy.



Photos via FreddYo.com



messiah is not gay hes had a

messiah is not gay hes had a lot of girlfriends.what shes wearing is appropriate the stuff 12 years old do know is inappropriate at like wearing more makeup then nicki minaj with that butt they don't have hanging out showing the boobs most of them don't have. At least shes not making out or anything else with some guy.Shes already being bullied just leave her alone.

that knee tattoo looks like

that knee tattoo looks like the dry crusty stuff thats there when you take off a cast but it matches the flowers on her shirt so there's that.
shugastyles's picture

It's good that T.I. is

It's good that T.I. is involved with ALL of his kids, regardless if he's not with their mothers. I don't think the little girl's outfit is approproate for her age. Those shorts are too short and her bra should not be shown. And folks stop with the negative comments about how ugly the kids look. All kids are beautiful. By the way, wearing a floral shirt doesn't make one gay. I think the shirt looks good and I'll wear it in a second. And if one of his sons turn out to be gay, then it will not be the end of the world and I think T.I. would love him just the same as he does today. Kids should be off limits from negative and ignorant comments. I mean, come on.

Where is Tiny? And I do not

Where is Tiny? And I do not appreciate seeing her training bra under that lil t-shirt....

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weilan's picture

I admire TI for maintaining a

I admire TI for maintaining a close relationship with all his kids, very commendable. Always loved the name Deyjah.
Realist's picture

After reading these comments,

After reading these comments, I had to scroll back up and check out the floral tank top. Uh, why would a young man want to wear a floral BLOUSE???
SpeakingMyMind's picture

t.i's lil girl looks

t.i's lil girl looks tormented, like she is gonna or already is trouble, sneaky and NEVER HAPPY!!!and, and watsup with her mom's leg, is that a tattoo, yuck! ...and the oldest boy needs to tone his gayness down until after t.i. goes on tour, before he destroys his daddy street thug creed!! ...and that colorful ghetto koolaid hair those lil girls trying to rock is just not d buzz, looks tacky n cheap!!! s i g h* on a positive note, t.i. appears to be a good father "on tv"...now lets see how those kids will be in 5years, all of them!!!
karmaforsheeple's picture

Since T.I will Never come out

Since T.I will Never come out with his bisexuality, don't be surprised that one of his 12 kids would be gay...lol
star's picture

all his kids (except dejah)

all his kids (except dejah) are ugly as hell!

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing....lol
star's picture

OOOOOO Happy Birthday!!!!!!

OOOOOO Happy Birthday!!!!!! "Queen" your Mom is gonna get mad if I call the "Queen" but that's ok there is always something to look forward to on your day. LOVE!!!!

Shout out to TI, for being a

Shout out to TI, for being a great father to his kids. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there too
V's picture

Is it just me or what? I

Is it just me or what? I don't think it's appropriate for a 12 year old girl to wear a shirt showing her bra like that on the sides. But it looks like they tried to tie it up on the picture she took with her grandmother.
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xcnxcnerueru568's picture

She did not want that bag,

She did not want that bag, you can't tell it Louis. She wants the LV's baby so you know its real! lol....I love King and where is Tiny, guess she don't get along with this mother..and where my baby Major. I love those kids.
SkeeWee's picture

Yeah,,,,the floral wifebeater

Yeah,,,,the floral wifebeater stood out to me as well. Deyjah is a cutie pie and she looks her age. Not too grown looking.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

ummm jesus be a calculator

ummm jesus be a calculator because I swear all them kids the same dam age at the same dam time.....lol!!!! and I have the same floral tank top from Old Navy!!!! Im done!! done i tell ya.
shugastyles's picture

Ok what is up with the son

Ok what is up with the son with the fruiti tutti tank top on and then with a mean looking face??? That shirt should never be worn again!!!! I like the bday cake.
Negrita14's picture

In the days of H&M, TopShop,

In the days of H&M, TopShop, Zara etc and you calling a shirt fruity cause its floral. Nvm, I'm sure you wear leggings and uggs #basicbitch
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xcnxcnerueru568's picture

Jesus has 2 wait 5 more years

Jesus has 2 wait 5 more years to holler @ Deyjah. Is it illegal to groom her up until then..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

(squints eyes) Is his son _ _

(squints eyes) Is his son _ _ _?......I mean that floral tank top though.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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