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CONCERTS GALORE: Solange Rocks Out Brooklyn's Northside Festival & Bonnaroo + Drake, 2 Chainz, T.I. & More Turn Up At ATL's Birthday Bash

 photo SolangeKnowles2013NorthsideFestivalDaym8fuIP-3QXQx_zps6ffed974.jpg

Concerts were everywhere this weekend from New York to Atlanta.   Check out Solange Knowles dropping it like it's hot on stage at Brooklyn's 2013 Northside Festival at McCarren Park and pics from day 3 of Bonnaroo in case you missed 'em.  Plus, the celebs who turned out to hit the stage at Atlanta's Birthday Bash 18...

After a whirlwind of performing in umpteen cities and countries this last week, Solange was back home in BK on Sunday performing at the Northside Festival.


Rocking a printed hat and a striped shirt and cutoffs with cut-out bandage style boots, Solo let loose with the mic during her performance: 

 photo SolangeKnowles2013NorthsideFestivalDaybkl5FfHvxV9x_zps40a2b1e7.jpg photo SolangeKnowles2013NorthsideFestivalDayHQQwn2uiE11x_zps15a6ebbf.jpg

After gettin' low for the fans, she tweeted, "Northside! Brooklyn! New York! U beautiful people made me feel really good in side. I hope you enjoyed:( I'm happy I took those heels off."

Ha!  Peep video below:


By the way, also over the weekend Solo headed to Tennessee for Bonnaroo.  And rocking the cutest summer look and twists, she took over that stage too

 photo SolangeKnowles2013BonnarooMusicArtsFestivalyXjrz_1N2LAx_zps36dfa0dc.jpg  photo SolangeKnowles2013BonnarooMusicArtsFestivalKJMTycqZjOcx_zpsc1df811c.jpg  photo SolangeKnowles2013BonnarooMusicArtsFestivalBx93DOPOrPvx_zps2dbeb7cf.jpg

Nas was also down south taking over the stage for the big festival:

 photo Nas2013BonnarooMusicArtsFestivalDayhgfCGK_0x_fx_zpsa4a26c41.jpg  photo Nas2013BonnarooMusicArtsFestivalDaygN4silKpEUJx_zps5c31eeb4.jpg  photo Nas2013BonnarooMusicArtsFestivalDay59xRVKaKheTx_zpsa85a0e52.jpg


And down in Atlanta, every rapper that usually jumps at the chance to perform on stage....did just that.  At 107.9's Birthday Bash 18, your typical faves plus a few others came out to celebrate at Atlanta Philips Arena in front of a sold out crowd:

  photo 2chainzdrake_zps70646677.jpg

Drake made a major surprise appearance with his home 2 Chainz and sent the crowd into a hissy fit.

  photo drake_zps1d78bcab.jpg

Girls love Drake.

 photo omggirlsandtipskidslookbackstage_zps48d9940b.jpg

Since T.I. was on hand to take the stage with B.o.B., his fam--Zonnique and an OMG girl, Messiah and others were right backstage ready to support pops during Father's Day weekend.

The "We Gettin' It" collabo partners rocked out with some hits:

 photo TipsurpriseperformacewithBoB_zpsbaffc8ad.jpg

TIP knows these long leather shorts are hot as all hell...

 photo tip_zps6fac0f1a.jpg

 photo shawtylo-1_zps04e40465.jpg

Shawty Lo is apparently still bitter about his reality show that NEVER could.


 photo loveandhiphopatl_zps23a7e4b2.jpg

 photo castofloveandhiphop_zpscec71cbd.jpg

The "Love & Hip Hop ATL cast was there--at least in part.  Traci Steele, DJ Baby Drew (wonder if he ever found his $50K), Erica Dixon and her daughter (that she has with Scrappy) hit the stage looking cute.

 photo TridadJamesandYoungDro_zps7bc584bb.jpg  photo tridadjameswithcane_zps8f303571.jpg 

And Trinidad James...it wouldn't be an Atlanta show without him or his cane.  He hit the stage with Young Dro...this guy's shenanigans....


Photo: Bonnaroo & Northside Festival: Getty, Birthday Bash: Paras Griffin




That shawty lo comment got me

That shawty lo comment got me rolling.... L M F A O
buttons's picture

@Shawtydumb, maybe when you

@Shawtydumb, maybe when you put your dyck up folks will shut the eff up!! Oh & btw NASIR NASIR NASIR!! just too damn foine!!
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weilan's picture

I want that cap! Love the new

I want that cap! Love the new braids. Solo makes music for the soul....love this chic...Nasir Jones looks yummy

Ugh whatta hideous smile...

Ugh whatta hideous smile... Ragedy Ann can't dance..I mean what the hell she aint singin about shit..like BYE already!!
Like Really's picture

Solange...girl stop.

Solange...girl stop.
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cvnsyweyewy347's picture

Really Shawty Lo? that is the

Really Shawty Lo? that is the shirt you chose to wear? You ain't had a show or a hit in how long and this is seriously what you wear? He needs to sit the F*%k down!
myopinioncounts's picture

Is that Carly Red? She's a

Is that Carly Red? She's a pretty lady. Despite all the hate she gets.
ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture

Looks like everyone was

Looks like everyone was having fun. I can appreciate that.
Keys's picture

@Africancreature does her

@Africancreature does her hair. Check her out...

I actually like Trinidad

I actually like Trinidad James.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Solange is all over the map

Solange is all over the map with her career. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing. It's ok to be multi-faceted, but she hasn't excellenced in any of these areas so it looks like she is all over the place.
Keys's picture

Jack of all trade..master of

Jack of all trade..master of non..wanna bet some point she sets up a fashion line, or hair and skin product for the 'natural' ladies...

Solange Flakes Out.....and

Solange Flakes Out.....and her camel toe tore up those shorts...smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Please let me know what songs

Please let me know what songs Solange has as of current. I love her shoe boots though. Shawty Lo...No...Mr. Trinidad James I like to see how you're keeping it real but a comb needs to be on deck soon.
cutethatsall56's picture

Her latest album is titled

Her latest album is titled True...her music can be found on her website, solangemusic.com...besides that her tunes still jam from Sol-Angel, I would enjoy an outdoor showcase from her...her music rocks

fun times

fun times

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