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Every day is Father's Day for those men who put their kiddies first in their lives.   So actor Pooch Hall chatted exclusively with TheYBF.com about raising his three children (daughters Djanai and Djaeda; son Djordan) and the important role fathers play in family structure.  Find out what he said inside our post-Father's Day Monday and get the deets on his new Showtime series "Ray Donovan."

Actor Pooch Hall, who rose to fame on BET's "The Game" and is gearing up for a flashy new role in the upcoming Showtime series "Ray Donovan." According to the show's press release, Pooch plays Darryl, a young fighter who trains at a boxing gym owned by Ray Donovan's (Liev Schreiber) brother Terry (Eddie Marsan). One of the series' main plotlines revolves around the dynamics among the male characters, once it's discovered that Ray's father Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight), is also the biological father of Darryl.

With the dynamics of fatherhood running throughout his latest series, we chatted up Pooch about his thoughts on the best part about being a dad and moving on from "The Game" after some shady happenings:

On becoming a father:

I became a daddy to my younger brother - first.  When my parents were divorced, we lived with my dad.  And as an older brother, I had to help around the house.  I sorta assume the role while my dad was at work.  I had to hold it down.  To be honest, that was probably like my first taste of fatherhood.

On a father's role in the family:

I think a father is very imortant in the sense that he offers a male perspective and a male structure to the family household. I think it's important for a man to be in a child's life because he can touch on some things that moms may not be familiar.  That's why you have a mom and a dad.  I wish it was like that for a lot of familes.  Shout out to single moms.  

On leaving "The Game" due to BET allegedly having an issue with his new show:

My contract had ended and BET said, 'We're gonna get you on for season 6.'  I literally booked "Ray Donovan" a week out.  And when we were making my deal with Showtime, they knew how strong my fan based was so.....Showtime said you still can work over at "The Game."  And when I went back to BET with news and was like let's make this work, they didn't return my phone calls or emails.  Everyone was like why'd you'd leave "The Game" and I was like "I didn't leave."  It was hurtful.  I felt that we all made "The Game" what is it today."

Since departing "The Game", Pooch said he watched the first few episodes of the show (he was on the first few and he's still friendly with his former castmates) but is focusing his energy on "Ray Donovan".     

Watch Pooch Hall dish on his new role here:


"Ray Donovan" debuts on Showtime on June 30th.


Photo via Showtime



Who still watches 'the game'?

Who still watches 'the game'? Was supposed to be comedic relief. Stopped watching after season 2. *Shrugs & patiently waits for some turnip leaves*
buttons's picture

BET is really on some

BET is really on some shiester sh*t. They really knnow how to mess up a good thing. I didn't know the writers left which explains these stale storylines they've been showing lately. The thrill is gone and one person made a valid point, Colby Bell is on two shows. I guess when Melanie left, they had to remove him with her.
myopinioncounts's picture

BET network is the epitome of

BET network is the epitome of what "blacks are stereotypically known for," MESSING SHIT UP! BET will NEVER measure up to MTV and is behind most networks by far. The original cast had nothing to do with that show falling apart, it was the writing and management of the project. NOTICE how the original writers and creators mysteriously left and the show took a completely different direction. The show became dull/degrading by making the characters dysfunctional and desperate. It was bad enough when the character Kelly left, but Tia and Pooch were the focal points of that show. I really feel bad for the die hard fans like me who worked relentlessly to get that show back on the air, by signing petitions and getting other folks to do the same and this was the result? If the Game had gone back to CW it wouldn't be the mess that it is now. The quality of that show is destroyed and no "new blood" is gonna fix that. BET will hold onto the Game as long as they can b/c it's a pride thing. They think their network is the ish for some reason. But in the end they will have no choice but to cancel, because most viewers have jumped ship.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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xcnxcnerueru568's picture

I'm one of those anxiously

I'm one of those anxiously awaiting Ray Donovan, as I'm a Showtime junkie, didn't even know Pooch was in the cast line-up. I was done with The Game even before he and Tia left, the writing had just deteriorated too much. Pooch made the right decision going with Showtime.
Realist's picture

I just googled the trailer

I just googled the trailer for Ray Donovan and the show looks goooood, sort of a more complex Scandal. I was surprised, there are some heavy hitters starring in it....congrats to Pooch, that's a real upgrade.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

His new show sounds

His new show sounds interesting. Sorta kinda makes me want to get Showtime again. I'm sorry he's hurty by what happened on The Game, but the show needed new blood. It went downhill 2 seasons before he left because there was nothing left to do with him and Tia. They did everything. I love the show now. It has new life and it's exciting. Him and Tia are both working so there is no reason to be upset.
Bird's picture

Sooooo Coby Bell could work

Sooooo Coby Bell could work two shows but the star of the show, Pooch couldn't even get a phone call? Ignant azzes! Onward and upward.
SweetDivaT's picture

Even though you ain't married

Even though you ain't married to a sista (I had to throw that in there.....wink...lol) I have to give props were it's due and you did an amazing job as Derwin. The Game has been reduced to shit since you, Tia and Brittany left, so don't feel bad..........they won't be around much longer. F--K THEM!!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

BET ain't shit. Look at what

BET ain't shit. Look at what they did with 106&Park. I always wonder why they didn't get 2 new actors to play the role of Melanie and Derwin. They brought those 2 new actors, made Tasha the star and now the show isn't shit.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

What's with the "DJ" at the

What's with the "DJ" at the beginning of the names!?
CROCO BOY's picture

Awwww Pooch,,,,he's a cutie.

Awwww Pooch,,,,he's a cutie. I wish he and girl Melanie were still on the show.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Sounds like BET to

Sounds like BET to me.....Where those other 106&Park hosts at?! I kno its thee Queen Stephen Hill. You will feel her wrath honey. #fuckbet
SkeeWee's picture

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