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HUH? Tawanna Iverson Says Ex-Husband Allen KIDNAPPED The Kids!

 photo Allen-and-Tawanna-Iverson_zpsda4b7a07.jpg

Ish just got real.  The newest development in what has to be the longest most drawn out divorce saga in NBA history is that Allen Iverson is being accused of kidnapping his own kids.  Check out the deets on Tawanna filing papers on his for never returning the kids to her care...

As we all know, Tawanna Iverson filed for divorce...again...from NBA veteran Allen Iverson and it became final this past February.  But the issue of custody of their several children was still a touchy subject.

Earlier this year, the judge in the Iverson's divorce case blasted Allen for being an alcoholic and bad parent.  So it's no surprise Tawanna received full custody and Allen only received visitation rights.

 photo AllenIversonAtGreatWolfLodgeWithHisKids_zps4d118562.jpg

Clearly A.I. wasn't feeling this ish because he allegedly took the kids on a "family vacation"...and never returned them!

In legal docs just filed by ex-wife Tawanna, according to TMZ, she says Allen requested permission to take the kids (ages 3-16) to Charlotte, NC from May 22-May 26.  But on May 26th, Allen never returned!

Tawanna says she attempted to schedule an exchange of the kids in a neutral place on the 4th of June, but Allen never showed up.  Damn, so nan one of these teenagers have a cell phone to call their mama and tell her where they are?  Can't borrow one?  Hmm...

The ex Mrs. Iverson believes Allen is stashing the kids in a Sheraton hotel room in Georgia to keep them away from her.  And she believes he never took them to Charlotte at all!

Tawanna, who say shes extra concerned because he's an alcoholic who drinks around the kids, recently filed papers on Allen to get him sent to jail for failure to pay $40K in back child support.  Is it safe to assume he's doing some immature and ignorant payback?

Regardless of the reasoning, the court reportedly is looking for his ass and will be punishing him....likely with jail time.

Allen....return ya kids.


Photos: AllenIversonLive.com




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weilan's picture

I know there's 3 sides to

I know there's 3 sides to every story, HIS/HERS/THE TRUTH, but this woman has always come off as unstable to me. I remember some of her antics at some of the games back in the day when I used to live in Philly and went to some of the games.
Realist's picture

The most disturbing part

The most disturbing part about this article is knowing that she didn’t make him cut those damn braids for their wedding.
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xcnxcnerueru568's picture

no, this cant be true.

no, this cant be true. "bruthas" marry mixed and latino women because they are submissive and drama free. no woman that bright skinned would put this valuable black man through such a situation. clearly, this story is a fabrication and the Iversons are rich, healthy and living happily ever after. somebody must be "hating" on them. maybe its the illuminati or something. :-)
shugastyles's picture


LetsGetIt's picture

HA! Exactly! This must be a

HA! Exactly! This must be a figment of our imagination 'cause she aint black. We all know only black women do this and are the downfall of the black man--HILARIOUS!
BlackDiva's picture

lol. You two are funny!

lol. You two are funny!
Suga Bear's picture

These two are just filled

These two are just filled with drama!! Really sad because AI was a talented ball player. Ia am sure the kids are okay but just odd they do not have cellphones to call their mom or maybe they need a break from her. She seems like the type of mom to sit around putting down their dad all day....24/7 when you knew what type of man you were dealing with and why have soo many kids
Negrita14's picture

and chicks STILL aspire to

and chicks STILL aspire to marry and breed with a baller, huh? you can keep all of that. the money aint worth it and it runs out too fast.
shugastyles's picture

we don't really know

we don't really know everything, but what we do know is there are a LOT of bitter angry females out there holding their children hostage from their fathers. Fathers basically have no rights in this white man's judicial system. AI might be on some ish, but I'm sure he loves his children and is probably really hurting inside and doesn't know how to help himself and sometimes just being able to be around your babies' energy can help a little. I'm not justifying his actions, if it's true, but just know women do some jacked up stuff when it comes to men and their children. And the court system eat that ish up, that's why new prisons are popping up on every corner, they've found more ways to imprison black men in America and some black women don't realize they're playing into that system's hands...
Reign's picture

don't forget the angry

don't forget the angry deadbeat fathers.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Really Allen...dude must be

Really Allen...dude must be poppin Mollies w/ that juice...smdh INSANITY I say! *sips B. Mary
Like Really's picture

Brotha Iverson , you fucked

Brotha Iverson , you fucked up brotha. But how the hell do you kidnap YOUR OWN KIDS????I've seen women take their kids from men who had full custody, NOBODY EVER SAID THAT SHIT WAS KIDNAPPING. But when a brotha takes his kids and be like FUCK THE SYSTEM YALLLL MINESSS and it's time to spend some time with POPS alll hell breaks loose. But the whole black community is like this Iverson situation JUST FUCKED UP, CAUSE IT'S NEVER THOUGHT OUT IN THE BEGINNING AND THE END RESULT LOOKS A DAMN MESS and in the end SOMEHOW EVERYTHING IS THE MAN FAULT. So conscious brothas "not you clown ass negros" but conscious and aware brothas with some type of sense please know that if you get with a fucked up female and shit turns out bad EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT , THE SYSTEM IS GOING TO SAY "NIGGA IT'S YOUR FAULT", YOUR EX WIFE OR MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN IS GOING TO SAY "NIGGA IT'S YOUR FAULT", your kid's who's being manipulated by the mother is going to say "Nigga it's your fault". The samething isn't going to these women when they make fucked up decision, the system doesn't say "it's your fault for having these kids with a no good nigga" they say "this negro is going to pay or we locking his ass up AND WE GOING TO PRIVIDE YOU WITH EVERYTHING". So brothas if shit don't turn out good and you got a head on your shoulders IT'S YOUR FAULTTTTTT. BUT HEY IM JUST RANTING AND NEED THERAPY CAUSE IM HURT AND IS SAID TO HATE MY MOMMA SOO IM OUTTTT.
LetsGetIt's picture

*reading*...Oh, actually I

*reading*...Oh, actually I thought you were gonna give love to his Pro-light skin Pro biracial wife like you usual do....My bad
Tren's picture

Exactly! I bet you if she was

Exactly! I bet you if she was a regular black female, the rant on how bad black woman are would never cease. But she's mixed/latina--not a DAMN WORD about her race. This brother here is a walking contradiction; Uncle Tom aint got nothing on him.
BlackDiva's picture

The woman is black!!!!!!

The woman is black!!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

No she certainly is NOT.

No she certainly is NOT. According to YOUR standards she is NOT BLACK. You scream it at the top of your lungs everyday that mixed/latin heritage people should not be considered black, but now all of sudden (she's a bad seed) she is?!??! Get the F*?!* out here with your hypocrisy. Don't get mad when people call you out on it.
BlackDiva's picture

ANY male that has issues w/

ANY male that has issues w/ women....it ALWAYS goes back to Mom. Not just you. And vice versa for females. If u saw a shrink...the ONLY thing they'll focus on is.....your mother. There will be Subconscious things that you are NOT even AWARE OF..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I have no issues with women I

I have no issues with women I JUST HAVE AN ISSUE WITH BLACK WOMEN, cause that's who have cause me the most goddamn trouble. And also is making the community look like a damn nuke just struck itttttttttt. It aint got nothing to do with momma!!! I just have a problem with the way most black women act sameeeeeee goesss for these black mennnn but the thing is THEY COMING OUT OF BLACK WOMEN HOUSEHOLDS!!!!!!!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

That's the problem. He has no

That's the problem. He has no idea of how MENTALLY FUCKED UP he is. Whatever family he was raised in, did a number on him. Not only do the black community have to work on the issues destroying our communities, but you also have to worry that these black men will become mental cases, i.e. Kanye and Letsgetit (aka Uncle Tom).
BlackDiva's picture

Shut your ass up black woman

Shut your ass up black woman lol. You black women just don't want to take accountability for the community being fucked up!!! When im saying you are the NUMBER 1 PROBLEM, you don't know what a real family structure is suppose to be like and love silly ass negros and you fucking up each generation for your ridiculous choices and IDEOLOGY. I have yet to hear black women say "You know what... you right brotha, these black women the majority of them don't know how to pick a man, don't know how to raise children properly, poor decision making, act like men,don't know their role in a household"
LetsGetIt's picture

YOU don't like what I have to

YOU don't like what I have to say so you tell me to shut up huh?!?! How insightful! And I'm the one not taking accountability?!?!?-- Too Funny! Listen Uncle Tom, the issues in the black community are ALREADY WELL KNOWN, so you're not preaching anything NEW. All you are doing is adding devision to an already fractured community with your black women this, black women that and white/latina women are better rant. NO ONE will ever agree with you with the approach you take to highlight the issues and what's even WORSE, YOU ARE A WALKING CONTRADICTION and you don't like being called out on it; that's why you slithered back under a rock when that commentator called you out on your bullshit love of black unity all the while praising Kanye and his known white whore (married to one black man, while pregnant by another) Kim Kardashian. But I know that's how you have to do it right?!?!? , 'cause your mammie talk shit to you, so that's the only way you know how talk to black women. And what's even funnier, I know exactly where my place in the household is as I have one (husband and child), YOU DON'T! So you have no place to talk about the family structure when YOU DON'T HAVE ONE AND NEVER HAVE! And if women are lucky (black, white, purple or anything else in between) NEVER WILL!
BlackDiva's picture

well looky here. one troll

well looky here. one troll feeding another. that boy has madonna-whore complex, i dont even know why yall bother. he is mad at his mother for getting fucked (literally and figuratively) by a loser who eventually became his deadbeat father.
shugastyles's picture

@shugasnatch <--- troll???

@shugasnatch <--- troll??? Jesus is 215lbs of Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal.....smh.......
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cvnsyweyewy347's picture

The 4th of July or the 4th of

The 4th of July or the 4th of June...?
AlanaS's picture

LOL i was thinking the same

LOL i was thinking the same thing! either way, this dude is going to jail.
wildlife's picture

AI must have a really bad

AI must have a really bad drinking problem b/c he went from a star player to now he can't even hold a position over seas. So much opportunity and blessings gone to waste.
myopinioncounts's picture

He guzzle's down Blackout

He guzzle's down Blackout Juice....then does stupid shit like stealing his own kids.......**mixes a Whiskey Sour**.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

To each their own....thou

To each their own....thou shalt be judging unless thee be frowned upon by ye Olde Towne Tavern **sip sip**.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

This is so sad smh. Checkout

This is so sad smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there too
V's picture

That's a WHOLE LOT of kids

That's a WHOLE LOT of kids with someone to discover they're not wrapped too tight.
GetUrLife's picture

totally agree!

totally agree!
myopinioncounts's picture

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