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PROMO FAB: Tamera Mowry Housley, Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon & Loni Love in NEW "The Real" TRAILER

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Prepping for their daytime debut, talk show hosts Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley star in a new trailer that gives viewer a dose of "The Real". Watch the trailer inside...

During a previous post we told you about Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley heading to daytime television and now we've got a new trailer that gives viewers a dose of "The Real", before it hits the airwaves!

Beginning July 15th, “The Real,” goes on a 4-week test run, produced by Telepictures Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution on select FOX-owned stations in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston and Tampa.

We'll get to watch the opinionated ladies give both "The View" and "The Talk" a run for their money when it comes to successful women dishing their opinions on topics ranging from their own personal lives and the news of the day to beauty, fashion and relationships.  Find out airtimes and channel info here.

Watch the trailer above....

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looks like its worth

looks like its worth watching..
IslandGyal's picture


WHY THIS SHOW WON'T LAST OR WORK! Loni is not funny and is acting like the typical overweight female who likes to makes fun of herself! I never liked when smart women like Loni who by the way was an Electrical Engineer have to be the Tom and Jerry acting big black woman with the broom chasing and stomping Tom and Jerry, she is a BIG BUFFOON and a typical stereotype for being the big loud black woman! Really? I would rather see Kim Coles in her spot as the older big heavy funny woman role! Anyway! TAMAR/will be typical Tamar over the top funny at times but nevertheless annoying! TAMARA/ will be the weak one, making every topic about race or being bi-racial or being black/biracial married to a white man, and raising a bi-racial baby. Typical WEAK TAMARA! You would think her being biracial she should be over the BIRACIAL TALK but she's NOT! ADRIENNE/ Loud over-the top, DOING THE MOST ADRIENNE, her and Tamar will clash being that they both would prefer having successful music careers over being on a talk show! JEANNIE/ Another annoying personality, PHONY TYPICAL ASIAN that wants to be WHITE! This is only a few reason this show won't work! Kimora Lee is funny, Jada Smith is always TWITTING she would be good. This group is 2 mismatched to work!
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They have my support :) ....i

They have my support :) ....i rather watch them than L&HH , BBW's .......

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cant wait. nothing much on

cant wait. nothing much on tv where I live except wendy.
cassandra29's picture

llh@the thought of this

llh@the thought of this pending fiasco giving 'The View' a run for their money. The proprietor of this site must be sipping heavily on that Jesus Juice.
Realist's picture

I guess its safe to say I

I guess its safe to say I will be the only one watching......lol

No hun :) i'll be watching

No hun :) i'll be watching too!!! ...... lol

Loni Love Is Suppose To Be a

Loni Love Is Suppose To Be a Comedian...She Is Soooo Not Funny. Lame As Heyul. I Know I Won't Be Tuning In For The Foolery.
Keyths'Girl's picture

CHANGE the name... "The Real"

CHANGE the name... "The Real" really??? That's horrible. REMOVE Tamar (fake, obnoxious, annoying) and Loni Love (loud, obnoxious, ghetto). Add at least one white girl, they are trying to "appeal" to everyone right? PLEASE NOT a Kardashian. Then you might have something.
Sunshine's picture

NOPE, not interested, doesn't

NOPE, not interested, doesn't sound nor look interesting AT ALL...Tamar (eeeewww), Loni Love (eeeeewwww), same dumb a** formula with big black woman saying the most ignorant ish for a laugh
Reign's picture

The chemical they put in the

The chemical they put in the cake icing to make it look like that causes Cancerous Children............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I'm sorry but i'm just not

I'm sorry but i'm just not feeling the line-up on this show, or the show for that matter. This is just a upgraded mess from what bloggers are doing behind their computers. Not to mention this is the exact same thing. "The Talk" does on their show. LOL! at them adding the Chinese girl in as a Julie Chen look alike! Basically they stole "The Talk's" strategy. #SMH!

the cake is adorable. happy

the cake is adorable. happy to see Adrienne Bailon with "the real" job title now. Too bad the thought of listening to Tamar clucking like a chicken is such a huge turn off .
shugastyles's picture


CROCO BOY's picture

"THE REAL" !? What a ghetto

"THE REAL" !? What a ghetto name for a show!
CROCO BOY's picture

I dont think its ghetto, but

I dont think its ghetto, but I do think its ironic since Tamar's whole dna is store bought.
shugastyles's picture

I know right! I wonder whose

I know right! I wonder whose bright idea that was smh...
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