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Allen Iverson Returns The Kids To Ex-Wife Tawanna, Says He DIDN'T Kidnap Them

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Allen Iverson appeared before a judge last week in response to his ex-wife Tawanna claiming that he KIDNAPPED their 5 children and was holding them hostage in an Atlanta hotel room.


The story sounded suspicious, but very possible based on their recent custody drama, and now A.I. is speaking out...

Allen says he never kidnapped the kids.  He told the judge in a Fulton County court last Wednesday that Tawanna had full access to the chil'ren the entire time.  And Tawanna testified that just DIDN'T WANT TO drive the full 45 minutes to come pick them up.


Needless to say, the judge denied Tawanna's request to toss Allen in jail since the kids were not in danger and were not "kidnapped."  And the kids were returned to their mother right after the hearing.  And as of today, according to TMZ, the former couple have worked out some issues and now A.I. can have a bit of private time with the kids.

Sounds like there's some bitterness is prevalent in this divorce & custody drama.  And some trickery took place on Tawanna's end just to make Allen look bad to the court.  Y'all know there's certain chicks who STAY trying to get their man thrown in jail for some B.S. as payback.

Hood tales....


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If he didn't follow the

If he didn't follow the agreed return of the kids she definitely did the right thing. People are getting caught up on her words to describe it, but that's irrelevant. He needs to do what he agrees to do and nothing else; that's his problem, he's irresponsible. She's probably sick of this nigga's incompetence, arrogance and disrespect. Sounds to me like her patience has worn thin and she no longer gives him the benefit of the doubt. I remember when he physically threw her out of their house with no clothes on and locked her out of the house. A cousin had to take her in. He then goes to the cousins house and threatens the cousin at gun point. Dude is a piece of work.
jgraves58's picture

sorry but you cant pay a

sorry but you cant pay a black man to kidnap his kids. imo
SlowNeckBecky's picture

This has been so messy for so

This has been so messy for so long I'm starting to wonder if drugs or mental illness are involved. When does it end? Daaaaang.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

They need to start throwing

They need to start throwing these women in jail who waste the court's time trying to pursue a vendetta and use the law to do it!!! It's way past ridiculous and needs to be addressed...I personally know way to many men who have had to suffer because the system has done nothing about the problem. The penalties should be steep!
Money First's picture

One big circus smh. Checkout

One big circus smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there too
V's picture

Tawanna, it's one thing if he

Tawanna, it's one thing if he is not meeting the terms of the visitation agreement but it's an entirely DIFFERENT story if you're just making shit up. Your ass could end up in jail for contempt for playing around with the judge and court system. SMH.... Not a good look dear.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

I digress...poor children

I digress...poor children momma nor daddy gotta lick of dam sense! Smh..*sip sip
Like Really's picture

nothing "Fabulous" about

nothing "Fabulous" about these posts....Coonery
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