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ATHLETES & SUCH: Colin Kaepernick WORKS IT OUT In L.A. + NFLer Ray Edwards Shows Off His Hot New Boxer Body

 photo chea3_zpsfad56c3f.jpg

Hottie 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was spotted working it out in a canyon in L.A. yesterday afternoon.  Plus, NFLer Ray Edwards just did a sexy new photoshoot to go along with his new profession of boxing...

Well hello Mr. Kaepernick:

 photo chea1_zps7a22e42a.jpg

 photo chae2_zps591f859a.jpg

Colin, who took his team to the Superbowl in January, looks like he's staying in shape during the off season so he can hit the ground running in the fall.  Nice.


And speaking of hotties in pics:

 photo Ray_boxer_BampW-1_zps6a455226.jpg

Remember Ray Edwards?  The NFLer who decided his bod was too hot NOT to professionally model on the side?  He was recently with the Atlanta Falcons and the Vikings.  But now that he's a free agent, he recently started pursuing professional boxing full time.  He even did his first fight last month.  And popped up recently on BET's The Game".

Check out a few of his new boxing photoshoots pics:

 photo Ray_boxer_BampW-2_zps4376f154.jpg  photo Ray_boxer_BampW-5_zpsa230d262.jpg  photo Ray_boxer_BampW-6_zps9cdd8576.jpg 



Photos: PCN, Allen Cooley




I'm getting How YOU doin'

I'm getting How YOU doin' vibes from Ray Edwards. Nevertheless, his body is a work of art.
GetUrLife's picture

Ray Edwards hawt, boxers nose

Ray Edwards hawt, boxers nose and all! The half-breed sho got some neck, cute all the while though!
Haterate's picture

Ray & Colin are both mad

Ray & Colin are both mad SEXY! I love me some COLIN on a daily basis lol!
Beautyfulones's picture

((((RAY)))) in all caps...YUM

((((RAY)))) in all caps...YUM body shots on him all night. yes
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Man Ray is sexy!!!!!

Man Ray is sexy!!!!!
BlackDiva's picture

-_- Seriously? Kaepernick

-_- Seriously? Kaepernick plays for the 49ers. I would love to know what Superbowl you were watching that had the Chargers playing in it. SMH Fix that now.
ThatWasStupid's picture

Jesus would choke-out & tea

Jesus would choke-out & tea bag those raisin dick's
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Natasha, can you please do

Natasha, can you please do something about this spam? These trifling ads?
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interracialmatch_org's picture

Colin is a cutie. Ray is cute

Colin is a cutie. Ray is cute but that nose...........aint!
sexe757's picture

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