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CHEERS! Celebs Flock To Jay-Z & Beyonce's 40/40 Club's 10th Anniversary Party

 photo salut5_zpse9959f03.jpg

The 40/40 Club was on fire last night as owner Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce hosted the club's 10th Anniversary party.  And all their celebrity friends came out to celebrate.


Pics inside of who turned up, and Mrs. Carter's gorgeous look for the night...

T.I. & Tiny were amongst the celeb-filled guest list at last night's 40/40 Club 10th Anniversary party.  The rappers (who collaborated on "Swagga Like Us") and their wives toasted it up after a decade of keeping the doors open on the upscale sportsbar.

 photo salut15_zps40ea458a.jpg

 photo salut3_zps33313138.jpg

Beyonce shut it down as usual in this sexy Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013 cut-out dress with sheer mini panels.  The revealing white look, which she pulls off effortlessly, was accessorized with a small necklace and a gold box clutch.  Hot.

 photo salut2_zps46a4cf25.jpg

The Mrs. showed off her curves while posing it up with her hubby and athletes Gino Smith and Roc Nation Sports signee Robinson Cano.

 photo salut1_zps124229f9.jpg

TIP snapped a pic with rapper TRAE The Truth.  Is there a reason he's trying to be Ol Dirty Bastard reincarnated?

 photo salut21_zps3728ce95.jpg

Jay's homie Fabolous was there to support, along with his baby moms Emily Bustamante on his arm.

And Adrienne Bailon was there too....possibly avoiding pics with Fab since they're always accused of having something going on:

 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyO1v8EF7Tfiul_zps1a9e2f7a.jpg

 photo salut18_zps84c9be1b.jpg

"The Real" co-host snapped a pic with her bestie Emily, labelmate Ravaughn and good friend Angie Martinez.


 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyD-yz4gTBD2rl_zpsa48826e4.jpg 

 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyz1eLj6vVVCxl_zpsae85894d.jpg

 photo salut7_zps4970b478.jpg 

Jay kept it nice and tailored in his grey suit as he chatted it up with Robert Kraft (CEO of The Kraft Group) and owner of the New England Patriots.  And he chilled out with the homie Amar'e Stoudemire, who brought his wife Alexis out for a night out sans the new baby and kids:

 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyiZxcUrMMwNMl_zpsa0273e76.jpg

 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyJFCzgWdIxRdl_zps439216ed.jpg

Cute look for Alexis.  She rocked a vintage Chanel necklace to accent her Theory mini skirt and Dolce & Gabanna Marilyn Monroe shirt.  And she rocked it all with a pair of hot Roland Muret shoes.


 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyWEhZwmCtJdfl_zps8e84e5fd.jpg  

Hot 97 host and "Gossip Game" co-star K.Foxx came out to party.

 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyHXD89SP2C69l_zps18737d13.jpg

Angie Mar--who's been friends with Jay for years--and Maxwell posed for a pic.


 photo 4040Club10YearAnniversaryPartyf7nwRbt-eO6l_zpsf43918b6.jpg

Giants baller and Roc Nation Sports Agency client Victor Cruz was there to support the head honcho Jay.  He brought his girlfriend Elaina out for the party.

 photo salute11_zpsdb692b55.jpg

Jay's longtime friend, Yankees baseball player CC Sabathia, brought his wife Amber.  She kept it stylish in a Barbara Bui dress and jacket, a Chanel belt and her black sparkling Louboutins.


 photo salut10_zps504f14ba.jpg

NYC club promoter Legendary Damon popped up for the event.

 photo salut9_zps7decb94b.jpg

And the party just smelled like money as The Carters toasted it up with billionaire Robert Kraft and girlfriend, actress Ricki Lander.  At least we're assuming it did...


Photos: Mazur/Wireimage




Lmfao at how Bey had that

Lmfao at how Bey had that clutch strategically placed all night...

Robert Kraft should be

Robert Kraft should be ashamed of himself the girl looks like she could be his granddaughter. I guess money can young tail!!!!
tdixon's picture

LoveZ this power couple right

LoveZ this power couple right here. *Too lazy to throw diamonds up in the sky*
buttons's picture

Jay and Bey's body language

Jay and Bey's body language in the first photo (with TI and Tiny) say "I'm going to turn just enough to take this picture because, really, I'm better than you. I'm just being gracious." They're very closed off. Bey, if you tired hunty take your behind to bed -- ain't enough concealer in the free world to hide those bags.
Peace Silas's picture

Poor Gino Smith, he gone

Poor Gino Smith, he gone learn, he gone learn today! The Carters look great & Cruz's gf skin is flawless.
Realist's picture

Between Tiny's lips and her

Between Tiny's lips and her Husband's teeth.....I can't..............
star's picture

i wonder how does beyonce

i wonder how does beyonce "really" feel about having to hobnob with the likes of tiny...
Reign's picture

Adrian looked nice in her red

Adrian looked nice in her red dress.. Jay-Z and that Pee Wee Herman suit NO!!
IslandGyal's picture

Tiny looks like the ratchet

Tiny looks like the ratchet version of the little mermaid. She looks so damn tacky with her black bra and tattoo showing. Beyoncé looks gorgeous as always and I love Jay in a suit. Fabulous looks like he is high on coke and Emily looks like she is holding in a fart.
Suga Bear's picture

the funny thing about

the funny thing about ghetto-Ariel is that 1) she is supposed to be the more classy one out of her and Skekinah and 2) she PAYS Shekinah to do this shit to her hair!!! I truly believe this is payback from Shekinah because it aint no way this is her best work unless Tiny is one of those customers that asks for stupid shit even when the hairstylist suggests something better.
shugastyles's picture

She needs to hire an outside

She needs to hire an outside source to be her private ratchet/FOB (fresh off the boat) checker to keep her from leaving the house looking like this again. That would be money well spent.
Suga Bear's picture

Why is Beyonce holding that

Why is Beyonce holding that stupid clutch purse like that.
TeaNicole's picture

cuz she only lets people who

cuz she only lets people who PAY (at concerts) see her Titties..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Robert Krafts girlfriend

Robert Krafts girlfriend looks like his daughter. I'm sure his wife is turning over in her grave. Fabolous expression is like "damn this bitch is all of on me I can't go nowhere alone!" Me thinks Adrienne had a boob job.
PacificGirl's picture

lmao! Wait..I just caught the

lmao! Wait..I just caught the face looking over Emily's shoulder with her and Fab. #dead
TrueThinker's picture

Everybody looks good for the

Everybody looks good for the most part. Exceptions were Fab (with the special ed throwback hair) and Trae The Truth (ODB reincarnated).
BlackDiva's picture

Only time U ever see Jay with

Only time U ever see Jay with Bey....there is HEAVY Drinking involved.....lmao........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Lovin it. Rappers are the

Lovin it. Rappers are the only REAL men and role models we have on how to overcome a bad start, make a great family and wealth. Good to see Bey and Jay looking lovey dovey for a change. Why the heck is Amare there? He's not in music entertainment. Future and Ciara should have been there instead. Alexis is still insecure because it took her 4 babies, umpteen years and a baby in the womb to finally get married, and that is no love, just trickery.
cassandra29's picture

I get it - You're being

I get it - You're being sarcastic!!! BC there's NO way anyone could really believe the things u say! Finally, an explanation that makes sense!

40/40 is a SPORTS BAR Hello!

40/40 is a SPORTS BAR Hello! Rappers as role models?, how about looking at your parents, grandparents, teachers etc. Please take your meds.
PacificGirl's picture

Amare is there bc he is an

Amare is there bc he is an athlete and Jay has a sports agency now. Ciara and Future are not because neither of them is popular or successful enough right now.......but you already knew that.
shugastyles's picture

Dont u bleed for a while

Dont u bleed for a while after u have a baby? Alexis go sit down a spell! No one but Ciara wanted ur ugly ass man. Beyonce has been anti social for so long with no friends she always look uncomfortable in settings like this. imo
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Bey-Z trying 2 look like

Bey-Z trying 2 look like Gwyneth Paltrow AGAIN (bitch copies everything)....now, K. Foxx is a real black woman......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

@Jesus H. . . . isn't she

@Jesus H. . . . isn't she though¿? (re: K. Foxx) ~ she's a REAL beauty ~ even better looking in person sans make-up.
GetUrLife's picture

She stands out in these

She stands out in these photos. Thats a gorgeous woman right there!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Uhh Tiny...shit nevermind

Uhh Tiny...shit nevermind Anyhoo, low-key Bey cud care less that club has caused pure hell..lol! Now I like Vics attire, very dapper but that Maxwell does it...that is all! Smhlol..*sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

Cosign 110% about Maxwell...

Cosign 110% about Maxwell... Yassssssssssss!!!

Amare is soo dayum sexy (even

Amare is soo dayum sexy (even with that big azz nose & ugly woman on his arm)

why is victor cruz bm so

why is victor cruz bm so strange looking? thats the best K Foxx has ever looked even tho shes still rocking 100lbs of weave! y is adrienne bailon at EVERYTHING?! Emily looks sooooo happy! "yes hes finally claiming me" girl stop. and y would b & y even invite the ratchetness that is Tip & tiny???


cutethatsall56's picture

Jay and Bey look really good.

cutethatsall56's picture

@Ms.Thangfromthe. You got me

@Ms.Thangfromthe. You got me ROFLMBAO, so true, so true

beyonce looks simply

beyonce looks simply beautiful....adrienne is a pretty girl but how the hell does she keep getting invited to all these parties? victor cruz looks really handsome, i never realized what pretty skin k foxx has, and why does fab NEVER smile in pictures he takes with emily while emily looks like the happiest woman in the world??
litebrite's picture

Jay & Bey look nice: I just

Jay & Bey look nice: I just wish her hair color was darker. Otherwise she looks like a tanned white woman...T.I. must really love Tiny because she ALWAYS manages to look trashy-with her bust & tats exposed constantly. Fab looks like a deer in headlights AND like a hip-hop dancer from the 90's with that haircut. Victor Cruz's girl has an odd shape & those shoes are a no-no. Otherwise everybody else looks nice, like $.

Clearly that chick in the 3rd

Clearly that chick in the 3rd pic in the background recognizes that Bey is wearing her padded hip/butt panties. The look on her face says "uum hmm bitch, I see your fake ass, you ain't foolin nobody"....and Jay with his calculated photo of him sitting next to a billionaire in the last pic....you're not a billionaire Jay.......STOP!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Hahaha..U silly

Hahaha..U silly
Like Really's picture

I love Victor Cruz' choice of

I love Victor Cruz' choice of outfit. Jay and Beyonce look smashing. I was just imagining Beyonce with Tiny's fire engine red hair. And the answer is, Beyonce would never wear that mess. Nothing against Tiny, cuz I do like her too. But it just goes to show the difference between classy and ratchet.

If it's Jay and Bey, I love

If it's Jay and Bey, I love it. Black success. Shit like this reminds me that my hard work is not vain. #Doctorategrind
TrueThinker's picture

I weep for Alexis' uterus.

I weep for Alexis' uterus. why do they run to the club so quick after having a baby? its really not that serious, ma. cute shoes tho! Tiny looking like the little mermaid....smh. Adrienne Baillon looks phenomenal. I love that coral color.
shugastyles's picture

Yeah.....just go sit down and

Yeah.....just go sit down and let your insides and your beef curtains heal. I mean, why do you have to be out and about 24/48 hours after having a baby? And ppl think its amazing and cute.

She's wifey now so she has

She's wifey now so she has the licence to be there as against being "baby mama" b4.
Chicknchips's picture

thx for nothin bitch.

thx for nothin bitch.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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