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A WIN FOR HER: Porsha Stewart Wins SPOUSAL SUPPORT In Latest Divorce Court Development

 photo Porsha-and-Kordell-Stewart_zpsacef0543.jpg

Porsha Stewart just scored a win in this extra messy divorce she's going through with estranged husband Kordell Stewart.  Check out how the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star nabbed spousal support, despite Kordell going hard via legal documents to say she didn't have a right to it.

Whether a pre-nup was in place is still a point of contention.  Kordell's lawyers filed papers saying there would be no division of assets (which means a pre-nup is in place) and he would not pay spousal support since Porsha was "an able bodied person" who could get her own money.

But during this past season of "RHOA," Porsha specifically told the girls she has NO pre-nup with Kordell.  And it looks like it's Porsha who was telling the truth.

A Fulton County Court judge awarded the evangelist turned diva some cash in a spousal support order...so she could keep up her lifestyle on Kordell's dime.  The good folks over at Hip Hop Enquirer nabbed the docs which say that a Superior Judge ruled on the spousal support motion in Porsha's favor, and awarded her $5000 in temporary support.  And if Kordell took anything from her (remember when his low down self changed the locks on poor lil Porsha?), he's been ordered to return it or pay for it to go in storage.

As for which party will be paying the attorney fees, the judge decided to hold off on that ruling...for now.

Time to pay up Kordell...

The aforementioned docs in Stewart vs. Stewart are HERE.

Praying all this plays out on the next season of RHOA....




Yeaaaay go porscha. 5k a

Yeaaaay go porscha. 5k a month + im sure there was a lump sum payout. In atlanta thats rich! Plus she can find a job, another rich man, and she got the show. Not much, but hey its better than dwight howards baby mommas gettin.
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That's nice...*Now she can

That's nice...*Now she can keep her weave game up.........* deep sigh n' sips
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Good for her. Now tell his

Good for her. Now tell his black ass to get you a condo, since he wants to lock you out the house!
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Natasha never gets the facts

Natasha never gets the facts right. She was order "$5,000 per month" in spousal support, not just a flat $5,000. SMH.
The Real Thing's picture

yea that part was confusing

yea that part was confusing to me...I guess she forgot to add "month"
Tren's picture

I wouldnt even want his

I wouldnt even want his money. the best revenge is success and getting your own unless you're a bum. 1) the person who pays the cost is the BOSS 2) getting spousal support keeps you connected to a man that doesnt want to be connected to you.
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She should get spousal

She should get spousal support. He filed for divorce and told Twitter before his own wife. He's a lame.
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hahaha spongebob kordell have

hahaha spongebob kordell have to pay up.
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She EARNED that money (in

She EARNED that money (in Eddie Murphy's Raw voice)
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So Happy for her. that

So Happy for her. that kordell is a doosh bag and what does her being a bimbo and an airhead have anything to do with her getting whats rightfully hers?
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No comprende'...Doosh???

No comprende'...Doosh???

It has nothing to do with it.

It has nothing to do with it. Do you have a point?
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Fiona 1 Shrek 0

Fiona 1 Shrek 0
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LMAO---gold star for you!

LMAO---gold star for you!

lmao!! u is crazii!! that is

lmao!! u is crazii!! that is the perfect description.
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Jesus 1.....Beysus 0

Jesus 1.....Beysus 0
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girl....stop it!! lmao

girl....stop it!! lmao
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Arsenio 1 Spongebob 0

Arsenio 1 Spongebob 0
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Bimbo 1.....Bozo 0.

Bimbo 1.....Bozo 0.
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Airhead 1.....Blockhead 0.

Airhead 1.....Blockhead 0.
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