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SUMMER VACAY! Sasha & Malia Obama Trek It Around Germany With Mom While President Obama Makes Official Visit

 photo article-2344331-1A65EC62000005DC-996_634x637_zps700e4ef2.jpg

When you're the President's daughters, your summer vacays and family trips are all about traveling the world.  Especially when dad can bring the whole family on his work trips.  This week, the Obamas are making the most of their time in Ireland and Germany while President O does his presidential thing making official visits to the countries' leaders.


Check out First Lady Michelle, Sasha & Malia taking in the sights and their rockstar lunch with Bono....


 photo article-2344331-1A65B2C1000005DC-980_634x448_zps8768c7db.jpg

As President Obama braved the heat in Berlin as he addressed crowds at Brandenburg Gate, his fave gals did some sight seeing at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.  Even Prez O's half sister Auma made a rare appearance on the family vacay.


First Lady Michelle, Sasha, Malia & Auma had a tour guide at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and were pretty solemn while taking in the horrible stories and history:

 photo article-2344331-1A65D2BE000005DC-337_634x407_zpsdf81a743.jpg

 photo article-0-1A659635000005DC-171_634x403_zps13bcddc7.jpg

 photo article-2344331-1A65B45A000005DC-585_306x423_zps9608010c.jpg

Loving this look for Mrs. O.

 photo article-2344331-1A65CE45000005DC-510_634x435_zps96d548ec.jpg   photo article-2344331-1A65D727000005DC-9_634x417_zps3b4f2a93.jpg

   photo article-2344331-1A660CC3000005DC-373_634x501_zps7be67faf.jpg  photo article-2344331-1A662EDE000005DC-709_634x424_zps393a1572.jpg    photo article-2344331-1A6627A3000005DC-224_634x437_zps3a2ac882.jpg

Sasha just celebrated her 12th birthday June 10th and Malia is turning 15 on the 4th of July.  And these fabulous gals are growing up tall and gorgeously....so good luck with all that Mr. President.

 photo article-2344331-1A6601A6000005DC-986_634x423_zps9775cca1.jpg  photo spl559787_011_zpsab168f8c.jpg

The youngins were spotted surrounded by Secret Service as they headed back to the car.

Here's some video:

And the day they arrived:

 photo article-2344331-1A6396CD000005DC-844_634x377_zpsa4709879.jpg

 photo article-2344331-1A639D95000005DC-574_306x465_zps95deaeca.jpg

 photo INFRBinary-27_zps3d62130d.jpg

The fab family had just come from Ireland where President O hit up the G8 Summit, and the girls had a superstar lunch with rockstar Bono of U2 and his wife at a pub right outside of Dublin.  Nice!


Photos: AP/Reuters/Getty/INF



They are Fabulous! God Bless

They are Fabulous! God Bless them.
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*Sigh* I love my presidential

*Sigh* I love my presidential family.
Realist's picture

Sasha & Malia BETTER improve

Sasha & Malia BETTER improve their body language (making African Americans look bad in Germany) smh...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Those girls are Uninterested

Those girls are Uninterested and homesick as Hell.....lol
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I love Mr.President, he's

I love Mr.President, he's such a awe-inspiring human being. His humanity is geniune and real. I want to talk about how handsome he is, but that would take up most of the post.

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xbxcneryuwey548's picture

Yes. Both young ladies are

Yes. Both young ladies are developing their moms wide hips. They're beautiful!
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

That black gene!!!..God bless

That black gene!!!..God bless

Nice..wheew Malia is as tall

Nice..wheew Malia is as tall as mom and Sasha's right behind her...Fab Fam indeed! *sips spritzer
Like Really's picture

Beautiful wife +Beautiful

Beautiful wife +Beautiful daughters = Beautiful family....
lifeisgood's picture

The tall one looks like a

The tall one looks like a damn Giraffe!!!!!! and needs to STOP always holding her arm like that in Photo #6......anywho, I love how the Family travels with him sometimes. I've NEVER seen that from past Presidents..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Ignorant. My daughters and

Ignorant. My daughters and grandaughters are tall like that. They all do the same thing and will keep doing it until they are comfortable in their own skin you midget minded moron.
JewelryLover's picture

they need to be corrected &

they need to be corrected & spanked
Jesus H. Christ's picture

a lot of teenage girls do

a lot of teenage girls do that because they are self conscious about their newly developing breasts. same reason why most boys and girls going thru puberty hunch their shoulders--its because they are self conscious about their new height and want to minimize themselves, especially when they are as tall as the Obama girls are.
shugastyles's picture

wont it be lifelong unless

wont it be lifelong unless they are corrected??
Jesus H. Christ's picture

no, fool. teenagers do

no, fool. teenagers do teenage things. once they get past the stage of ppl calling them "giraffes" and learn to embrace their new bodies they'll be fine. trying to stop them from cradling themselves for security is like taking a pacifier from a baby. pacifiers arent lifelong either. babies, children, and teenagers all have their own ways of coping during different stages.
shugastyles's picture

Pacifiers are bad

Pacifiers are bad too.....they cause BuckTeeth & an Oral Fixation (i mean, if u want the kid to suck a mean dick one day...train them early..right????)......smdh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

It's called a "habit".. you

It's called a "habit".. you know like you have a habit of being ignorant over and over again.
ZenLea's picture

Thanks for teaching me about

Thanks for teaching me about the word "habit" ---> now shut your hole. ........(so, if Jesus has a habit of masturbating in public, i should just keep doing it???? because its a "habit"??? GTFOH!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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