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Ciara Keeps It Coy With Tim Westwood About Her Man Future...And Dishes Her Thoughts On Frenemy Rihanna's "Loveeeeeee Song"


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Ciara is across the pond in the UK where she's promoting the upcoming release of Ciara.  And she dished about working with Nicki Minaj, loving Future and weighed in on Rihanna's "Loveeeeeee Song" with her man.  Watch the interview inside....


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With her "Body Party" single doing well in the UK and the upcoming Nicki Minaj collab "I'm Out" about to heat up the airwaves, Ciara hopped a flight to the UK to chat with Tim Westwood about the upcoming release of her Ciara disc (July 5).  

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During their convo, Ciara discussed her bangin' abs, how much she adores her fans (the C-Squad) and she weighed in on her boyfriend Future writing Rihanna's hit record "Loveeeeeee Song."  And for the record...despite Future alluding to Rih & Ci's beef as the cause for his song with Rihanna not getting a video treatment, Ciara said she has no idea why the two of them did not shoot a video for the track.  Here are the highlights:

On Body Party.....

It's for my ladies...I wanted to go back to that energy of when the guys weren't too cool to slow grind with girls in the club. That authentic, fun party energy with a little sensuality to it.

On working with Nicki Minaj for "I'm Out"....

That record...I felt like Nicki murdered the verse. I put on Twitter, "Murder was the verse that she gave me", because she literally went in and bodied it. Also, ae just shot the video. We representing for the ladies. There'a a lot of dancing.

On Future....

The Future is very bright my love. The Future holds a lot. I'm looking forward to The Future and what The Future has to hold. The Future is very big and bright. (Very Funny CiCi....)

On Future working with Rihanna on "Loveeeee Song"....

That's an amazing record. He was very "kind." (#SubtleShade)

On the C-Squad.....

The fans are very aggressive.  They "go in".  They even go in on me sometimes....they're that aggressive.  But it's a good thing.  I'd rather you have passion and care than not say anything at all.  I can receive that.  It's genuine passionate love.

On that LA Pride lawsuit and getting "served" on stage...

We can laugh right?  You know what...I'm in my zone.  I'm good.  There's a first time for everything.  You can never know why people do things sometimes.  Honesty always wins in the end.

On working out....

Lately I've been on a chill kick with that.  I train but....I'm like it's ok to lighten up a little bit.  I haven't trained in like a month. I'm very fortunate that my metabolism is high and it doesn't take long for my muscles to kinda pop in.  


Watch the interview here:

Fans of the Fader covergirl can catch her performing at the 2013 BET Awards on June 30.


Photos via Ciara's IG




She looks great!

She looks great!
ZenLea's picture

That fact people are

That fact people are comparing to very below mediocre singers is comedy itself. Ciara is can dance but all that coochie popping is beyond old. Rihanna cannot sing or dance. If it wasn't for her marketing machine (Joe Camel) and some catchy songs she would be washed up like Tiara Marie. Ciara should have taken a page out of Janet Jackson's book to stay relevant. Janet cannot sing but you know you will get your money's worth at her shows. The same can be said about Madonna; great entertainer but not great singer. Ciara was too busy kissing Kim and LaLa's ass instead of focusing on her career. She needs to make a mends with Jazzy Pha and Missy Elliot who put her on the map from jump.
TEA's picture

ciara needs to go to college

ciara needs to go to college 'cause her music career is about finished.
wildlife's picture

Not feeling this hairstyle on

Not feeling this hairstyle on her....just not flattering....sorry!
star's picture

...ummm ciara, future was

...ummm ciara, future was "very kind" to YOU. Lol
Supermodel01's picture

Um Ciara, please sit down in

Um Ciara, please sit down in that outfit and that hair. Okay i waaaasss gona say her hair was cute, but she STAY throwing shade at rihanna! Like get your career and stop trying to remain relevant off some old ass beef. Ciara, you win more flies with honey #teamriri
Supermodel01's picture

So tired of every time she's

So tired of every time she's interviewed they have to bring up Rihanna. It's just like how they bring up Beyonce every time w/Kelly. I would tell them to not fking bring her up anymore. This is my fking time, talk about my whack ass project!
PacificGirl's picture

I so love this woman, and im

I so love this woman, and im proud of her...like that shade she threw lol i love Ri and Ci equally, i just wish the trouble maker her self would come off that high horse.
_speak's picture

i dont think ri started it,

i dont think ri started it, last time i checked, it was ciara n 2010 that went on tv 7 started talking about rihanna when she was supposed to be talking about rihanna's dress. then, rihanna responded on twitter & then they went back & forth. Then nothing happen until rihanna's friend melisaa tweeted ciara's bodyparty song on twitter but she didnt diss it. she tweet the song then said they were going to london but people took it as a diss. since then publicly, rihanna has not said a word yet ciara goes around talking about it all the time. well as long as they do their music it doesnt matter

Im tired of every time she

Im tired of every time she does an interview she has to bring up Rih's name or insinuate towards her. I know they ask them questions and all... but damn Ciara... really? Every time you come out and then fall off, you come back with some one else's steelo... I look at you and get nothing but Rihanna vibes anyway so BOO have a seat. I'm all for the black love thing and no shade or nothing but Future's voice annoys me. He did Rihanna a favor? Girl, bye. But good luck with that bright future you two. Eh.
ellemarie's picture

with her last album, it was

with her last album, it was her shade with keri hilson. since then she has mended that with her. but if you keeo getting in mini beefs, then hey...but it seems like she takes things personally when people didnt really do anything. rihanna didnt talk to her at a party so she takes it personally & says she was being mean. an industry party at that

with all the hype about

with all the hype about future no one was checking for him until rihanna kept him on the song. i use the word kept because he was not suppose to stay on the song it was rihanna's idea to keep him just like how she decided to keep Micky echo on STAY.Rihanna put this nigga in main stream and i haven't her a good song from him since
xedos's picture

that comment # SubtleShade,

that comment # SubtleShade, indeed Ciara is insinuating Future did Rihanna a favaor by having her on his track, I am not a Rihanna fan by no means but she did Future a big favor, Rihanna is a huge star which made the song a hit.
sweetpea1989's picture

Ciara and those paper thin

Ciara and those paper thin vocals..... I 'll pass on this CD jsut like the previous ones.
sweetpea1989's picture

Future is no better than

Future is no better than whatever Royce baby daddy's name is. dude got like 3 baby mamas and one possible. that shit aint cute. Ciara high off that dick tho so she cant see it right now.
shugastyles's picture

i like her but she is done

i like her but she is done after this...get Preggo & Married.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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