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FINALLY LEGAL: EJ Johnson And Friends Pop Champagne & Tags In Miami For His 21ST Birthday!

 photo ekff8d.png

EJ Johnson, the fabulously chic son of mega-mogul Magic Johnson and a few of his friends partied in Miami over the weekend to celebrate his 21st birthday.  See pics of the rich kids inside....

 photo ekjairpot.png

Since coming out publicly a few months ago, EJ Johnson has flown under the radar...but all of that may change now that's he 21 and free to party at all the hotspots in LA, NYC, Paris and London.  

And to celebrate his 21st birthday, EJ loaded up a crew of his super-rich friends recently and headed to Miami.  With his expensive new designer bags in tow. "Team this takes Miami for the queens bday extravaganza !!! Lets do the MOST"

 photo ejks94.png

On his IG account, EJ posted about his fab trip and was SURE to namecheck all the labels he wore.  

"Team this killing looks poolside. Miami is not ready #jeanpaulgaultier #saintlaurent #louboutin #chic #poolside #miami #teamthistakemiami #trynastaydrunk #Whotel #fashion #teamthis"

 photo Untitled-2.png

And each pic came with a "quotable caption".  "All my bitches look rich as fuck #chic #fashion #badbitches #doingthemost #saintlaurent #commesdesgarcons #whotel #trynastaydrunk #teamthistakemiami #teamthis"

 photo ejff43.png

"The official drink of Team This #champagne #moet #chic #badbitches #birthday #poppingbottles #trynastaydrunk #miami #teamthistakemiami #teamthis"

  photo ejrrr.png  

So now we know that EJ parties with "Team THIS", they love their labels, and they love their Moet.

 photo ej321.png

And in case you wanted to know what the super rich kid got from his dad Magic Johnson, EJ shared a pic of one of the many gifts he got during "birthday month."  

"Look what was with waiting for me when I got home from Miami gotta Luv my birthday month thx dad! #surprise #fashion #Hermes #bag #blue #chic #birthday #present #blessed #teamthis"

We're sure Cookie picked it out.  But kinda love the idea that Magic is cool enough to buy his son designer handbags.  Happy birthday EJ! We'll be watching....

Photos via EJ's Instagram/Kyle Byran Instagram





Hope this don't turn out to

Hope this don't turn out to be an utterly embarrasment to Magic while he is supporting his lifestyle of being him... I am starting to worry about magic image now that he is out and 21..this can turn ugly. He seems to not care about his father legacy, lets hope I'm wrong.

Looks like he is going for

Looks like he is going for the capes and long robes like Andrea Leon Tally. Yes, I meant to say "Andrea." SMH.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Keep drinking like that and

Keep drinking like that and he will be dead by 35...He doesn't even look healthy. He needs all types of intervention..
Missy's picture

So I guess we'll be seeing

So I guess we'll be seeing this elephant/baby whale/Andre' Leon Talley hybrid judging some reality fashion competition soon enough. Ugh!
CoCo's picture

Not hatin' but they're

Not hatin' but they're probably just friends with him because of who is father is.
Chicknchips's picture

Yep, he was probably paying

Yep, he was probably paying for everything (i.e. airfare, hotel, car service, meals, etc).
SpeakingMyMind's picture

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JewelryLover's picture

EJ Those poses and that black

EJ Those poses and that black hat Girl.... You are doing way tooooooo much
Kelli99's picture

I know in reality this is

I know in reality this is wrong but right now I'm loving him as a woman. Lol Sorry...Love the pic when all his friends had on shades too. Sorry. Lol
cutethatsall56's picture

Glad to see that his parents

Glad to see that his parents are loving and supportive. I don't see any difference between him and the rappers who are also, giving shout-out's to luxury designers; so get over it. Happy B-Day EJ! Enjoy your life and don't even bother giving a "F" what black people or people in general have to say, because you only get one life, so enjoy it to the fullest.
CincinnatiYBF45214's picture

He's so slippery!!

He's so slippery!!

That chile is NOT fabulous.

That chile is NOT fabulous. What is the world coming to when a Daddy buys his son (i.e. name sake) a handbag/purse for HIS birthday. I'm not saying don't love him. I'm not saying reject him BUT Magic, do you really need to buy him purses?
SpeakingMyMind's picture

I am with you on this, you

I am with you on this, you can love them and support htem but contribute to this God forbid lifestyle is not right - but who am I, do you boo. I can't deal for real...he better spend some of that money on a dietician or trainer. He seems to be blowing up!

This is just stupid and the

This is just stupid and the dude is obese...
ZenLea's picture

I just can't!!! The whole

I just can't!!! The whole idea of gay men acting like women and wearing women clothes is killing me. Damn the world is fuck up. I'm when did we come to this. If you are gay you gay . Acting like a woman when you are a gay man should not be a requirement. You still have a dick in between your legs. If you believe you should be a woman transition. I can't.
DontKare's picture

How do you feel about the

How do you feel about the females that act like men, dress like men, and also are attracted to females? Is it just the males that dress and act like females that you dont like or agree with?
Eirs M.'s picture

I bet his "extra" is always

I bet his "extra" is always turned up to a 10! personally I like subtle gays. Never smother your sons let them be manish and play in dirt
SlowNeckBecky's picture

something went terribly wrong

something went terribly wrong in the matrix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #somethingwrong
karmaforsheeple's picture

Gemini oh ok....No wonder

Gemini oh ok....No wonder he's Flaming..........lol
star's picture

Whyyyy does EJ strike me as

Whyyyy does EJ strike me as one of those snobby rich kids your parents forced you to play with as a child that never liked to share any of his toys.... SPOILED MUCH????? lol I'm just Jealous Cuz hes FABULOUS .... 2SNAPS IN A CIRCLE... HBD
RoseRelations's picture

And I'm sure Magic is footing

And I'm sure Magic is footing the bill for all this tomfoolery. It's time for Cookie and Magic to make this negro get a job.
TeaNicole's picture

But really now that he is 21

But really now that he is 21 is he going to do something productive with his life besides partying and popping bottles. eJ there is so much more to life than this.
TeaNicole's picture

OMG I LUuuuv him. lol he

OMG I LUuuuv him. lol he really don't care and I love that. Be you boo...live YOUR life how you want to...not how others think you should.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Waste of Human

Waste of Human Flesh......straight or gay....get a job faggot!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I bet most of those people

I bet most of those people are just hanger-ons looking for free liquor, meals, drugs and limo rides. I bet they not footing da bill for an appetizer.
Somerknight's picture

LoL...and u know it!!!

LoL...and u know it!!! Smh..#Leeches
Like Really's picture

I know Magic & Cookie are

I know Magic & Cookie are just sick. Having a gay son is one thing but have a big ole sissy is another. Even if he want to be a fashionesta he could at least lose some damn weight. He look 39yrs old. Give him a salt & pepper wig & he look like fat boy over at Vogue magazine who is always in judgement of underweight models.
Somerknight's picture

Don't make me laugh...ya'll

Don't make me laugh...ya'll are stupid.

....*deep sigh...smdhlol luv

....*deep sigh...smdhlol luv the Hermes bag tho! *mixes new cocktail
Like Really's picture

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