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HEAT-PEAT: The Miami Heat Are The 2013 NBA Champs! LeBron James Named MVP

 photo 2013-06-21T042721Z_569513536_TB3E96L0CDG32_RTRMADP_3_NBA-FINALS_zps1d636225.jpg

LeBron, Dwyane & co. just copped another ring!  The Miami Heat just became your official 2013 NBA Champions for the second time in a row...

It's a Heat-Peat!  The Miami Heat repeated grabbing another championship title Thursday night at American Airlines Arena in front of a capacity crowd that was a sea of white (tees that is).

In a nail biter of a game that had everybody on pins and needles, Miami came out on top in a tough 95-88 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

And, as you would expect, LeBron James--the current MVP of the regular season--was named the MVP of the Finals for the second time in a row.  When asked how he felt about all the negativity he faces from critics and folks off the court, Bron Bron pretty much said he couldn't give a damn,  and even quoted his frenemy Lil Wayne:

I can't worry about what everybody says about.  I'm LeBron James from Akron, Ohio, from the inner city, and I'm not even supposed to be here.  That's enough.  Every time I walk into the locker room I see a #6 with James on the back, I'm blessed.  So what everybody say about me off the court don't matter.  I aint got no worries!

Congrats on your new rings fellas!


Photo: Reuters




that's right bron bron u

that's right bron bron u worked hard for that trophy #phuckthemhaters#
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Such a great game...it was

Such a great game...it was neck and neck, it was nerve wrecking. They were both hungry, and were a great team....but uh, Im rooting for Lebron though. Congratz to the Heats!!!
Tren's picture


CONGRATS TO THE HEAT!!!! People kill me dissecting games & players & stats--AGAINST Miami but the #s don't lie!!! LOL--LeBron just got his 2nd ring & like they said on ESPN last night, he is only 28. He does not have to get as many rings as MJ or Kobe to prove how great HE is. The point is HE is winning HIS way & has many years left, assuming he doesn't get hurt. LeBron doesn't hype himself up--the public & the media do that & then try to tear him down, Yet he keeps winning, keeps getting MVP awards, LOVES IT! I was rooting for Miami all along & always will because they focus on the GAME, No trash talk, no fighting--just goin' hard in the paint! They always shake hands with their competitors, always respectful of coaches & fans too. And much respect to the Spurs--they were on Miami's ass the whole series. Truly the 2 BEST teams in the league--but the RIGHT team won.

I agree. Go Heat!!

I agree. Go Heat!!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Good game. Glad for the Heat.

Good game. Glad for the Heat. They won fair and square.
Keys's picture

no one said the game wasn't

no one said the game wasn't fair. Just that Lebron is overrated as a basketball player. The greatest player on the planet played like a high school bball player through half of the series, matter of fact, half the playoffs.
rollo109's picture

I was pulling for the Spurs.

I was pulling for the Spurs. Yes, Miami won, but they are not no big three. They played a team that everyone counted out and the key players are old and Miami struggled throughout the series. Miami struggled to beat teams that had various injured star players. Miami is over stacked and should have swepted all the teams if they have the so-called "best player on the planet" along with three other supper stars (Wade, Bosh, and Allen). Lebron is definitely not no MJ and he is just a cry baby. People please stop comparing him to the greats (MJ and Magic) and he is just overrated.
rollo109's picture

People don't realize how

People don't realize how GREAT M.J. was...he ruled the Earth before the internet.....word-of-mouth spread across the planet.....other Countries started playing/learning Basketball b/c of Michael Jordan.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I was pulling for the Spurs

I was pulling for the Spurs b/c I absolutely love Tim Duncan! He's definitely a classy guy and a bona fide leader! Kawhi Leonard was in beast mode last night and that young man should expect even greater things to come his way!! Congrats to the Heat!! I'm not a Heat fan but they played their hearts out and worked hard for that win. Hats off those guys!!
holmesa925's picture

Ditto that. I was just

Ditto that. I was just saying how Tim came across as a cool, no drama kinda guy. Get on the court and work; get off the court and go home to his family.
Chicknchips's picture

Congrats to Lebron and the

Congrats to Lebron and the Heat! I could not watch do to how crazy the last game was before this one was. I was sure they would lose but they pulled through. I'm happy for Ray Allen as well but Bosh needs to be traded and so does SHE-WADE at times during these play offs both of these FOOLS just CHECKED-OUT! She-Wade and Bosh must GO! I like Tim Duncan and felt bad for him but dude needs to go home and take care of his CHEATING ASS WIFE! I can't stand that MIGHTY MOUSE looking Tony Parker I'm glad he didn't win with his B-ASS self! Tim sorry for you not for Tony! I love Lebron but he needs to learn how to be more like Kobe and MJ and let the BEAST in his game come out! Just release the BEAST LEBRON! Go Heat!
Shay's picture

i will say...for as much

i will say...for as much pressure LeBron has on himself....he got the job done. I respect him..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

not happy. fuck.

not happy. fuck.
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teddy1's picture

IM a Heat fan but I did feel

IM a Heat fan but I did feel bad for the Spurs


Annale's picture

Congratulations to the home

Congratulations to the home team! What yall haters gotta say now? We partying in MIA! #6 is King!
Sunshine's picture

Congrats Lebron! It's good to

Congrats Lebron! It's good to see he doesn't care about the hate because people are just vicious with their Lebron animosity. I mean you don't have to like him but damn, some people really need to calm down when it comes to him.
IslandVibez's picture

Man...the Spurs had game

Man...the Spurs had game 6...*sigh* That damn Jesus Shuttlesworth
ACTS's picture

Great series, but I wanted

Great series, but I wanted the Spurs to win. I always feel for the loser, but that's the nature of it-one left standing.
OneLove's picture

I didn't care who won but it

I didn't care who won but it was a great game. Congratulations Miami Heat!!
SpeakingMyMind's picture

I hate it... congrats Ray

I hate it... congrats Ray Allen, but I hate it
Peace Silas's picture

Great Job!

Great Job!
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