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INSTAGRAM SHOW OFFS: Nicki Minaj And Solange Letting It All Hang Out

 photo nickiess.png

International fashionistas (in good and bad ways) Nicki Minaj and Solange having been flaunting their assets and fabulous bods all over Instagram. See their latest pics inside and get the deets on what the ladies are up to....


Courtesy of Scaff Beezy, Nicki's hypeman/rumored boo, Nicki Minaj RT'd his throwback photo of her ta-tas on her Instagram recently.  It's actually a pic from the set of her W magazine cover shoot from last year.


 photo clappers-video-1_zps7abe036e.jpg

And in addition to surfing through vintage photos, the rapstress is back on her "features" grind and recently posted a photo from the set of Wale's upcoming video for "Clappers" with Juicy J.  It seems like Nicki is deep into her "features" hustle since chick has hopped on pretty much every single that's on the radio right now--French Montana also recently called on her to lend a hand, she's on Mario's "Somebody Else' track all over the airwaves.

And she recently lent her Jamaican accent to Busta Rhymes' Pharrell-produced new song "Twerk It" Check out the BTS video of the twerk offs that all the big booty chicks are about to re-enact in their living rooms:

We're not mad at her for getting money!


And over in Croatia.......

 photo solatinsf.png

Solange Knowles let her box braids hang low after a whirlwind schedule of performances around the globe for her True EP.  She tweeted, "6 shows. 5 days. 7 flights. 5 countries. And now. A 4 day vacation." Nice!

The flawless singer showed off her hot bikini bod while laying out in a cute printed bandeu bikini with high wasited bottoms.

And through a series of Vine videos from the exotic locale, we see Solange taking a swim in the ocean, strutting down the sidewalk and switching up her hairstyles.

Check out Solange taking a dip in the waters of Croatia below:


And one more...

Fun times.....


Photos via Scaff Beeezy Twitter/Nicki Minaj Twitter/Solange Twitter



Ahmmm Nicki..as a REAL

Ahmmm Nicki..as a REAL Jamaican...try again...and our whole movement is not just...that...
OneLove's picture

Nicki's boobs look good. I

Nicki's boobs look good. I mean as good as money can buy you. A lot of fake boobs dont look good naked. They look harsh, lopsided, stretched, scarred, etc. but from what i can see, she paid good money to have hers done well.
Supermodel01's picture

Sorry I find Solange to be

Sorry I find Solange to be the prettier one between her and Bey. The fact that Solo rocks her natural look and Bey keeps it real other tells me which is more beautiful--the one not trying to look like other. Bey natural must have some real strong, man type features. Lawd.
fireinside's picture

If i didnt see that sista's

If i didnt see that sista's face id swear it was a white woman body they showed.
LetsGetIt's picture

Minaj is so desperate for

Minaj is so desperate for attention. I guess MC has been getting to many headlines lately
Somerknight's picture

*kendrick lamar vc* ..i'm on

*kendrick lamar vc* ..i'm on instragram looking at your favourite singer, debating on should i should fuck or jump on her single...
buttons's picture

Solange is so fine!!!

Solange is so fine!!!
BigJohn's picture

wonder how much NIcki paid

wonder how much NIcki paid for those boobs?

nicki STOP IT!!!! you're

nicki STOP IT!!!! you're doing the most lol
sonya.f.baby's picture

Solange just seems like she's

Solange just seems like she's a real cool, down to earth type of chick that will snap out on that ass if you cross her...i like her!

Ugh! How can i put this

Ugh! How can i put this nicely? hmmmmm. I just can't! Nicki you just refuse to accept the fact that your time is limited. I mean c'mon! the fake booty looks clownish right now! and for you to keep flexing and flaunting it like you got it from ya mamma; is just plain embarrassing right now. Just know those guys aren't laughing with you. They are laughing at youuuuuuuuuuuuu. Wake up! Now you stealing your homegirl's FoxyBrown style with your jamaican sound. How lame are you. Get rid of that tired blonde wig and go in hiding. Your album flopped, now you back trying to make some pennies doing features. Girl please disappear. Seriously!

Solange looks nice. Nikki's

Solange looks nice. Nikki's flame retardant-plastic ass & blonde hair really make me sick. Ugh...

Her breasts are obviously

Her breasts are obviously fake. There's no way natural breasts that big would be able to sit up so high. I'm not mad at Nicki for getting money, but I really wish she would go away. She's like a cancer to this society and she is subliminally teaching young girls that you have to have big breasts and booty to be successful and to make men want you. Ummm no!
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

BLACK TRASH (excluding

BLACK TRASH (excluding solange).
wildlife's picture

Nicki's breasts look great!

Nicki's breasts look great! And Solange's vacation looks heavenly. Every woman should love the body she has, whatever shape color or size, as long as you are healthy and energized and ORGASMIC doing it. This is the Oshun Lifestyle, for women everywhere to love themselves. This is the Orgasm Lifestyle, for women everywhere to aCUMplish all of their dreams. find out more for upgrading the Bliss in your life here http://theoshunlife.yolasite.com twitter.com/OrgasmLifestyle
OshunLifeOrgasmLife5's picture

Minaj need to let the

Minaj need to let the stupidity in her "hang off" rather than exposing those disgusting watermelons of hers which are about to explode!!
Let's get it poppin's picture

Jesus would never get tired

Jesus would never get tired of banging Nicki (if i could rip out her voice box)...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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