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MAKE IT STACK: Jay-Z Is OFFICALLY A Licensed NBA & MLB Agent! + Diddy's REVOLT TV Nabs Deal With Time Warner Cable

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Rapper and media mogul Jay-Z is now a licensed NBA & MLB agent.  Get the deets on his newest accomplishment inside and find out which cable subscribers will get the first look at Diddy's "Revolt TV".....


Months after announcing the creation of Roc Nation Sports, rapper Jay-Z is now an officially licensed NBA & MLB agent. It was his first hurdle to entering sports agency space. But there's one hitch. Before the rapper can officially represent new clients, he'll have to sell off his 1% stake in the Brooklyn Nets!  And folks like ESPN aren't too sure he's done that just yet.

Once that happens, the rumor mill suggests that Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant will be his first client.  Mr. Carter partnered with CAA to sign on his current roster of Robinson Cano and others.

On the NFL side of things, ESPN also reports that officials are still determining if Jay violated the industry's "runner rule" when Roc Nation signee Geno Smith tweeted a pic of himself hanging with the mogul.  As of now, Jay is not certified with the NFL and should not be making contacts with the athletes.  Tisk tisk.

We sure hope Jay's legal team sorts out the NFL deal pretty soon. The rumor mill is also suggesting that New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is on his way to the Roc if not ALREADY signed, but that could be problematic too since Victor partied and posed for pics with Jay on Monday for the 10th anniversary of his 40/40 sports bar.  Hmm....maybe Jay-Z's team needs to run "interference" and keep him away from potential clients.  

We'll keep you posted about Jay's NFL certification.


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And in other new business ventures....

Earlier today, Sean 'Diddy' Combs proudly announced that his Revolt TV has partnered with Time Warner Cable. Through the recently inked deal (Diddy posted video of himself going to sign the papers), the new cable music channel with reach TWC's network of 12 million subscribers. Diddy celebrated his new deal during an interview with the NY Post saying,

“It is rare in this time to be able to get carriage and to get a company as prestigious as Time Warner to believe in you and to commit to you.”  And on Twitter, he wrote, "It was all a dream I use to read word up Magazine" Now this is happening".

So when can music fans get a first look at Diddy's channel? For now, the launch has been pushed back from July to October. Though Diddy and Steve Stoute's Translation, Inc. pitched the fall launch during a presentation in Cannes, sources told the Post that the mogul is still trying to drum up investors and additional funding.

But based on his prior success with Bad Boy and Ciroc, we have no doubt that Diddy will be able to make this happen.  And after he does solidify his funding, we look forward to seeing him do another victory dance outside of his private jet.  

Boss moves indeed.


Photos via FameFlynet/Ben Gabbe/Getty Images North America/Steve Stoute



Ain't mad at them if the

Ain't mad at them if the opportunity is there take it...who wouldn't. they have established themeslves as business men that are successful and they have a large following. God Speed to them both and I hope they are always giving back to their communities and other charities.

Great! Good to see black men

Great! Good to see black men (who actually like black women) doing it! So proud of these two handsome brothas. I wish them the best in their endeavors. They are truely inspiring to all people!
Supermodel01's picture

ZERO chance lights are on

ZERO chance lights are on when Camel humps Bey #PitchBlack......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

All of this negativity, JayZ

All of this negativity, JayZ is just the face of the company, he has qualified agents working for him, his fame/celebrity will attract the big name athletes.
sweetpea1989's picture

May be true but who cares, he

May be true but who cares, he still is the boss apparently, in this situation you just presented. They will come and he will be paid the big bucks.

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jackfr's picture

Jay Z is the definition of a

Jay Z is the definition of a true hustler! You lame ass rappers pretending to be rich need to take notes. He made the Blueprint for you dumb asses so what else do you need? “Fuck rich, let’s get wealthy.” The Roc is in the building!
Suga Bear's picture

I know thats riiiight!!

I know thats riiiight!!
Supermodel01's picture

Hmmm, I don't know about

Hmmm, I don't know about this. Does Jay have what it takes to be a good agent? I assumed that he would be more like the face of the agency but is he actually going to be holding athletes' hands and basically being their mama, lawyer, doctor, financial planner and all the other things many agents do?
IslandVibez's picture


Like Really's picture

this is so young black and

this is so young black and fabulous. you can say what you want to now but Puff and Jay are going in the history books!
shugastyles's picture

not NFL tho....stay outta the

not NFL tho....stay outta the Big Business Bitch!!!!!!! NFL #1
Jesus H. Christ's picture

As long as Camel does it

As long as Camel does it legally.....good luck to him.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

...>Yea And he'll leave u

...>Yea And he'll leave u High n Dry in the end! Smhlol..*sips Americano
Like Really's picture

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