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"RHOA" TIDBITS: Sheree Whitfield LANDS Gig With "Necessary Roughness" + Kenya Moore RESPONDS To EVICTION, SAYS Landlord Is JEALOUS Of Her

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It looks like Sheree Whitfield is "going Hollywood" with a new role on the USA series "Necessary Roughness".  Get the deets on Sheree's new gig inside and see what Kenya Moore had to say about her recent eviction.  

 photo sheree.png 

Former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield seems to be taking her acting seriously (well as seriously as she can) as she's posted a few pics from the set of the USA series "Necessary Roughness".

Sheree has been cast to star in a series of webisodes called "TK Gets Real".  In six episodes of the interactive web series, Sheree plays herself and sets out to teach football player TK (played by the sexy Mechad Brooks) how to prepare himself for reality tv.

Sheree tweeted,

"Hey guys, join me while I watch @necroughness and make sure u catch Nico's webisodes u might see a familiar face. Live 2night at 10pm est #RealReality #NecessaryRoughness #IamSheree"

Congrats to Sheree!  Wonder how Chateau Sheree is coming along.


In other ATL news......

 photo KenyaMooreArrivalsPeeplesPremiereHollywoodTn5FbuImd54x.jpg

We told you previously about "RHOA" star Kenya Moore being evicted from her home and now she's speaking out.  This morning, Kenya called into "The Wendy Williams Show" to share her side of the story.  Here are the highlights:

On the eviction:

"So first off, I want to go back to the ruling. First of all, we never got notice of our court date so that’s going to be overturned and we’ll have another court date, so it isn’t over until the fat lady sings.  Secondly, this is absolutely absurd! I’ve paid this woman nearly $52,000 in rent and she has a $6,000 security deposit of mine. I have paid her May rent and paid her June and my lease is up in three weeks, so this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.”

On almost having to get a restraining order on the landlord:

"When I didn't move out when she wanted me to (she had to give me 60 days notice) it was like everyday she was coming in and out of the house. I almost had a get a restraining order against her."

On her landlord being jealous:

"I don’t know if it’s necessarily so personal. She's taking her ex-husband (back) to court. I can’t help I live a fabulous life and she can no longer afford to be in the house."


Watch the interview here:



Photos via Sheree Whitfield IG/Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America




Yeah Sheree and Kenya get you

Yeah Sheree and Kenya get you some proactive stat.
TeaNicole's picture

Congrats Sheree'! I'm ready

Congrats Sheree'! I'm ready to see this lady win. She needs some victories in her life.
CoCo's picture

How are you FAB and can't

How are you FAB and can't hire a decent make-up artist?

oth of these women live

oth of these women live inside their heads!!!! Nutt Cases at best!!! Kenya, ain't nobody jealous of you, especially not jealous if they saw that picture above with your hair flying every where and that unbeat face!

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cvmvcmftfgj548's picture

Kenya shut the f*ck up!

Kenya shut the f*ck up! Everybody, let you tell it, is jealous of your greasy/ashy ass. No judge would rule in her favor if she was wrong even if you didn't bring your black ass to court. Get you a one bedroom apartment or loft and twirl you ass back to reality chick.
JewelryLover's picture

Kenya please. A person cannot

Kenya please. A person cannot legally evict any one simply because they are jealous. The courts need more than that.,..
KENNEDY78's picture

"She can no longer afford to

"She can no longer afford to be in the house" Clearly your ass can't either...this woman my god, she works my nerves.
_speak's picture

Congrats Sheree, maybe you

Congrats Sheree, maybe you can finish building that house, or here's an idea, buy one cash that you can afford! KENYA why does your beautiful face look like a brillo pad? Stop with the botulism shots and acid peels please
getyourlife33's picture

Kenya sounds like Bey-Z

Kenya sounds like Bey-Z STANS..when all else fails just say pull the "jealous" card...lolololol
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Web show? Thank goodness

Web show? Thank goodness cause nobody is checking for Sheree. Do they cancel web shows?
SpeakingMyMind's picture

they'll make an acceptation

they'll make an acceptation
Peace Silas's picture

just skip to the next report;

just skip to the next report; 'Necessary Roughness' has been CANCELED
Peace Silas's picture

@honeyroseM ON IG

@honeyroseM ON IG
RoseRelations's picture

Sheree wasn't the best

Sheree wasn't the best actress from what i remember! I hope she took some acting classes. Kenya get your receipts because so far the courts are not are her side!
RoseRelations's picture

Adult acne is a bitch.

Adult acne is a bitch.
Tehara's picture

kenya has potholes in her

kenya has potholes in her face.... wow. bad skin for real. smh
buttons's picture

Maybe she needs to speak to

Maybe she needs to speak to JLo and find out how to get that JLo glow.
Chicknchips's picture

kenya (along with vanessa

kenya (along with vanessa williams) have always had bad skin.
wildlife's picture

yes they have...they try to

yes they have...they try to cover it up by botoxing..it makes it worse...
ZenLea's picture

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