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Jay-Z Gives Sneak Peek Of New Music In SECOND "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Trailer + Waka Flocka Readies Some Foolishness With "Rapper" Amanda Bynes

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Jay-Z is letting fans in little by little on his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail.  The rapper just released a second trailer for Samsung & his new album, plus Waka Flocka is wilin' by helping Amanda Bynes do a rap album....


In his second trailer for the Magna Carta Holy Grail album, Jay-Z is in the studio with Timbaland working on some hot beats and talking about pushing out 4 more tracks that week.  Jay has teamed up with Samsung to market his new album via an app of the same name as the album.  And the first 1 million people to download the app will cop that LP for free. 

Jay says he's ready to change the rules of the internet, and these are the first steps.  Check out the new trailer above.


And speaking of rappers:

 photo wakaamanda_zps7f5676c6.jpg

We're not sure what Waka Flocka is up to other than capitalizing on the publicity the train wreck that is Amanda Bynes is getting, but he's helping chick with a new rap album.

Yep, the child star turned teen star turned walking foolywang material Amanda wants to be a rapper.

Waka told TMZ that even though the deal isn't signed yet, he's already started writing songs for Amanda and has been in touch with her several times.  He's also producing her album called Shots.  And he says she's not the train wreck she makes us think she is.  Really?

"It's going to be crazy hot.....She has it all together to me. She is cool as hell and ready for the rap world. I think she is going to kill the game."


Photos: Youtube/Waka's Instagram/Amanda's Instagram





Preach Jesus!

Preach Jesus!
getyourlife33's picture

Black men doing great

Black men doing great things!!!!! Keep going
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Gay-Z is a Fag who uses his

Gay-Z is a Fag who uses his Lips on Warren Buffets dick.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

We can tell you don't have a

We can tell you don't have a job. All your energy is spent being jealous of Beyonce and Jayz.
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star's picture

Yeah that coming from a NOT

Yeah that coming from a NOT SO HOT RAPPER!! Omg she trying to be like Miley or Iggy, my child no its not a good look for you, I feel it...im about to hit the "Doing to much" button on her...*deep sighs*
_speak's picture

I thought he was retiring 3

I thought he was retiring 3 cd's ago. It's really time. Every time I hear JT Suit & Tie song on the radio and Jay verse come up I just keep wonder WTF is he rapping bout. When your guest appearance on a white boy song is wack it's time to sit down.
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It is so SAD how Natasha is

It is so SAD how Natasha is such a STAN of Jay Z she can't even post the TRUTH about Jay Z going on a TWITTER RANT about BILLBOARD not counting his 1 million albums sold because Samsung are the ones buying the 1st million. So WHY SHOULD BILLBOARD COUNT/REPORT THIS? Jay Z wants so BAD to be in the category of other rapper's and musician's selling A MILLION in the 1st week! NOT! GUESS what? they all sold albums the RIGHT LEGIT way, their FANS went out and BOUGHT it. They did it FAIR AND SQUARE, not having a company like Samsung buying the 1st million so it can LOOK LIKE HE SOLD A MILLION ON OPENING WEEK! SORRY BUT IT DID NOT WORK THIS TIME! The ANNOYING COMMERCIAL FOR HIS ALBUM was Jay being his NARCISSISTIC SELF, trying to force himself on folks. Huffington Post ran the story about how mad he is about this and his TWITTER RANT! Does Nastasha even know how to be OBJECTIVE when posting stories! Jay Z is such a NARCISISIST and can't take when people SHUT HIM DOWN! BILLBOARD SAID THEY WON'T REPORT IT AND RIGHTFULLY SO BECAUSE HE WAS BEING A SNEAKY CON ARTIST LIKE ALWAYS! NATASHA NEEDS to REPORT the GOOD and the BAD! Diddy is actually the better BUSS MAN unlike Jay Z his clothing line made it and was actually a LEGIT CLOTHING LINE. Jay z's Roca wear went bust! Jay Z's ARMADALE VODKA WAS A FAIL, unlike Diddy's CIROC which is a SUCCESS! Diddy's is moving on to water and a cable channel. I DON'T THINK I KNOW WHO IS THE BETTER BUSS MAN! Diddy not Jay will be the last man standing just look at the track record!
Shay's picture

HA..Tell'em why u mad

HA..Tell'em why u mad @Shay...bcuz they dont really know!! Smhlol..Gotta luvs it! *sip sip
Like Really's picture

BOL at the title "Wacka

BOL at the title "Wacka Flacka readies some foolishness with rapper Amanda Bynes" yall are so funny!!! I always read the captions in a sarcastic tone.
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Camel is 6 decades

Camel is 6 decades old....stick 2 being a Jew Agent/Camel
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