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DOUBLE JOINTED: Rihanna & Her Bestie Hit Up A Weed Haven In Amsterdam

 photo INFphoto_2585607_zps4b384501.jpg

Rihanna stopping in every weed head's fave place for a two-night stint at the Ziggo Dome tonight and Monday night.  So the pop diva arrived a few days early to partake in some serious blunt action.  Check out Rih hitting up a "coffee shop" with her bestie and double fisting it with two joints...

 photo AmericansingerRihannaseenleavingGreenhouseVvoudzXdnbKl_zps6555efa7.jpg

In a pink veiled beanie hat and denim overalls that only Rihanna could pull off, the singer threw on her Converse and hit up the Greenhouse Coffee shop in Amsterdam Saturday.  She was spotted leaving out with her best friend Melissa Forde after spending 4 hours inside smoking marijuana.

 photo spl566512_011_zps7878d264.jpg

 photo wenn20460307_zps9d82948b.jpg

She posted a few photos from inside and showed off her skills:

 photo 8671d38adb8011e2a74122000aeb10b1_7_zps30ac905c.jpg

 photo 02835354db8111e2ac8a22000a9e2947_7_zps27c01637.jpg

 photo 97f9a00adb6811e2bc7922000ae90d97_7_zps20ae0d9e.jpg  photo 0c2ed52cdb6811e2b23022000a1f9ad5_7_zps828bafd9.jpg   

Check out their Instagram video HERE of the besties smoking out (even though Rih didn't realize they were shooting vid instead of a flick).  Maybe it's all this weed that has Rih a bit TOO mellow while performing....and it's causing her to get these bad reviews of her Diamonds World Tour performances.

Keep it cute Rih.


Photos: INF/WENN/Rihanna's Instagram/Pacific Coast News




i want to see your black lips

i want to see your black lips rih...
buttons's picture

These antics are getting Old

These antics are getting Old REAL Fast. ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼
GetUrLife's picture

I said it before and I'll say

I said it before and I'll say it again....she is one PUFF away from being the next Lindsay Lohan.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Lmao some people just have a

Lmao some people just have a stick so far up their ass. Come down you act like she's shootin up heroin. She is just having fun. Idk why people are even acting surprised. Rihanna loves weed. What city is she in? Amsterdam so obviously this was bound to happen.
Monae's picture

Rih..I like you..but there is

Rih..I like you..but there is such a thing as over-indulgence....Pull It back a little...Just a little.
MissionXX's picture

she looks dumb as fuck.

she looks dumb as fuck. anything for attention. girl bye!
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

It's not cool, not chic, not

It's not cool, not chic, not groundbreaking, not pushing the envelope, not being a trend setter, etc. She is sick and needs help. Too much of anything is simply not good. I am watching someone who has no boundaries in her life and will do anything she wants. And want she seems to want is everything that's not good for her. She is a SINGER...and if she cares about her craft and her fans, she would not be PUFFING spliffs like she is a rasta high priestess. This is sad..
OneLove's picture

This ain't cute. Rihanna

This ain't cute. Rihanna drinks & smokes waaaay too much. She is partying out of control like alot of young celebs who get famous & rich waaaay too soon. All of these youngins-her, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, etc need to take 2 years off from the industry to unwind & be normal.

Melissa's starting to look

Melissa's starting to look like she and Whiz Khalifa were seperated at birth!
Burself's picture

you stole theeeee thought in

you stole theeeee thought in meh head! LOL! no wonder her face be looking hard!!
buttons's picture

Yes she does look like

Yes she does look like Wiz...............Omg LMAO!
star's picture

In my view,there is nothing

In my view,there is nothing more than can be said about Rihanna that has not previously been said. She continues to be a wild,classless,reckless,immature,irresponsible buffoon who reguardless of whether or not her family,friends,fans,management team or seemingly clueless record label has the courage to come to the realization or not that Robin Rihanna Fenty has a serious and severe alcohol and drug problem that will end both her career and her life is she is not confronted about her deplorable behavior over the past 2 years by someone of whom has the concern for Rihanna as a person and not a commodity for money to be made and I sincerely hope for her sake that it happens soon.

Jay Z is a greedy jew & will

Jay Z is a greedy jew & will work her to death
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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