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Kelly Rowland PERFORMS "Kisses Down Low" & "Motivation" ON "WENDY", OPENS Up About Breast Implants & ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP

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Kelly Rowland stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" today where she performed a medley of her hits and opened up about everything from breast implants to an abusive relationship from the past.  Watch the videos inside...

Earlier today, Kelly Rowland sat down with Wendy Williams to promote her new Talk a Good Game disc and dish on her role as a judge on the US-version of "X-Factor".  During the chat, Kelly talked about previously working with fellow judge Simon Cowell on the UK-version of "X-Factor" and revealed she has a crush on her future co-star.

The ladies also had some "wig" talk where Kelly revealed that she has several wigs that she refers to as "the girls."  And when talking about her album cover, Kelly talked about those implants she copped.  And when speaking about plastic surgery, she said, "I think it's important to take the time to know what you're getting yourself into.  Be healthy.  Get everything done properly."

And when the talk turned to her song "Dirty Laundry" and her abusive relationship, she said "What's so important about Dirty Laundry is that I want girls to know that if they are in these relationships, they need to get out."

After dishing with Wendy, Kelly hit the stage to perform a medley of "Street Life", "Motivation" and "Kisses Down Low".

Watch the performances here:






I always knew her and Bey had

I always knew her and Bey had breast implants, they both had buds earlier in their career.
TeaNicole's picture

Anyone raised in the Nutty

Anyone raised in the Nutty Knowles household....is a Money-Worshipper who will do anything for money........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

The interview was super

The interview was super boring. When you go on Wendy you have to be willing to give up something. If you don't want to talk about what you know is going to be asked because of your song have something else prepared to give up that reveals a piece of your personality and can make the interview fun to watch. I was so bored that I erased the show before she even go to her performance. Those Destiny's Children are too robotic and manufactured.
Bird's picture

I think she revealed more

I think she revealed more than enough. What else did you want? She is a person at the end of the day...not an open diary. It should have just been about her music anyways. And I think people forget the big picture about destinys child. They got that far because they were taught the industry way...keep your personal business OUT and sing. Even if Kelly REALLY hated beyond at a time, the main point is she over came her issues.
Classic87's picture

Jesus never doubts a woman

Jesus never doubts a woman when she talks about being in an abusive relationship....but my b.s. meter is going off here...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Not trying to downplay

Not trying to downplay anything, but when Wendy said "you were in an abusive relationship?", Kelly replies with "I was in a relationship that was so hard on me" then she asked was it physical or mental abuse" then she replies with "I'd rather not get into the details because it's not important"......but in the song she CLEARLY says "meanwhile this n---a putting his hands on me".....it seems like she's retracting her lyrics as if they were exaggerated and it seems like Wendy was questioning it as well, because why would you ask was it physical abuse when clearly she said that in the song? She could've easily said yes it was physical and then went on to say i'd rather not get into the details of it. ....Maybe i'm reading too much into it, but whatever. (shrugs)
MissThangfromthe5thflr's picture

Wendy stay Jealous of

Wendy stay Jealous of bey!..This ugly woman is always trying to pass shade on Bey with her ugly azz.
star's picture

Kelly is a very pretty girl

Kelly is a very pretty girl but that wig was working against her!
Mama Mia's picture

OMG yes I agree. I lo♥e her

OMG yes I agree. I lo♥e her but I say 'death to wig ponytails'. On anther note, I cannot wait till she starts singing more poignant songs because her voice really is much more than the pop charts.
Peace Silas's picture

Get it Kelly. I love how she

Get it Kelly. I love how she is embracing herself and finding her lane.
Classic87's picture


OOOOH, I HEARD THAT WENDY!!! You wanted to call Beyoncé "beyotch" at 5:18. LOLOLOLOLz! I heard it, don't deny it. Own it, coz honey lo♥e it! #Freudianslip☺
Peace Silas's picture

HA! I heard it too she

HA! I heard it too she clearly said Beyotch hahaha now we know what Wendy calls her behind closed doors
Mouse's picture

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