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Miami Heat Wives & Girlfriends Do Team Dinner With The Champs, Chris Bosh Petitions For FULL CUSTODY Of Daughter Trinity!

 photo BNfqQrwCMAE6qP0jpg_large_zps22bf8ab4.jpg

The Miami Heat champs are still celebrating.  As they should be.  The back to back winners had a big team dinner over the weekend. And they brought their wives and girlfriends to the party.  Pics from the locker room inside....

LeBron James' fiancee Savannah, Udonis Haslem's fiancee Faith, Chris Anderson's finacee Tina, Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne and the rest of the WAGS gathered around the teammates for their big Team Dinner recently.

 photo BNfmdOWCQAA6_HSjpg_large_zps4bc0a5d8.jpg 

The ladies all had some fun with their fellas to help them celebrate their huge accomplishment.  And they made cute gift baskets to stuff in their guys' lockers:

 photo BNfvq8CCUAAOqlSjpg_large_zps05074317.jpg  photo 84044ae8dc7911e2863a22000aa8101b_7_zps645b79da.jpg

Adrienne tweeted about how they made them from scratch.  And Udonis' lady Faith said,  "Can't wait to have that last name!!!! #lastpost #promise #lockerroomchronicle."

We're sure she can't.  Clearly the chick is getting extra buff for her impending wedding.


 photo gabbydwadechampnight_zps83cb1717.jpg

And while Gabby was M.I.A. from the team dinner, she was spotted leaving Story nightclub out of the back entrance alongside D-Wade the night of the championship win.  Maybe she had to get back to work....


 photo 421d1fcaa63111e2a7f322000a1f9a55_7_zps32ab681e.jpg

But all is NOT roses in the Bosh household, despite the big Championship win.  Chris just petitioned for FULL custody of his daughter Trinity!  He and Trinity's mom, Allison, have been at odds for a while now over child support.  A little while ago, Allison petitioned for more child support (for the umpteenth time).  She currently gets $2600/month when Chris makes multi-millions of dollars.  So she wanted that number upped to $30,000 month, but got rejected by a judge.

Chris said he wants full custody because Allison is keeping Trinity from him (wouldn't be able to tell with the daily professional photoshoots Adrienne does with all the kids--including Trinity).  And he also says she poisons Trinity's mind against him.

But is the real reason so that he doesn't have to pay child support, esp. with a third child on the way?  Wouldn't be the first time a super rich man yanked the kids from the mom simply to avoid those major monthly payments. 



The Randomness:

1.  Scottie Pippen went and assaulted someone outside a restaurant in Miami this weekend....allegedly.  STORY

2.  Paula Deen has been DROPPED by Smithfield (the major pork company).  STORY

Photos: SPLASH/Adrienne's Instagram/Faith's Instagram




If i was Chris Bosh's wife I

If i was Chris Bosh's wife I wouldnt even wanna be with a man who would consider taking his child from the mother unless she was abusive. As soon as the sparks fade I would be thinking he will try to take my kids too. Keep one eye open Mrs. Bosh.
shugastyles's picture

Awww I guess all athletes

Awww I guess all athletes don't marry white like the media pushes huh? Umm I know Gabby felt a way not being in the pic though.
cutethatsall56's picture

Folks are on the outside

Folks are on the outside looking in. Too many women are having babies for profit. That man does his part. But what baby needs 30,000 a month? She wants support for herself. She can get a job and work. Leave the child out of how you feel for him. I read he bought her a house, gave her 250,000, and pays for all of her expenses. And pays her 2500.00 a month! People work and make 2500.00 a month and live good! She needs to get right, focus on herself. Enroll in school and get a degree! He didn't marry you! Move on! Co parent your child!
shida206's picture

He paid some attorneys off

He paid some attorneys off including hers to work in his favor. $2600 a month will barely cover private school and quality healthcare. These paid niggas do it all day the average man has to go through hoops and loops to get full custody of his child whose moma is probably a dam crack head. THIS SHIT IS CRAZY!! WHEN BIG NUMBERS COME INTO THE PIC ETHICS GO OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!
blkcrk's picture

I am little confused why

I am little confused why people are upset with Chris Bosh's oldest child's mother. It's not about either Chris or his oldest child mother! It's his daughter! Her daughter should not be living any less than his children with this wife. When all said and done ALL his children should be living the same. Now, Chris is amazing, do you really think people forget you just up and left your daughter's mother for your wife and now you want to take her child away; so, you can Adrienne can live happy ever-after? WOW!
princesspr's picture

Not a Miami Fan; but,

Not a Miami Fan; but, congrats! (Yes, I see Laker purple & gold) However, REALLY Chris Bosh! So, not impressed!
princesspr's picture


THIS BITCH WENT FROM 2600 TO 30000?? what kinda life she living! and ybf please if he wanted to pay child support he is and could but 30,000 is too much might well get custody if he gone pay that much!smh this is why "baby momma's" get talked about
BritJackson's picture

It’s called child support not

It’s called child support not baby mama Mercedes/Louis Vuitton/ Red Bottoms/ BMW/ Gucci/ Mansion Child Support!!! It’s to help you support the kid on top of him paying for her medical insurance and schooling. These chicks need to remember if he doesn’t marry you and leave you with kids he STOPS SUPPORTING YOU NOT THE KIDS!!!! Get out there and get a job like all the other mothers out there you are not exempt because you were Knocked Up by a celebrity. Nice Pictures!
Its Me's picture

Exactly. It does not take

Exactly. It does not take $30K a month to raise a child.
PacificGirl's picture

no it sure doesnt but at the

no it sure doesnt but at the same time if i was a millionaire i would want my child to live accordingly. 2600 aint gonna get it. as a parent i would WANT to at least double that.
shugastyles's picture

Haha...she is rocking

Haha...she is rocking somewhat of a butch look...smhlol
Like Really's picture

Faith is a bit manly isn't

Faith is a bit manly isn't she? Somebody check for a d*ck
Mouse's picture

That was my first impression

That was my first impression too. Ha!
PacificGirl's picture

She does look like she can

She does look like she can bench press a good 500lbs...smhlol
MissThangfromthe5thflr's picture

I was thinking the same damn

I was thinking the same damn thing--lookin a lil boyish/flat-chested...meanwhile I'm over here sizing up the competition. LOL...

Fabby Gabby Union has earned

Fabby Gabby Union has earned all 3 Championship Rings!!!!! She is the Force behind D. Wade!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

$30,000 a month......BITCH

$30,000 a month......BITCH PLEASE!!! These hoes are CRAY....smh
MissThangfromthe5thflr's picture

Basketball players don't like

Basketball players don't like chocolate chicks??? SMH. Proof is in the pictures...
Honey Diva's picture

Oh lord. You sound insecure.

Oh lord. You sound insecure. I see plenty of chocolate sisters in that picture & even if they were all Becky's wgaf? It's their penis is it not! One drop is one drop.

You must be blind, I see

You must be blind, I see mostly chocolate chicks or are they not the right color of chocolate chicks? Grow up!
Coffy's picture

You must have confused the

You must have confused the girls with the guys...
Honey Diva's picture

I'm talking brown skin girls.

I'm talking brown skin girls. Dark complected. Not blind at all cause I don't see one like I already stated. #Grown
Honey Diva's picture

If you could count, you would

If you could count, you would see that there are more black women in that picture than white women. And the last time I check, black = brown =african american = nigga is all the same... don't believe me... try to get a cab....
yardiii's picture

you damn crazy.

you damn crazy.
wildlife's picture

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